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Allods Online Frequently Asked Questions by ashkir and mixiel7

Beginner FAQ

What do the different forum name colors mean?
Pink: Pink names are your Game Masters. These are employees of Gala-Net and they work for Allods Online.

Blue: Blue names are your Billing Team. These people have no power to help you in game, they are in charge of the gPotatoes and issues with the billing system. They are usually in the Billing board.

Red: Red names are your Astral Scholars. These people are not employees of Gala-Net, but these are active players of the game. These players are guides to the game of Allods Online and are your liaisons to the game masters.

I?m stuck in game, and I need help!
If you are stuck and you cannot move your character, please open your character page. You can quickly access this by pressing ?i?. And now, click on the refresh button.

Can I go back to Evermeet Isle?
Once you leave Evermeet Isle, you are stuck out of it. There is no way to go back.

My friends list is bugged and unusable, can you fix it?
Your friend list bugs out when an ignored or a friend disappears, such as deletes their character. This issue is being worked on and a fix will be out soon. Until then there is nothing that can be done.

Help, I didn?t get my gPotatoes!
Post in the Billing board please: viewforum.php?f=49

I?m having trouble with the item shop, can you help?
Post in the Billing board please: viewforum.php?f=49

How can I get a mini-map?
A mini-map is not officially supported by the game, or the developers. However, there isa third party addon that can add a basic mini-map to your game interface. viewtopic.php?f=55&t;=20454

I can?t install the game!
Please check out the Unofficial Technical Support board: viewforum.php?f=9

What level do I get an Astral Ship?
At level thirty-five you can start building an Astral Ship.

I cannot make Gibberlings.
Name all three of them. . Check to the left of the screen, where you see mask icons.

I?m from Eurasia/South America can I play Allods Online here?
Yes, you may. . No single country is blocked from playing the NA version of Allods Online.

How do I turn in Ruby Vouchers to get Rubies?
Talk to any class trainer to exchange them for a ruby. But, remember they cost a gold fee.

What level does PvP start?
You can play against players of your own faction in an arena right outside of the capital of your faction. However, against other players generally starts in the zone Asee-Teph at level 23.

How do I split item stacks?
Alt + Drag will have you select a number you want to move over to a new slot.

Shift + Drag will have you move a single item over to a new slot.

Ctrl + Drag will move half of the stack to a new slot.

How do I gain Patronage experience?
By using your patronage abilities. However, your patron level does not go above your current character level.

What level do I learn leather or plate??
Warrior ? Leather (level 1); Plate (level 20).
Paladin ? Leather (level 1); Plate (level 20).
Warden ? Cloth (level 1); Leather (level 10).
Summoner ? Only Cloth
Psionicist ? Only Cloth
Mage ? Only Cloth
Scout ? Only leather
Healer ? Leather (level 10); Plate (level 30)

Can I use this weapon for my class?
Only certain weapons can go to certain classes. Here?s a master list:
Warrior ? One-Handed Swords, One-Handed Maces, One-Handed Axes, One-Handed Spears, Two-Handed Swords, Two-Handed Maces, Two-Handed Axes, Two-handed Spears, Paired Sowrds, Paired Paces, Paired Axes, Paired Fist Weapons, Shields, Bows, Crossbows
Paladin ? One-Handed Swords, One-Handed MAces, One-Handed Axes, Two-Handed Swords, Two-Handed Axes, Sword and Dagger, Shields, Wands
Warden ? Staves, One-Handed Maces, One-Handed Spears, Two-Handed Maces, Two-Handed Spears, Paired Fist Weapons, Off-Hands, Wands
Summoner ? Staves, One-Handed Daggers, Two-Handed Spears, Off-Hands, Wands
Psionicist ? One-Handed Daggers, Paired Fist Weapons, Off-Hands, Wands
Mage ? Staves, One-Handed Daggers, Off-Hands, Wands
Scout ? One-Handed Daggers, One-Handed Swords, One-Handed Maxes, One-Handed Axes, One-Handed Spears, Paired Daggers, Paired Swords, Paired Maxes, Paired Axes, Paired Fist Weapons, Sword and Dagger, Crossbows, Bows
Healer ? Staves, One-Handed Maces, Two-Handed Maces, Shields, Off-Hands, Wands

What are the merging materials for making a higher level rune?
Check out the official wiki for this: http://allods-wiki.gpotato.com/index.php/Runes

What agents are on X herb?
Check out the official wiki for a master list! http://allods-wiki.gpotato.com/index.ph ? rb_Listing

I cannot find X Agent for my Alchemist, help me please
Check out the official wiki for a master list! http://allods-wiki.gpotato.com/index.ph ? rb_Listing

What is the difference between patronage and patron level?
Patronage Level ? Currently maxes at level five. This is your big level for an extra 50% to dps when incense is active.
Patron Level ? Patron level effects your blessing, and experience is earned via using your patronage abilities.

