Allods Online Arena of Death Guide


Allods Online Arena of Death Guide by compassone

What is the Arena?
The Arena is a faction-based PvP event that occurs twice a day for 40 minutes. It serves as a competitive zone similar to the Melting Isles where players work together to capture chests of assorted quality for loot. You must be Level 42 to participate, and you must have incense active. Only 24 players can participate in the arena per faction at a time, but if a slot opens, more players may be added in from the queue.


To reach the Arena of Death, simply go to your faction?s camp in Yaze?s Shard. At 5PM and 9PM server time, a cultist will spawn within a cage and offer you a chance to join a queue for the arena. Unlike a normal queue, players are selected by lottery for entry, so signing up first does not guarantee you entry. Once you enter the queue, you will receive a buff that notes you are in line. Moving too far away from the queue location will drop your buff, so be sure to stay close by. You can only attend one Arena a day, so if you enter the 5PM one, you won?t be allowed into the 9PM one. If you are, for some reason, kicked out from the Arena due to crashing/logging, you will be placed next to the Arena?s Demon exit in the center of Yaze?s Shard. You will be able to re-enter the Arena with the ?Satiated Combatant? debuff ONLY for your current arena time, and you must re-enter the queue to do so.

Why should I go there?
The goal in arena is to fight other players to capture various chests around map. Chests spawn periodically from 5:10PM to 5:50PM and 9:10PM to 9:50PM, but the arena stays open until 6PM and 10PM.

Tell me more about the loot!

Rare Chests are blue in color and normally only contain Symbols of Gold. On occasion, they may include Epic Symbols.

Symbols of Gold sell for 50g apiece. Players that carry these chests glow light blue.

A chest that does not get captured within a short amount of time spawns a Blue Ring mob that can be taken down by several members, which will return the chest to its normal form.

Epic Chests are purple in color and normally contain a symbol redeemable for a piece of Epic gear. They may contain Symbols of Gold. Players that carry these chests glow light purple. A chest that does not get captured within a short amount of time spawns a Red Ring mob that can be taken down by a full party, which will return the chest to its normal form.

Legendary Chests are gold in color and may contain either a symbol for Legendary or Epic gear and a Symbol of Glory. They do not guarantee Legendary gear. A chest that does not get captured within a short amount of time spawns a Red Ring raid boss that will typically require the full cooperation of all member to take down.

Chests that are captured must be carried to one of two spawn points for either side, marked by flags. Blue denotes Empire, Red denotes League.


In addition, every chest you capture nets you 200 Combat Glory. There are approximately 29 chest spawns.

Players carrying chests will glow and receive a speed debuff comparable to the quality of the chest. Players are allowed to use any speed buffs they have access to but cannot use abilities like invisibility, bubble, or mounts or they will drop their chests.

Items you capture will be looted to EVERYONE on your faction regardless of raid status. Attempting to solo-ninja a chest will not allow you to keep the item inside for yourself.

So, wait? what comes out of these chests?
Also, much of the gear included only offers one variant to deprecate the value of continuously obtaining copies of the gear. For example, the plate physical gloves and the leather physical gloves have the exact same stats distribution, so a plate wearer would not need TWO PAIRS. In addition, due to a translation difference, Symbol of Accessories drops Shields and Off-hands, and certain weapon sets are not available. Notably, 2H weapons includes no Melee Healer 2H Mace, only a staff. As such, players who Need on gear that their class cannot or should not be using tend to be shunned, yelled at, and abused for their next run. Also, much of the gear from the Arena is identical to Melting Isles gear and for the most part is only sidegrade equipment for already-available weapon sets.

The loot tables are here:
Bloodstained represents Legendary, while non-Bloodstained represents epic.
US Version Errata
Symbol of Accessories = AllodsDB Symbol of Shield
Symbol of Jewelry = AllodsDB Symbol of Accessories

Please note that gear naming conventions only implies sets for armor-type gear, not for all gear. There are no Skinflint/Hellhound/Reaper/Torturer/Tormentor full sets.

How should I prepare?
It is recommended you obtain at least a full set of blue gear from Level 40+, including reputation gear from Gipatian Ghosts and the Wormfaces. You may have to customize your gear load to PvP.

What if I die?
Never fear! Purgatory does not exist in the Arena! That pesky goblin won?t get your Myrrh today, or keep you as company for the better part of the fight. You shall simply be teleported to this safe zone where you will be unable to fight for half a minute. Afterwards, you may purchase Myrrh from the attendant to replenish your stores!

I won something! What do I do with it?
Simply right click the item if it is for gear and accept the quest. At the end of the arena, leave via the exit and you will be teleported in front of the Yazes Arena, where a demon will be waiting. Turn in the quest to receive your gear. Simply sell Symbols of Gold to any vendor for your 50g.

Map of the Arena of Death
Due to the enormous size, you will have an issue locating chests amongst the large amount of players who may be covering the chest. There are 7 spawns located around and within the center. Exits may be found by traversing the outer ring counter-clockwise. Entry to each side?s outer ring is governed by yellow portals by the flag markers and a non-flagged marker, to allow you to safely leave combat to heal, replenish supplies, or take a quick breather.

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