Alganon Tribute Mounts Pictures


Alganon Tribute Mounts Pictures by Neb

Well, everyone, I figured with the addition of our new Tribute Market, there were things that most were interested in, but on the fence on if they wanted to purchase or not. The names and descriptions sounded cool, but something was missing. If only there was a way to see the item before you purchased it. Well, let me introduce you all to our Tribute Mounts. Keep in mind these screenshots don?t nearly do any of the mounts justice, but they should help you get an idea of what you are purchasing. So without further ado, here comes our first mount down the runway!

Alpha Mauler

My personal Fav

Bronze Arvark

Cavalier?s Arvark

Champion?s Arvark

Defender?s Arvark

Dingy Moole

Dusty Wagger

Ebon Battle Mauler

Exalted War Charger

Feral Jax

Fleethoof Wagger

Gilded Obsidian Charger

Girded Mauler

Grey Arvark

Grey Wagger

Hunter?s Jax

Muddy Wagger

Patched Wagger

Plated Mauler

Rusty Moole

Sandy Moole

Scout?s Jax

Shaggy Moole

Stone Jax

Strongback Wagger

Stubborn Moole

Sturdy Moole

Sublime Charger

Tamed Wagger

Trusty Moole

A big thank you to our Mount Model, the handsome, Nebilim!

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