When do I get patronage abilities?
Patronage Level 1 ? Martyr?s Salvation
Patronage Level 2 ? Martyr?s Gift
Patronage Level 3 ? Martyr?s Guidance
Patronage Level 4 ? Martyr?s Protection
Patronage Level 5 ? None at the moment.

Other FAQ:
Q. How do I get a mount?
A. You buy a mount in the item shop. Press ?y? in game. A mount cost 1150 gpotatoes (roughly $11.50)

Q. What is fatigue and is this a bad thing?
A. Scroll up and read the fatigue guide. That explains it very well. Fatigue is a very good thing and it is essentially bonus XP. It is your friend.

Q. How do I shoot my wand?
A. You don?t. Your wand is there as a stat boost. I like to call it a ?stat stick?.

Q. What is a ruby?
A. From the wiki: ?Rubies are additional skill points that can be used to unlock new spells and abilities.? Rubies become available at level 10, you can purchase rubies from your trainer in Novograd or Nezebgrad.

Using the talent database tool will explain to you how you will spend each ruby on your talent grid. Hint: Play with the talent database before you spend rubies. It is worth it since a re-set of talents is costly.

Q. What are runes?
A. From the wiki: ?There are twelve different types of runes, and each one corresponds to one of the Twelve Great Martyrs.

A rune is attached or able to be attached to your item and they start at level 1. You can remove a rune from your item by buying a removal tool from a vendor in Novograd or Nezebgrad. The removal tool has a chance to ?break? the rune or lower it?s level. However, there are item shop items that will keep your rune safe.

You can attach runes to your items using tools bought from the vendors in Novograd or Nezebgrad. You will also need crystal chips that are available in the item shop or the auction house as well as the welder and dust.

Q.How do I learn a profession?
A. You learn a profession from the profession trainers in your major city. Novograd and Nezebgrad have profession trainers. Each city has a ?guide? that gives you quests to meet each of the profession trainers and other important people in the city. Complete those quests to find the profession trainers.

Q. How do I reply to a whisper?
A. You can reply to a player by typing /whisper or hit the backspace button. Backspace will open a chat to reply to the last person who whispered you.

Starting Zones:

Q. Someone stole my kill for the martyr quest, how do I get credit?
A. You will need to abandon and re-start the quest in order to get credit. Try and do the quest when no one is around the area.

Q. Where is Amanda de Desirae?
A. She is in the Scout Camp, a bit North of your starting zone.

Q. How do I get to Novograd?
A. You will want to finish your quests in Evermeet Isle first. Your quest chain at the end will take you on a ship to Kania. Make sure you are ready to leave! You can?t go back

Q. I have the quest to find the items on the ship but I can?t get on the ship. Help?!
A. Go near the ship and stand on the platform. A button will show up on your toolbar that let?s you ?jump? onto the ship. Typically, this will be the ?Z? hotkey. Press that button and you will be able to ?jump? to the ship. You can ?jump? off using the same method on the ship?s platform.

Q. How do I get my daily quests that award incense, charms and XP scrolls?
A. You can speak to Lev Polyakov and Marianne de Ardeur in Novograd.

Q.How do I get my martyr quest done?
A. Go to the Bort Quarter and speak to the Orc Shaman. The Bort Quarter is East of Yasker?s Tower.

Q. How do I get to Yasker?
A. Go into Yasker?s Tower in the center of Nezebgrad and go upstairs to the room where the Keeper of Secrets is. Beside him is a portal that you can interact with. Use the portal to go see Yasker.

Q. Where is Bottomless Maw?
A. He is in the Bort Quarter in the Underground Reservoir which is North of the portal and slightly to the west. The entrance is between some large pipes and down the steps.

Q. I don?t understand this Pilgrimage quest! How do I do it?
A. This quest will take you through a few levels. There are 5 places to go and speak to a Guardian of the memorial. The guardian will give you a quest to complete. Once you complete the quest for the guardian, you will get credit for a feat. The fifth feat is finished in the instance Xaes which you go to around level 11.

Q. How do I get my daily quests that award incense, charms and XP scrolls?
A. You can speak to Elizaveta Rysina and Yuri Kavelin in Nezebgrad.
That covers the questions I see coming all the time. Hopefully others will be able to add questions and this thread can keep going for people who are new to read.


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