Allods Online Class and Gameplay Guide


Allods Online Class and Gameplay Guide by vladicusmax

New to Allods and finding it a little overwhelming? Not sure where to start? Well look no further. What I?ll discuss in this guide is what people need to know for just starting out, and I?ll answer some common questions I see new players asking either on the forums or in game.

?What class should I pick??

All of us have seen this question asked over and over again, and the simple answer is the best class for you to play is one that fits your play style. If you want to be a master of PvP then maybe Healer is the choice for you. If you want to be tough as nails and be the best tank you can be then maybe Paladin or Warrior is the best choice for you.

In order to make this choice easier I?ll list a basic rundown of each class followed by their pros and cons, and what roles each class can fit into. (Initial Descriptions from the Allods Class/Archetype section of the Allods website)

Regarding Roles: I broke them down into multiple parts Hybrid, DPS (Ranged or Melee), Tank, Off-Tank and Support. I?ll give a description of each.

ImageDPS stands for damage per second and is what describes a class that deals primarily in damage. There are three types; Ranged, Melee. and AoE. Ranged is obviously from afar, you don?t get up close and personal usually. Melee is right on the front line. And AoE stands for area of effect, which usually includes big spells that hit multiple targets, or powerful arching weapon attacks.

ImageTank and off tank are typically defenders, they spend their time mitigating damage and protecting others. An Off-Tank is usually a hybrid (I?ll discuss that later.), this means you will normally help out the Tank with certain fights that would normally be too difficult for one Tank to manage.

ImageHealers are the backbone of every party. You keep everyone alive with a multitude of spells ranging from HoT?s (Heal over time) to AoE?s (Area of Effect). They are probably the most sought after role for any instance, raid or party event.

ImageA Support class is someone that usually has healing abilities but can?t heal a party on their own. They also often have many Crowd Control effects that can help do anything from keeping monsters at bay to making the unable to use any abilities.

ImageHybrid classes are a mix of two roles. It?ll be someone that can dps and heal, but won?t do either nearly as well as someone focused on a single area, or It?ll be someone that can tank and dps, and so on.

ImageThe Warrior: ?Warriors are powerful fighters that have dedicated their lives to perfecting their skills in battle. They are masters of close combat techniques and can use nearly any type of weapon to overpower their foes. Warriors are also skilled at protecting their allies and can redirect the blows of multiple enemies to themselves. While under attack, they can survive an onslaught of blows with the help of special defensives stances that minimize their damage.?

The Warrior is a powerful Ally. They can take on the role of a powerful defender or a devastating blood-letter. Chose a Warrior if your looking for someone that likes to get up close and personal and can take a hit. They combine an arsenal of Crowd Control effects with defensive abilities that keep them going when the goings rough.

Warriors special abilites feed off of their Combat Advantage which is generated via using other skills. Keep your Combat Advantage high to unleash powerful attacks.

ImagePros: They wear Plate Armor, and can wield many different kinds of weapons. The have a lot of ways to slow down or disable their enemies.

ImageCons: This isn?t a range class my friends they like to be up close and sometimes that makes things harder than necessary.

Image Roles: Melee Dps, Tank, Hybrid Off-Tank/Dps.

ImageThe Paladin: ?Paladins are holy warriors that fight to uphold the ideals of the church. They have mastered many close combat techniques and use their weapons as well as the powers of Light to defeat their enemies. They are also very skilled at protecting their allies, and can easily direct an enemy?s blows to themselves. This valiant intervention is common for paladins, for they can withstand even the most brutal attacks with use of magical holy barriers.?

Paladins combine a great tanking mechanic with some interesting combinations of damaging abilities and healing. They are versatile and can easily fit multiple play-styles, from invincible tank to AoE damage. Play a Paladin if you want to be an invincible holy warrior that can cause utter destruction to their enemies with powerful holy attacks, or protect their allies with unrelenting fervor.

Paladins have a very interesting mechanic called Barriers that adds a new twist to a usually straight forward class. Barriers store damage from attacks that the paladin will take later in the fight, however the Paladin has many ways to reduce the damage stored in a barrier, or to simply ?break? the barrier to allow for storage of a more powerful attack.

Image Pros: They are tough as nails, and can even heal themselves when the going is rough. They are a very well balanced class.

ImageCons: They don?t have a lot of crowd control effects such as stuns, silences and knockdowns. They are a tough class to master, you really need to pay attention to what abilities are what and when you need to use them.

ImageRoles: Melee Dps, Tank, Hybrid Off-Tank/Dps.

ImageThe Scout: ?Scouts are agile and ruthless fighters that will use any means necessary to win a battle. They excel at both ranged and close combat techniques, and can deal high amounts of damage to their enemies in a short period of time. Scouts can also weaken their enemies and impede their movements with special blows and enchanted arrows. With the added ability to camouflage themselves and sneak up on unsuspecting foes, scouts are powerful fighters that few can defeat.?

