Allods Online Psionicist Simple Guide


Allods Online Psionicist Simple Guide by chucknorrisrhk

This guide is forged from my knowledge and my past experiences as a Psionicist. What I have seen and experienced in the game may or may not be the same as the majority of the public but I hope that my views on the class will be useful for those who are in search of clues as to what the term ?Psionicist? really is.


1 What is a psionicist?
1.1 Stats
1.2 Mental Overload
1.3 What race do i pick?
1.3.1 Gibberling Seer
1.3.2 Arisen Occultist
1.3.3 Xadaganian Mentalist

2 Talents & Builds
2.1 Talents
2.2 Builds
2.2.1 Competitive Builds
2.2.2 Fun Builds

3 Summary & After Thoughts

1 What is a Psionicist?

That was the first question that came to my mind when I first started playing out an Arisen Occultist. Basically, you would want to look at the word ?Psi?. Psi is a term from parapsychology derived from the Greek which in turn means it has something to do with the human mind! So after a bit of research and tweaking here and there, I truly found out the reason behind the naming of this unusual, yet magnificent class ? The Psionicist.

Psionicists are a group of mind boggling, thought manipulating individuals; all with the knowledge and power to control one?s mind. Each of these aspects of the psionicist will be further explored through the talents and rubies that are available to the psionicist as we move on to the next few sections of the guide. Psionicists in Allods Online are often regarded as the CC (Crowd Control) king of the game due to their skills which enable them to immobilize large groups of enemies at one go. However, I strongly stress the fact that the game play of this class is solely dependent on the person using it ? you may go towards DPS-spec, CC-spec or even a hybrid of both.

1.1 Stats

Wisdom: for mana and mana regeneration

? Wisdom keeps your mana under control. It directly affects the amount of mana you have, and the mana regeneration rate you get. You would want to keep wisdom at a level whereby you could cast your spells (DPS or CC build) conveniently without having to stop for mana using Martyr?s Salvation all the time. If you are finding yourself to be spamming that, you should revise your Wisdom. Usually you would want to keep it at about 10-15 times the mana cost of your main DPS spell such as Pyrokinesis. For example, my Pyrokinesis requires 974 mana to cast; I would keep my mana pool at around 10-15k which is about 250 Wisdom (With Aura of Health). Therefore you have to consider if you are going for the Aura of Health talent to improve your wisdom.

Perception: to prevent missing/resisting of your spells %-wise

? Perception is another major stat to be very careful with as it affects directly the chance of your spells being resisted and missing. The higher it is, the less chance that your spells will be resisted It seems to me that 30% is the threshold for your spells? chance to miss and any higher, you will have problems with killing things. As for all levels, I would recommend that you keep your chance to miss at 25% whilst trying to increase the other stats.

Intelligence: to increase your damage %-wise

? Intelligence is extremely crucial for Psionicists, especially for those who would like to work towards DPS would want to look into this. The spell damage bonus is consistently increased by the higher Intelligence a Psionicist possess. Usually you would want to balance up your Luck, Wisdom and Perception first then pouring the rest of the stat points into Intelligence. However, it is important to note that you should not EVER reduce a particular stat greatly just to increase your Intelligence. For example, if your Perception is really low and the chance for your spells to be resisted is at 70%, no matter how many Intelligence you may have, your damage will not match that of a Psionicist with a much balanced Perception.

Luck: to increase your chance of doing critical %-wise and to prevent glancing blows from occurring

? Luck is something that you cannot live without. The higher luck you have, chances of inflicting critical damage will be high and also, chances of doing glancing blows (blows that severely reduces your damage by cut and also affected by the target?s Endurance to your Luck) will be decreased. The key to doing crazy damage is to do critical hits constantly and with a high Luck output, it is highly achievable. Optimal chance to inflict critical damage should be kept at between 50-60% at least.

Conviction: increases the length of your CC-spells/abilities

? Conviction is something that is not to be look down on. For CC-based Psionicists, it is important to have a high conviction though most of the time all of the items/equipments you see already have conviction. However, it is possible for you to add in points into Conviction if you feel that you require much more CC lengths especially for CC-based Psionicists. It is also important to take note that the only way to really improve/increase your conviction is through your Patron Blessing whereby you can pick a stat to put the bonus into and also addition of stat points you get from leveling up and certain quests.

Stats play a major role for the Psionicist class as they may, but most of the time, affect how the way your character works out. A true balance of stats will bring out the best in your Psionicist and also, not to forget, a better gaming experience for you. Therefore, it is important to balance all your stats well and not to use any item just because its level / overall stats are much better than the one you are wear. Balance is key.

