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Allods Online Beginner’s Guide


Allods Online Beginner?s Guide?by Temperance

Creating your Character and Possible Builds for the Classes
Follow?Link?to see each Build?s Guide

DPS with Dual Wield
DPS with 2H Weapon
1H Weapon and Shield Tank

DPS with Dual Wield, Magic-based Attack
DPS with 2H Weapon, Physical Attack, Burst Damage
1H Weapon and Shield Tank


Range DPS
Melee DPS

Range Magical DPS
Melee Magical DPS

Range Magical DPS
Physical Melee DPS




Beginner Instance
Facts: You cannot Skip it
Facts: If you Logout before you complete it, the progress is lost and you gotta start it over
Facts: There?s no Auto Attack
Facts: There?s no Mini Map
Facts: You should gain about 4 Levels by the time you complete it. It only takes like 5-10 mins though.
Facts: The first 2 times you level up, becoming level 3, the Talent Point is automatically assigned into the all 3 Basic Skills(the first one you already have) of your Class. Press N to see it.
Facts: You cannot be invited to the Guild yet

Beginner Island
Facts: You can join the Guild now
Facts: Once you leave this Island, there?s no return. Turn in all your quests here first.
Facts: Starting Level 5, you will start getting?Fatique (Rested EXP). Goblin Innkeeper is at the Scout Camp.

Facts: You should be Level 4, and have 2 Talent Points available. Press N to bring up the Talent Tree screen and level up the skill you will use it the most to Rank 2. (skill rank 0 -> 1 requires 1 point, skill rank 1 -> 2 requires 2 points, and skill rank 2 -> 3 requires 3 points)
Facts: Don?t forget to?Allocate your Stat Points?too, you earn it a point a level as well.
Facts: You get most Stats Bonus from your Gears, though. So it?s important to find best gears for your level. (Reputation Gears)
Facts: You get first Rep Gears on this Island, if you don?t mind collecting lots of Leaves, otherwise you get it at level 10 when you reach Novograd, our Capital City.

Question: Will I have bigger bag ? Or more bags ?
Answer: Only 1 bag can be equipped. You will get a quest, Almost for Free, for bigger back when you reach Novograd.

Question: Can I solo Damned Soul ?
Answer: No, you need a raid for that quest. I suggest 10 to 15 plus people, with tanker, many healers and DPSs.

Question: I can?t find the Birch Bank Scrolls, help !?
Answer: They?re at the North East and at the South West of the Scout Camp. They look like tree stumps.

Help: It takes me forever to kill a single mob !!
Answer: Follow my Stat Guide.
Answer: View Combat Log to see how often your attacks get Blocked/Parried/Resisted/Dodged, then increase the Stat to avoid that.
Answer: Find party to help you complete quests faster

Reputation for Equipments
On the Island, you will be able to do Repeatable Quest to raise your Rep with the Survivor. You need 25,000 Rep to be able to buy there Respected Equipments.

Survivor Faction: Level 6-8 Gears
? Hard, Gather Object (Individually)

Construction Council Faction: Level 10 Gears
? Easy, Run Around (Individually)

Molotovka Traders Faction: Level 14-15 Gears
? Hard, Capture Mobs (Individually)

Gibberling Faction: Level 16-17 Gears
? Easy, Kill Mobs (Sharable in Party)

Kanian Faction: Level 19-20 Gears
? Easy, Loot Objects (Sharable in Raid)

Elf Faction: Level 20-21 Gears
? Quite Easy, turn into Werewolf, kill Vampires (Sharable in Raid)


City Map ??Link

Question: Almost for Free quest is so frigging hard ! I been farming for 20 mins already, nothing !
Answer: Yes, it takes great patience. My advice is, wait till you level higher before you start it, I suggest lv 12+, Better to wait till level 15 when you can kill those quest mobs easily. If you don?t want to spend a few hours on it, you can buy a same-size bag from Cash Shop, but it costs you like $6.

Question: I need help killing mobs ! They?re so hard, all of em.
Answer: If your Stats are in good shape, then it could be the level difference. Fighting a mob even 1 level higher is noticeably harder than fighting a mob same level.

Facts: Don?t solo Rabid Squirrel. You need a raid for it. I suggest 10 ppl or more to be safe. But if your team what they?re doing and how, you don? need that many people.

Facts: The Bank is to the East of the Tower, in town.
Facts: Goblin Innkeepers are at South of the Tower, in town, or to the North, outside city.

Level 10

So now you have hit level 10, huh ? Good job.
Now you can go visit your Class Trainer and buy Ruby at 1gold. You can buy a Ruby every time you level up pass lv 10. A Ruby is to unlock new skill or passive skill or your Talent. Press N to see them. Each class has 3 Ruby Grids. Put in a Ruby to occupy a grid and if you occupy a grid with skill or passive skill, you gain that said skill. Hopefully you have already decided which build you want to aim for. Good luck.