Scouts are best suited when picking away at foes from afar, this combined with the ability to incapacitate their enemies and create distance makes them best suited for players that like the challenge of keeping their enemies at bay while constantly pelting them with damage.

Scouts have the ability to enchant their arrows with special abilities that allow them to incorporate many effects from slowing their enemies to setting them on fire. It adds an interesting dynamic to the class.

Image Pros: They are one of the top damaging classes. Their ability to keep their enemies at range and get out of sticky situations makes them a fun class to play.

ImageCons: Scouts are considered one of the hardest classes to master. They don?t fair well when they can?t get away, if a monster closes the gap be prepared to take some serious hits.

ImageRoles: Ranged Dps.

ImageThe Healer: ?Healers have mastered the power of light and depend on their faith to guide their actions. They can vanquisher their foes with deadly offensive spells or close combat techniques, destroying their enemies with the use of holy magic or crushing them with their weapons. Healers are also extremely proficient with healing their allies one at a time, and they are capable of casting powerful spells that can mend even the gravest wounds.?

Healers are widely considered one of the most powerful classes in Allods. They combine a relentless combination of powerful melee and range spells with potent healing. Play a healer if you want to be a one man killing machine or a powerful healing force.

Healers have a special effect called Fanaticism which allows them to reduce the casting time and mana cost of powerful holy spells.

ImagePros: They have excellent healing and combat capabilities which make them and extremely versatile class. They also get to wear plate armor.

Image Cons: Not many. Leveling as a Full healing Healer will be a challenge to say the least, make sure you have some friends around to help you out if you decide to follow that path.

ImageRoles: Full Healer, Ranged/Melee Dps, Hybrid Dps/Healer

ImageThe Warden ?Wardens are masters of nature and all the power it holds. They can cast powerful offensive spells and call upon lightning bolts and thunderstorms to destroy their enemies. They can also create magical potions which can help them in battle. Wardens have also mastered close combat techniques and can easily rip an enemy to shreds. However, their most powerful tool is the ability to command a loyal and ferocious pet to aid them in their travels.?

Wardens are a versatile class that combines powerful nature magic with potent melee abilities. They also have a pet at their command that adds a extra bit of complexity to the class. Play a warden if you want to be a powerful master of nature that commands a pet to do its bidding.

Wardens have the ability to create special potions that range in ability from restoring Health and mana to preventing a monsters or players from being healed.

ImagePros: Wardens can take care of themselves and seldom need the aid of others. There are many ways to play the warden which offers a bit of variety. They can be masters of melee or ranged casters.

ImageCons: As of right now their variety is their weakness, some ways to play the warden are simply much better than others. However this should be fixed shortly so they will bask in their versatile glory once again.

ImageRoles: Ranged/Melee Dps, Hybrid Support/Dps.

ImageThe Mage: ?Mages are masters of elemental magic that can cast powerful offensive spells. They can incinerate their enemies with a simple wave of their hand, or blast them with deadly lightning bolts. They are also skilled at impeding their enemies? movements and can immobilize them with layers of ice. The most skillful of mages have learned to master the unpredictable entropy created by elemental magic, and can use it to enhance their power or cast difficult spells at the right moments.?

Mages are the pivotal dps class in Allods. They blast away at their enemies with powerful magic spells and control their movements with slowing and mind effecting powers. Play a Mage if you want to blast away at your enemies with powerful spells. Up close or from afar they are a deadly adversary.

Mages have a special mechanic called entropy. As you cast spells you will accumulate elemental points that can be used for special effects. But be aware that using these effects doesn?t always play out in your favor, they can have catastrophic effects as well.

ImagePros: They have very powerful attacks that can hit multiple enemies and can control the outcome of a fight with their potent crowd control effects. They even have special effects that prevent others from attacking them directly.

ImageCons: They wear cloth only and are usually an easy target if someone can get close enough to start hacking away at them.

ImageRoles: Ranged Dps, AoE Dps.

ImageThe Summoner: ?Summoners have learned to master the dark power of death magic. They have the ability to drain the very life from their enemies and transfer it to their allies, making them extremely proficient at healing many allies at once. Summoners are also able to cast many offensive spells, and can inflict their foes with deadly poisons and shadowy diseases. Additionally, they can command undead and demonic minions to aid them in battle.?

Summoners spread disease and mayhem everywhere they go. They also function as psudo-Healers using their knowledge of death to heal their allies. They also command powerful demonic allies to aid them in battle. Play a summoner if you want to kill your enemies with powerful contagions and vampiric life sucking attacks.

Many of the summoners powerful spells require blood to be cast. Blood can be gained by casting other spells that suck the life from your foes.

ImagePros: They can do little bit of everything. They can fear their enemies away while devestating them with powerful contagions and impeding their movements or they can help keep everyone alive in dire situations. They also can command different pets that adhere to different playstyles.

Image Cons: In general they seem to have taken on a support role for now which may not appeal to many gamers. the class recently went through a significant change.

ImageRoles: Hybrid Healer/Dps, Ranged and AoE Dps.