1.2 Mental Overload

Some of the psionicist?s spells induce an effect, unique to only the class, known as mental overload. Mental overload acts as a debuff which reduces your intelligence and perception by %; the higher the mental overload stacks, the higher the reduction in the 2 stats. Of course, there are spells which help to remove mental overload such as the Martyr?s Salvation and Mental Calm which I will go into detail in the Talent section of the guide.

1.3 What race do I pick?

Many of us who have chosen this path to be a Psionicist are exposed to 3 races who can embark on this journey to be the top-notched Psionicist or Psi for short. The issue of utmost relevancy and importance for players ? new and old alike ? is the racial skills that are available to the races of a certain class. Therefore this part of the guide will be able to distinguish an ideal choice of race from the 3 available choices for you.

1.3.1 Gibberling Seer
Firstly, I?d like to introduce you to the Gibberling Seer. They come in threes which are affectionately known as sprouts; have a thing for drinking (especially with their counterparts), like to party day and night, and are very positive-thinking creatures. Some would say they are the cutest creatures in the entire Sarnaut but enough of the gibber-talk lest this guide be renamed ?Gibberling?. Most importantly, they are your only choice if you wish to start out as a Psionicist at the League faction. Since I?d like to put less emphasis on race itself, I will jump straight to the racial of the Gibberling Seers.

?Elevated Insight? allows the Gibberling Seer to prevent any incoming physical damage to be dealt upon the trio. Due to Gibberling seers being easy targets for putting, or rather the targets of most physical classes like scouts, warriors, paladins and even the pets of most casters, this spell (in my humblest opinion) could possibly be a life-saving one.

What it does technically: It creates a barrier around the seer and negates any physical damage that is dealt for 5 seconds.

Strategy involved: You would like to prevent damage from coming to you regardless of PvP or PvE (player vs player, player vs environment) and this spell would probably give you that advantage of being immune to physical damage! However, one flaw that is noticeable from this spell is that you can still get knockdown or CC (crowd control) when it is casted. Since the spell adds on to your defensive spell arsenal and comes for free, there is no doubt that it is still a useful one. I myself would cast it in times of peril, for example, you might want to activate it when you see a paladin/ warrior charging straight at you (Note: this requires quick reflexes and thinking)

1.3.2 Arisen Occultist

Next we have the Arisen Occultist. They are the imperial equivalent of the Gibberling Seer which I will explain later. This race came from an ancient civilization and are shunned by many, league or empire, until recently being inducted into the empire family along with the orcs. They are considered as a smart bunch of people, fused together by mechanical, artificial body parts and as well as their primary flesh and bones.

?Mental Fortitude? grants the Occultist the immunity to all magical spells hence preventing incoming spell damage from the various monsters; heck, even mages, summoners and other psionicists! The reason why I said that the Occultist is the imperial equivalent of the Gibberling Seer is that they both possess the racial of similar capability but just that they grants immunity to either spell damage or physical damage. Similar to the Gibberling Seer?s racial, ?Mental Resilience? does not prevent any knockdowns or CC debuffs from being inflicted to the Occultist.

What it does technically: It creates a magical barrier around the Occultist and negates spell damage from being inflicted onto the Occultist for 5 seconds.

Strategy involved: Similar to the Gibberling Seer, one could use this spell when he/she feel that he is the target of most spell casters with regards to wardens, summoners, mages and other psionicists. Most effectively used in tight, mass PvP situations, this spell can prove to be a life-saving despite its shortcoming ? does not prevent KD or CC from overwhelming the Occultist.

1.3.3 Xadaganian Mentalist

The Xadaganians are a unique bunch of ferocious people; putting corruption and democracy to the brink of extinction. With such, Xadaganian Mentalist is one Psionicist that is not to be messed with. Being raised in a city that is full of pollution, rubbish of all sorts and to a great extent, propaganda, the latter is undaunted by his/her opponents and will fight to the end if required. Working together with their counterparts, they can prove to be worthy allies.

?Sonic Wave? creates a sonic boom that reaches out to the enemies of the Xadaganian Mentalist for as far as 40 yards and in the direct line of sight of the latter. The sonic boom created causes enemies to be stunned for 7 seconds and this can be improved through the implementation of Conviction (stats). However, this spell can only affect the enemies in the direct line of sight of the Mentalist which is importantly to look out for. With precise accuracy and timing, this spell can be lethal in mass PvP wars.

What it does technically: Stuns all enemies in the direct line of sight for 7 seconds with a range of 40 yards.