Level 15+
Question: My character died and I got a Fear of Death debuff for a few seconds? What is it ?
Answer: Fear of Death FAQ [LINK]

Question: Why I can?t use Spear ?
Answer: Only Kanian can

Question: I am level xx, when I can use yy weapon?
Answer: Here?s the answer:?http://allods.wikia.com/wiki/Armor_%?pment_by_Class

Fatigue Systems

Screenshot Provided by TimeWise.

Purple Colored Bar -> Accumulated EXP for this Level
Bright Blue Colored Bar -> Rest-able Fatigue
Grey Blue Colored Bar -> Remaining Fatigue for today
Black Colored Bar -> Need this many more EXP + Fatigue to level up

Facts: You start getting Fatigue at Level 5.
Facts: As you gain EXP (from Quest and from killing mobs), the Remaining Fatigue will convert into Rest-able Fatigue at the rate of 1:1.
Facts: When you go Rest at an Goblin Innkeeper, your Rest-able Fatigue will be convert into Accumulated EXP. He will take a small fee though.

Example: You login and have accumulated 2000 EXP already from yesterday, and you have Remaining Fatigue for 1500 points. You go do a quest, and by the time you finish it you have killed some mobs that give you 200 exp in total. Right now you have 2200 EXP, 200 Rest-able, and 1300 Remaining Fatigue. Then you go turn in the quest, and it rewards you 400 EXP. Now, you have 2600 EXP, 600 Rest-able, and 900 Remaining Fatigue. So you go Rest at an Inn. Now you have 3200 EXP, 0 Rest-able, and 900 Remaining Fatigue.

Fatigue Resets at 8:00 PM GMT-8, every day.

Let?s say, from previous example, after Fatigue Reset, your Remaining Fatigue will be reset back to 1500 points for another 24hrs, instead of just 900points. So it would be 3200EXP, 0 Rest-able, and 1500 Remaining Fa.
But if you didn?t go Rest at an Inn, and Fatigue Resets, it would like this instead: 2600EXP, 600 Rest-able, and 900 Remaining; and once you go Rest after the Reset, it would be 3200EXP, 0 Rest-able, and just 900 Remaining Fa.

By not Resting before the Reset, you have wasted 600 EXP from Fatigue.


Question: Ahhh hell, it?s still so confusing. Can you sum it up easy for me?
Answer: Basically, it is recommended that you turn in quest for reward only when you have enough Fatigue left for the EXP you will receive. So that you will always receive double EXP from quest. Otherwise you have the risk of not having anymore quest to do at your level, and you have to grind EXP from mobs to reach next level and have quests available to you.

Stats Systems

Facts: It?s important to boost Stat Points which help you land your attacks (instead of Miss, Glancing Blow, Parried or Resisted)
Facts: Once your attacks are actually landing on the mobs, then you can increase your damage output by putting more points into Strength or Intelligence, and Luck.
Facts: Increasing Luck increases chance to deal Critical (double dmg), and decreases chance to deal Glancing Blow (half dmg)
Facts: Increasing Expertise decrease chance to Miss, (unless the skill description says otherwise)
Unconfirmed: For Physical Attack, you will need Finesse to avoid Parried, (unless the skill description says otherwise)
Facts: For Magical Attack, you will need Perception to avoid Resisted, (unless the skill description says otherwise)
Facts: Paladin don?t use Perception, ever.
Facts: Each time you level up, the effectiveness of the Stat Points will be decreased. Example, At level 5, you might need only 28 Expertise to have a 8% of Missing an attack, but at level 6, you might need 30 Expertise to have the same 8% chance of Missing an attack. So, the higher level your character is, the more Stat Point is required.

Q: My Launcher file?s corrupted! Is there a quick way to fix it?
If you get Corrupt Launcher after a patch there is a simple way to replace it.

? Go to C:/Gpotato.com*/Allods Online/BIN and rename the Launcher to Launcher0(.exe) and click on it. *Note your directory may be different when installing the Allods game.
? Click the invisible okay in the centre of the tooltip and wait for it to fully download and install.
? Close both windows when another tooltip shows and then click on Allods Online.
? Your Launcher will be fixed and ready to play!

Q: What if the game keeps crashing otherwise?
If you?re the Administrator on the computer, you can actually run the game in Compatability mode. Just go to the Game Icon, and right-click it. Go to Properties, and on the Compatability Tab and choose?Run as Administrator?and?Run In: Windows XP Service Pack 3?for Vista and 7 users. If this does not solve the problem, then you may need to have a look at the Technical Support site on the Allods Forums to help you.


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