Image The Psionicist: ?The most mysterious of all the archetypes, Psionicists are the masters of mind magic. They are highly valued by their allies for their ability to cast powerful offensive spells and destroy an enemy?s consciousness. Additionally after establishing a mental link with an enemy a Psionicist can easily manipulate their minds and impede their movements. They are also skilled at confusing their adversaries, and they can even turn an enemy?s power against themselves.?

Psionicists have potent mental magic that allows for some exciting effects, anything from creating a body double of yourself to erasing your enemies thoughts causing devastating mental stress. Play a Psionicist if you want to manipulate the minds of your enemies and cast powerful astral magic.

Psionicists have the special ability to establish a mental link with enemies which allows you to deal more damage and unleash more powerful attacks.

ImagePros: They manipulate the battle field forcing people to go where they want to go. They Have some healing abilities which is always good. they have a special ability that gives mana to party members, which is amazing in a group with a lot of mana users. They are one of the only pure casters that get to wear leather armor.

Image Cons: Mental Overload. Many of your spells inflict the mental overload effect which reduces your damaging capabilities. Its important to learn how to keep this effect in check. They are a difficult class to master.

ImageRoles: Ranged Dps, Full Suport, Hybrid Dps/Support.

?What are Archetypes??

Archetypes are an identification that differentiates specific class features. Whenever you make a character your race will determine what Archetype you are. What this differentiation establishes is what special ability your character will have. Each class/race combination has a special ability they will get, i.e. the Orc Warden can make a special potion that explodes and deals damage to all nearby enemies.

Archetypes have limited effect on the overall effectiveness of your character. I would suggest looking at each class/race combination and find which effect you think you will like the most and go from there.

?What stats should I get at X level?

They best advice I can give is to balance what stats are most important to your class as best you can while leveling, i.e. the stats with stars next to them. In most cases while you are doing this the other stats you mite need, such as stamina or endurance, will grow efficiently.

Whenever you gain a level you get a free stat point to apply to whichever stat you?d like. The most common advice is to put all those points into luck. The reason being is that later in the game gear with luck becomes less available and its a stat every class needs. Its not considered wise to allocate these points in many different areas as in the end you won?t notice the effects as much as you would putting it all into one stat.

Top Ten Ways to Survive the Allods Experience!

So without further ado I submit to you 10 simple rules that will lead you to success in Allods:

10. It?s Alive!!! the Dr. Frankenstein theory. Don?t be afraid to experiment a little before you commit to one class/race combination or server. Familiarize yourself with the goings on from each area. Many people suggest taking each class to level 10, which won?t take very long and is a solid depiction of how each class will play out.

9. ?Where do I hang the Black Hyenas emblem?? Quest got you stumped? Need a bit of help? Make sure before you ask for help in zone chat just take a second to read over the quest. Usually they give you clues on what you need to do and where you need to be. Also double check your map. Your map will have an icon on it for almost every active quest you have, which will also help you figure out what you need to do next. If you still can?t figure it out then ask the community.

8. Remember your Patron! Your Patron abilities are there for a reason so don?t be afraid to use them. Need an extra heal? Check! Low on mana? Check! Getting Jumped in Asee-Teph? Well there are no guarantees here but still they can help you get out of sticky situations.

7. Watch your Cooldowns! Many of your most potent abilities will be affected by a cooldown when you use them. This can be anywhere from 20 seconds to 3 minutes. If your about to get into a big fight you want to always make sure your most important abilities are ready to go.

6. Expect Challenges. Not everything is going to roll over and die. As a matter of fact as the game progresses it gets more and more challenging. Monsters get tougher and quests get harder. If you know this will happen it will make it easier for you to adapt.

5. ?Wow it takes forever to get anywhere!? aka who needs Portals? If you don?t utilize all your options it will take forever to get from point A. to point B. In each zone you will come across portal keepers that have a special quest for you to complete. Once completed you can teleport from there to other portals that you have unlocked. It makes getting around a lot easier. So make sure you do your portal quests.

4. The Pantry always needs to be Full. Stock up on all necessary items before you head out. Make sure you have enough Holy Charms, (They are free now, so no reason not have a bunch ready to go.) that your patrons blessing is going, (also a daily for this) and that you have any necessary reagents and Myrhh before heading into the wild.

3. Rep is a Grind Well Worth it! Each area you go to will have a group you can get reputation with. It?s the most important thing to do in each area. Max out the reputation everywhere you go. It will open up loads of excellent equipment that will raise your precious stats. Learn to live with the grind and get it done.

2. Find a Friend. There is almost no reason not to go running around with someone doing the same quests as you. Two is better than one and often times speeds up everything you are trying to do. Can?t find a friend? Join a guild. There are plenty of guilds out there picking up people just like you and plenty of people just like you hanging out in that guild. Try and you?ll never regret it.

1. Educate yourself before you wreck yourself. Seriously, a little bit of reading goes a long way.

And thats it I hope our new players find this guide useful for their every day goings on. If you see any problems or have any suggestions for the guide feel free to PM me.

? Oresora.

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