Strategy involved: This spell, to begin with, is tremendously overpowered. Despite its cool down duration, you will be able to knock your enemies off your feet with good utilisation of your abilities and spells. Together with spells such as Telekinetic Pull and Mental Pulses, you will be a formidable foe to be up against. Most people would call a Mentalist the perfect choice for a CC-based psionicist because of this racial spell. Perfect timing and high conviction could even immobilise a full raid of enemies! Telekinetic Pull and Mental Pulses will be further explained in the later parts of this guide.

2 Talents & Builds

There are numerous ways a person can go in the making of a Psionicist, regardless of race and religion (jk ). Talents are somewhat skills that we use and it is important that we understand the various mechanics of the talents available to us to fully understand the Psionicist class. Hence, I will be explaining on the uses and strategies that can be imposed when using these skills and not just pouring information on the skills from direct ?copying? of the skills? descriptions ? which I believe everyone is able to read on their own.

2.1 Talents

(1) Psychic Shock

-1.5 seconds cast time
-Does instant burst damage.
-0 second cool down
-Range = 40 yards

This is your primary attack before you move on to Pyrokinesis and is pretty much used for pulling monsters (PvE) towards you for further uses. One of my favourite uses for this spell is to lure monsters towards me and also for wiping off monsters that are within ?the presumed low HP? which is also effective in saving your mana pool. Other than its uses in early game play and the above, you should not invest too many points on this spell ? perhaps not even r2 since you would want to look to Pyrokinesis or even Pain Transfer. Ranking it increases overall damage dealt.

(2) Mental Link

-2.5 seconds cast time
-Creates a link with the target.
-0 second cool down
-Range = 40 yards

This is one of the reasons why Psionicists are so attractive; they can ?infiltrate? the minds of their opponents. This spell is a pre-requisite for the casting of Mental Twin and Hypnosis and also triggers a few effects that are available through your rubies grid (which I will explain under the Rubies section of this guide). Basically, increasing the rank of this spell reduces the mana cost as the mana needed to sustain the link decreases which is really effectively. You will find yourself using this spell very often during solo play against monsters due to the requirements of casting a Mental Twin, and for casting Hypnosis in multi play against instance monsters that appear to come in groups which most of the time, are too strong for your party to take on at one go. Personally I went with r2 on this spell because I utilise Mental Twin most of the time for my build as r3 would be mean spending 3 talent points on just decreasing the mana cost ? not worth it. Keep it at R1 or R2 based on your own preference.

(3) Pain Transfer

-3 seconds cast time
-Does instant burst damage.
-10 seconds cool down
-Range = 40 yards

As its name suggest, this spell brings about pain to your enemies. It can be considered as one of the hardest hitting spell for us without taking the Tier-2 upgraded version into consideration. This spell allows an instant quick burst of damage to your enemies and inflicts mental overload into your character. Due to its cool down and cast time, I?d recommend this spell as a starter for any fight since it takes 3s to fully cast the spell. If you have control over the battle, through the use of your CC-based spells like Telekinetic Pull and Mental Pulses, you may even find time to drop a Pain transfer on your target as well. That is well, painful. It is really up to you to decide for this spell since it procs, with the correct rubies, a 15% Intelligence buff that last for 10s whether if you should stick it in your ?DPS arsenal? at R3 or toss it aside like a rag doll at R1. Ranking it increases overall damage dealt and stacks of MO inflicted. The only flaw is that it has a 10 seconds cool down which makes spamming Pain Transfer extremely painful to wait for.

(4) Pyrokinesis

-2.5 seconds cast time
-Does instant burst damage.
-0 second cool down
-Range = 40 yards

Pyro means fire and kinesis means motion. Fire with motion. Add that to the fact that Psionicists play with their opponent?s mind and you get fire moving around within the head of the opponent. Does the description tell you enough yet? Anyway, Pyrokinesis is another version of Pain transfer except for the fact that it has no cool down, and has a shorter cast time and does not inflict mental overload. Okay I?ll take that back, Pyrokinesis is that ?one of a kind? spell that was recently added to our DPS arsenal. Pyrokinesis also has a small, but possible chance to inflict additional damage, but not without mental overload (you will realised that MO is your best friend) being inflicted to you. Definitely a + for those who prefer to see enemies? heads bursting into flames after they are decimated. Rank increment increases overall damage dealt. Definitely R3 for the DPS lover, R0 for the CC lover.

(5) Mental Twin

-Instant cast time
-Creates a clone of you.
-0 seconds cool down
-Range = 40 yards (around you)

This spell is your bread and butter for early game play as your survivability relies on the sole usage of this spell in the early stages. Creating a clone of yourself is awesome, but allowing you to choose where to place your clone is unadulterated pleasure. [Inserts MEGUSTA.JPG]. Yes this spell is extremely useful in both PvE and PvP and can determine between life and death. What?s more amazing is that you can actually cast this spell and of course, with Mental link pre-casted and not have any aggro from the target ? for the monsters that is. One negative point about using this spell is that it takes too long to cast mental link beforehand for grinding monsters and even 1 to 1 PvP so it?s all up to personal preferences. However, Mental Twin has since then been nerfed till to the point that it dies so easily in PvP at R1 especially. R1 gives -200% damage reduction, R2 gives -100% damage reduction. And R3 just cost too much talent points for that damage reduction. R1 or R2, your personal preference.

