Allods Mysterious Note: Ammer Quest [GUIDE] By: Rupeck


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You will receive this quest when reach the lvl 90. It’ll be a letter sended by a centaur of Ammer.

1 – Take the letter with any postman and go to?Spiral Ridge?in?Ammer

2 – Talk with?Heavenly Eye?she will say that her brother was missing and the only clue is a note that he left aside her. Take the note.

3 – In the note he will say that he went to the?well of souls, go there search for the first traveler’s note.

4 – The first note will say that he goes to find with the demon hunters. Go to?Refuge?in?Kardis Isthmus.

5 – Go to?Aellona’s Grave?(it will be in the South of East Coast). Interact with her coffin and the third note will appear, take it.

6 – The next note will be in?Polis. Search in the roof tops?for a floating piece of paper.

7 – For the next note, go find?Paraxenos?in Polis, he will be wandering around the square, and it’s guaranteed to pass near stairs with the the unicorn.

8 – Go to south of?Dion Mountain Range,?south of Pearl Slopes and talk with?Hort Sobes.

9 – Go back to?Spiral Ridge, to?Triquetrum, you will find the seventh note right in the center of the constructions.

10 – Go back to the?Centaur Camp?and search for another note inside the constructions.

11 – This next note location depends of your faction. Go to?Celestial Fingers?and search for the note in your faction’s basement.

12 – Search in the?Port?of?Dionic Archipelago?for the tenth note.

13 – Not far from here, go search in?Visitor Settlement?for the next note.

14 – Near any large tree of the?Pasture?in south of?Dionic Archipelago, you will find the twelfth note.

15 – You will find the thirteenth in the stands of the?coliseum?in?Dionic Archipelago. Just jump from the balcony.

16 – For the fourteenth note you need to participate in the?triathlon?and catch it on the air.

17 – The next game in?coliseum?will be the?Maze. Go search the note inside it.

18 – the sixteenth can be found in the?obstacle course.

19 – the seventeenth you will find in the?chariot minigame?(look in the event calendar for the schedule of Dionic Chariot Race).

20 – the eighteenth and last note will be inside the?observatory.

**If you miss a note in the dionic minigames, you can discard the quest and get it again.

I need to give credits to?betise?that did this guide in the russian forum?

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