(6) Mental Calm

-Instant cast time
-Removes stacks of mental overload.
-14 seconds cool down
-Range = Yourself

This is your only spell that is presented in your talent/ruby grids that actually help to remove the mental overloads or MOs stacked up on you. Its instance casting allows it to be greatly utilised by the psionicist with the migraines. Yes even we have migraines/headaches of all sorts. With Mental Overload being a Psionicist?s bane during his endeavours in the world of Sarnaut, it is definitely a good spell to rank up since more overloads are removed as rank increases. R2 or R3.

(7) Hypnosis

-4.2 seconds cast time
-Put linked targets to sleep.
-0 second cool down
-Range = 40 yards

This is one spell not to be looked down upon. Despite its cast time, it is still a valuable tool to condemn the enemy to eternal sleep, like a Sleeping Beauty. I was kidding on that one since it only puts the target to sleep for about 30-40s based on your conviction and your Hypnosis rank. One important point to note is that Hypnosis only affects targets that are linked to you and its quite a while to cast so it is not useful in the middle of a battle unless you are sure you could cast Hypnosis on time. After casting, there will be a buff that turns your cast time of Hypnosis to a longer period ? some smart developers decided to make it tougher to retain Hypnosis on your enemies. As the levels increase, the cast time decreases. Definitely R1 for instances that comprise of tough groups of monsters and for the lulz.

(8) Ectoplasmic Form

-Instant cast time
-Shields you from physical and magical (except for astral) damage.
-30 seconds cool down
-Range = Yourself

This spell is your main defensive spell from your defensive spell arsenal. This spell allows you to cast a shield around you and negates damage that is dealt to you. With the rubies for this spell in place, you can even be uninterruptible during spell casting as long as the buff stays on. The damage absorbed by this spell increases along with the Intelligence of the user and taking its duration of 15s and 30s cool down into consideration, you can abuse this spell very often to your own delights. One point to note is that once the spell?s damage absorption threshold is reached, the uninterruptible effect will be removed. Adding points to the spell increases the amount of damage absorbed. R1 for the weak hearted, R3 for the pro.

(9) Mental Cleansing
-2.5 seconds cast time
-Small heal with heals over time and removes 1 bleed, poison and disease effect on you.
-0 second cool down
-Range = Yourself

This spell used to be a crazy healing spell; even more powerful than a full healer?s heal since it removes 1 bleed, poison and disease effect and had 0 cool down, along with instant cast time. However, recent patch has changed its mechanics into a new form, it now gives a small spike heal accompanied with heals over time and still removes 1 bleed, poison and disease effect on you. It inflicts mental overload as well. Useful with high ranks and the rubies, but not as good as it was before. R1 if you decide to keep it for the removal of bleed, disease and poison effect, R3 along with rubies would prove to be a life-saver. Increasing the ranks of the spell increases the healing received and improves the cast time.

(10) Choke

-8 seconds cast time (channelling)
-Snares and slows down the enemy for the duration of the spell, does slight DPS.
-24 seconds cool down
-Range = 30 yards

Choke despite its previous glory, is now a spell that is useful for snaring down your enemy that is about to run from your party/group/raid. It slows down the enemy and prevents him/her from escaping during the channelling period. A slight damage over seconds is implemented on the target as well. Not recommended for 1v1 PvP but essentially useful in mass PvP. R1 if you intend to use it but definitely not R2 due to its dysfunctional damage.

(11) Mental Pulse

-Instant cast time
-Knocks enemies that are within range away from you, stunning them.
-32 seconds cool down
-Range = 5 yards (around you)

For the player who prefers being a manipulative psionicist, he/she should invest in this spell alongside Telekinetic Pull. Mental Pulse allows the caster to repel all the enemies surrounding him of a range of 5 yards; knocking them back and inflicting a stun on them which is determined by the caster?s conviction. One of the first spells that allow the psionicist to manipulate a large crowd of enemies; Mental Pulse should be at least at R1. By manipulate, I mean by using Telekinetic Pull to pull a crowd of hostile units together and then followed by a Mental Pulse to knock them off their feet. Through good positioning, one can actually ?move? the targets around the environment as if in a manipulative way. As the level increases, damage dealt and stun duration increases and cool down decreases.

(12) Temporal Acceleration

-Instant cast time
-Reduces cool down, cast time of all your spells and increases movement speed of the caster.
-5 minutes cool down
-Range = Yourself

This spell reduces your cool down and cast time of all your spells except for this spell itself. If executed correctly, along with spells such as Pyrokinesis, this spell can increase your DPS by a lot since both cast time and cool down is reduced greatly (50% at Rank 3 with rubies). Other than Pyrokinesis, all your other spells have their cool downs and cast times reduced hence you sort of enter a ?superspeed? mode. Of course, with great powers come great responsibility which explains why the cool down of Temporal Acceleration is 5 minutes long. R3 is well worth it since % of effects improves each rank. Subject to personal preference.

(13) Wall of Blades

-5 seconds cast time
-Creates a wall of blades, literally, on a target and hostile units around the targets receive the damage as well.
-0 second cool down
-Range = 40 yards

Basically, this spell implements a debuff that has the same icon as the spell on the monster / target / player and units around it receives damage from the ?wall?. This spell generates MO and also, imposes a heavy mana cost in exchange for the AOE damage dealt. Due to its long cast time, it is recommended that you initiate the battle with WoB first instead of casting it in the midst of a battle. This is a psionicist?s staple AOE DPS spell so I?d leave it at R3 for group pulls. With Telekinetic Pull, this spell is one sight to behold in both PvE and PvP. One important point to note when using WoB is that to pick the strongest monster to use it on; as the WoB buff dies down along with the targeted mob. This can be disastrous as you will have to face the leftovers without WoB. Increasing the levels of the spell increases the damage over time.

(14) Aura of Health

-3 second cast time
-Grants all party members an increase in HP/MP/Energy for 30 minutes
-0 second cool down
-Range = Unknown but based on my experience, it seems to be quite far (maybe 50 yards)

This spell is the new reason why Psis (and Mages) are extremely welcomed in party instances such as the new Astral Layer 2. Other than its use as a party buff to both your party and you, it can also be used when you are farming or just doing your quests. At rank 3, it gives a 30% boost to HP/MP/Energy which is a lot for even a level 20 Psionicist as it could mean a difference between life and death! Therefore it is good to have this at rank 3 so that you can be a potentially attractive team member to be included in any party!

(15) Telekinetic Pull

-0 second cast time
-Pulls all enemies in range into the targeted spot, knocking them down in the process.
-32 seconds cool down
-Range = 40 yards

Telekinetic pull is another spell that makes psionicists unique. A huge black hole that emerges out of nowhere and pulling all hostile units into the targeted position; knocking them down and disabling them during the process of pulling. A good Telekinetic Pull followed by a Mental Pulses can severely disable large armies of foes. It is also used in conjunction with Wall of Blades which further increases the contact between each individual units that are caught within the Telekinetic Pull and Wall of Blades. Ranking the spell reduces the cool down dramatically. Essential for every psionicist.

(16) Spectral Assassin

-4 seconds cast time
-Creates a ?twin? of the enemy which will do damage (increases over time) to the latter through normal attacks.
-2 minutes cool down
-Range = 40 yards

Heavily nerfed, this spell seems to have become ashes of its former glory. It requires the Psionicist to be mentally linked to the target as a pre-requisite to cast. However, it is still a versatile skill to have; regardless of PvP or PvE. The ?assassin? created will attack the target until its HP is down to 0% or the link is broken. Each rank increases the damage dealt and the cool down duration is decreased. It does not affect red-ring monsters as well. Rank 1 for the lulz but definitely not worth it for R2 and above.

(17) Will Suppression

-Instant cast time
-Creates a temporary link that acts like Mental link but has a duration.
-24 seconds cool down
-Range = 40 yards

This spell, Will Suppression, is your next best friend when Mental Link fails. Being an instant cast link and the fact that you can have both Will Suppression and Mental Link on 2 individual monsters at the same time, its usefulness is unmatched. The only problem with Will Suppression is that its link is temporary, cost mana to maintain and cannot be used to replace Mental Link if the Psionicist wishes to cast Mental Twin. Increase in each rank allows the mana cost needed to maintain the link to decrease. Pro tip: Casting Hypnosis will affect BOTH targets with Will Suppression and Mental Link.

Now, if you have noticed, i did not discuss about the 4 skills at the lower end of the Talent tree which are linked to these 4 skills (Psychic Shock, Pain Transfer, Pyrokinesis, Ectoplasmic Form). These skills are actually upgraded versions of the 4 mentioned skills and are only accessible after completing a specific quest in Kirah (Level 43-44). These 4 skills have the same effects as their counterparts but these effects are much more stronger than the latter! Depending on your build, you could easily replace the ?old skills? with the ?new and upgraded skills? with the use of a Water of Death or Fountain of Death.

Also, there are certain skills that are only accessible through the ruby grids. The more prominent ones are Superficial Trance, Telepathic Gift, Twin Explosion, Mental Explosion, Mindfire and Aura of Potency.

Superficial Trance allows one to restore his/her mana within a duration of 5 seconds with a cool down of 3 minutes. This is be used in battle to restore your mana quickly. This is a very useful spell for me as a DPS psionicist for me to regain back all my mana in the midst of a battle.

Aura of Potency is a new aura, much like the Aura of Health. Aura of Potency provides a 15% DPS boost for spells for all your party members and it allows you to proc a 10 seconds buff which gives that effect. Interestingly, this 10 seconds buff is the true buff that gives the DPS bonus and can only come out when you cast a spell. One point to note is that both Auras cannot stack so casting Aura of Health over Aura of Potency would cancel Aura of Potency. Even though they may not stack with each other, there are still certain circumstances where each of the Auras have their flaws and advantages. Therefore, it is important to have both Auras whereby you could use each of the Aura to your advantage in various parts of the game play.

is a interesting spell which increases the cool down of the target?s next 3 spells that he/she used by 20 seconds. However the negative part of this spell is that it has a cool down of 1 minute and can be purified by a healer?s Purify. Even though it is brought down by its cool down, it is still an effective spell to use, especially in 1 to 1 combat. A more efficient way to use Mindfire is to know your enemy?s spell rotations and cast Mindfire right when he is about to use a particular spell that you want to prolong its cool down by 20 seconds.

Mental Explosion is a quick burst of damage and requires no casting time. It is only available if you have the enemy on knockdown or stunned. Exceptionally useful and efficient for a CC-based Psionicist.

Twin Explosion is another spell which gives a quick burst of damage and its damage solely depend on the current HP of your Mental Twin ? the lower it is, the more damage it will do. Timing is an important factor for this spell as you will be able to inflict greater damage when your Twin?s HP is lower.

Telepathic Gift is a really cool spell that gives mana to your target. Now that it has a long cool down, most people would not put much effort into utilizing it. However in some tight situations with your party in instances; such as healers running low on mana, this spell could mean a Wipe or a Clear for the party.
Now after all the description of the talents, I will start on the various skill builds.

2.2 Builds
Here are some of the builds that I had created after the changes that was implemented in the new patch and that you may or wish to follow. Please do take note that it is also up to your personal preferences if you wish to alter some parts of it because not everyone has the same mentality or neither do they have the same point of view towards any given build. These are just available to help those people who actually need help with a basic structure of the talents and rubies for their character.

2.2.1 Competitive Builds

First of all, we have the good ol? DPS build!

R3 ? Pyrokinesis, Ectoplasmic Form, Wall of Blades, Aura of Health, Temporal Acceleration, Mental Calm
R2 ? Will Suppression, Mental Link, Mental Twin
R1 ? Pain Transfer, Psychic Shock, Mental Cleansing, Hypnosis, Mental Pulses, Telekinetic Pull

Overview of Build (single target DPS) (PvP/PvE)

This build utilizes Mental Link + Mental Twin / Will Suppression combo along with Temporal Acceleration (to speed things up) and most importantly, Pyrokinesis to strike the opponents very hard and also, very fast. With the DPS rubies for twin-ed / link-ed units and the basic rubies for Pyrokinesis damage, you are good to go. At R3 and with the rubies included, temporal acceleration can increase the amount of damage you inflict by twice its original amount. This is because it decreases cast time by 50%, a whooping half casting time decrement! With Quick Regeneration and Temporal Acceleration activated, you do not have to even worry about your mana during that period of time! However, this build seems to neglect the healing capabilities of Psis but it is covered up by the use of Ectoplasmic Form and the elusive Mental Twin. For more efficient PvE farming, Wall of Blades is also included to ensure that you have the best damage output in AoE farming.

Initiating the Fight

Strategy of this build is to establish a Mental Link with the target first, followed by a Mental Twin. If you have problems casting the Mental Link, you could use Mental Pulse / Telekinetic Pull to help keep the target away while you cast your Mental Link. If all else fail, just go ahead with Will Suppression and switch on your Ectoplasmic Form to absorb the incoming damage. So once you have establish these ?Initiating Factors? (as I would like to call them), it is time for you to pop everything you have ? from trinkets to Temporal Acceleration; or even listening to Friday on your handy iPod ? and start to spam Pyrokinesis like a mad man!

During the Fight

However, that?s not all. If you have a Mental Link and Twin on the target, you could actually dish out a couple of Telekinetic Pulls and/or Mental Pulse to keep them away from your Twin! This in turn, allows maximum survivability for your Twin and ultimately, for you! Always feel free to cast Ectoplasmic form to ensure survivability for you along with the above, you could survive for long periods of time; enough time for you to kill the target. Keep doing the relevant deterrence you have at your disposal; Ectoplasmic Form, Mental Pulses, Telekinetic Pull. Use them as soon as you have them ready during the fight and also, utilize them efficiently according to the situation without neglecting your DPS.

Ending the Fight

When your Mental Twin is going down and its HP is very low (like <20%), you could actually cast Twin Explosion + Erase Memory to induce a crap ton of damage within 1 second to the target. This is because once your Mental Twin is dead in this case; you are unable to have the additional DPS boost from the Mental Twin DPS boost rubies. Therefore, it is recommended that after you used Erase Memory, you actually cast Will Suppression to continue having a DPS boost on the target. (HOWEVER, DO TAKE NOTE. ONCE YOU CAST YOUR TWIN, THERE WILL BE A BUFF ON THE TARGET (TWIN-ED) THAT PREVENTS YOU FROM CASTING ANOTHER TWIN ON HIM FOR 60 SECONDS. IF YOU FIND THAT THE 60 SECONDS BUFF IS GONE, YOU CAN ACTUALLY CAST ANOTHER TWIN INSTEAD OF USING ERASE MEMORY!)

Additional Information

Due to the lack of heals for this build, I?d strongly recommend it for PvE and if PvP, make it a quick battle or else you may have to suffer. Overall, this particular build has very good DPS; even if you do not have high level runes. I am currently running this build as well; with level 5s in offensive runes and being able to contribute to the raid?s DPS. Another problem from this build is that once your Ectoplasmic Form and Twin is down, you have practically nothing to fend yourself with so it is important you do your best to keep your twin alive.

Next, we have the AOE DPS/CC Build!

R3: Ectoplasmic Form, Mental Calm, Temporal Acceleration, Telekinetic Pull, Mental Pulse, Aura of Health, Wall of Blades
R2: Mental Link
R1: Psychic Shock, Pain Transfer, Mental Twin, Hypnosis, Mental Cleansing, Will Suppression

Overview of Build (AOE DPS/CC) (PvP/PvE)

Basically, this build utilises all of the Psionicist?s CCs to deter the target and throughout the ?rotations? of such CC spells, the Psionicist will be able to chuck in spells that do huge DPS such as Mental Explosion which requires the target to be stunned for it to be active and also Wall of Blades for mass PvP or even AOE farming. As such, the person following this build will be exposed to the highest level of Psi endgame; the much awaited CC-spec class. Using spells such as Telekinetic Pull, Mental Pulse along with the rubies to increase stun length, Astral Blight, Shattering Pulse, the Psionicist is able to lock the opponent in stuns and knockdowns. Additionally, there are rubies added to create an better environment in terms of the cool down of the various CC-spells like Telekinetic Pull and Mental Pulse (Experienced Manipulator rubies).This gives an obvious advantage over the opponent, and not only just CC, Mental Pulse with astral blight and Mental Explosion is somewhat akin to having a nuclear warhead thrown at the enemy! A point to note is that Pain Transfer is kept at R1. This could be altered by my preference would be to keep it at Rank 1 even though I have the rubies for Pain Transfer. It?s really up to personal preferences whether to utilize Pain transfer in this build.

Initiating the Fight

Due to the versatility of this build, there is no definite starter to begin a fight. You can start with Telekinetic Pull, followed by Mental Pulses to leave the enemy in shock for a long period of time (up to 8 seconds with high conviction). This is when you have the ?upper hand? to induce some damage to your opponent! Start throwing your Mental Explosion whilst the enemy is still kept stunned and since it is instant cast, it is fairly efficient to toss a good one at the enemy.

During the Fight

Same thing happens, you keep the enemy away from you through Telekinetic Pull and Mental Pulses combos, fill in DPS with astral blight from the latter, Mental Explosion and Wall of blades (for AOE) during the stun lengths. You would want to hit HARD and FAST, then stun/KD the enemy as fast as possible after the DPS spells to keep them from healing themselves. With such tactics implemented, you will be able to prolong the fight to your advantage and additionally preventing the enemy from reaching out to you. When all else seem to fail, you could even cast a Mental Link followed by a Mental Twin in the middle of the fight hence adding to the suspense that you are already giving to the enemy by randomly place a Mental Twin and going out of his sight. Once a ?last ditch effort? Mental Twin is set up, you would want to improve its lifespan during the battle so start throwing your Telekinetic Pulls and Mental Pulses across the battlefield! I?d suggest the same tactical strategy to be imposed though; just that you have the advantage of a ?second life?.

Ending the Fight

For this AOE DPS/CC build, there isn?t any definite way to end the fight. You could easily finish the enemy off with Mental Explosion + Erase Memory combo, or even just do it old school; Telekinetic Pull to proc Astral Blight and then finish it off with a Mental Pulse or the likewise.

Additional Information

You should understand that Willpower of the enemy affects the duration of your stuns as to how your Conviction affects the duration of your stuns. Therefore it is most likely not possible for any Psionicist with this spec to always stun-lock the target since the amount of Willpower varies in different people and archetypes. Therefore, it is also important to be extra cautious and to understand this fact when utilizing this particular AOE DPS/CC build.

2.2.2 Fun Builds

The next few builds are just random and fun builds that I had generated; feel free to take a peek or even have fun with them! Though it will not be as detailed as the above builds, I will still try my best to explain them all for the greater good of all Psionicists viewing this post. So here we go!

I will now introduce you to the epic hardcore top-notch survival Psi build!

R3: Mental Link, Mental Twin, Ectoplasmic Form, Mental Cleansing, Mental Pulse, Temporal Acceleration, Telekinetic Pull, Aura of Health
R2: None (LOLOLOL)
R1: Psychic Shock, Pain Transfer, Choke

Overview of Build (Bear Grylls-style Survival Psi) (Solely for the lulz)

Alright, so now for the fun part. This build is actually so hilarious that I literally ROFL-ed my way through when I was planning and making it. With R3 in skills such as Mental Link and Mental Twin (Accelerated Connection rubies), one can be sure to make the opponent go crazy with the extremely fast Mental Link/Twin casting. R3 in Twin actually gives a lot of tough work for the target to do. Additionally, if you activated Temporal Acceleration, Mental Link will be instant casted since its cast time will be drastically reduced with R3 Temporal Acceleration and its rubies. What?s even more irritating and worst for the enemy is that this build is actually mainly based on a CC-spec Psionicist! So basically you have a fast casting Mental Link/Twin combo, extremely irritating CC rotation with Telekinetic Pull/Mental Pulse combos (All CC Rubies are maxed out hence CC-rotation is possible and not to mention the earth shattering ?Shattering Pulse? rubies that inflict the Broken Bones effect) and an occasional toss of the Mental Explosion skill. What else can you ask for? Yes you got it right! We?re missing the hea- OH WAIT, we did not leave our heals out. So to top all those skills mentioned above, yes, we have our dear Mental Cleansing and its rubies for this build too despite much negativity around this skill. So with maxed Mental Cleansing, and rubies, you should know what to expect from this build.

I will not go into details with fun builds but basically, you would want to get the ball rolling through Mental Linking yourself to the target and then set up a Mental Twin. After which, you have the choice to kill him or let him live longer whilst you play around with him. An ideal choice would be to immediately cast Telekinetic Pull to move the enemy even further away from the Twin itself so accessibility to the Twin is compromised on the enemy side. And when the Twin is about to die, please do remember to cast a Twin Explosion which acts like a secondary Pain Transfer of this particular build. With Astral Blight activated from the earlier Telekinetic Pull, it?s the time for you to throw in good old Mental Explosion. Then you start working on moving and manipulating the enemy around with Mental Pulse/Telekinetic Pull/Mental Explosion rotations which in turn increases the survivability of your Twin and eventually you yourself! And should your Mental Twin fail, you always have your healings and Ectoplasmic Form to last you long enough (with CC spells of course!) till you could recast a Twin and repeat the entire process. Sooner or later, the opponent will just give up.

Since you are only going to have Mental Pulse, Twin Explosion, Astral Blight and Mental Explosion as your main DPS skills, I would suggest you take your time to mess around with the enemy (depending on their archetypes) to deplete them of their resources like mana and then to strike with a killing blow.

And then, we have the Psychic Shock / Pain Transfer / partial CC build!

R3: Psychic Shock, Pain Transfer, Ectoplasmic Form, Mental Calm, Mental Pulse, Temporal Acceleration, Aura of Health
R2: Telekinetic Pull, Will Suppression
R1: Mental Link, Mental Twin, Mental cleansing,

Overview of Build (Single Target Psychic Shock/PT/CC Psi)

First of all, I?d like to point out that this build is still undergoing testing and is really not a well structured build. However, I have come to realize that this build actually utilizes very little mana (partially due to the usage of Psychic Shock as its main attack). This build utilizes rubies for Psychic Shock and Pain Transfer (to proc the 15% Int buff) such as Mental Reign and Mental Crisis to improve both the DPS and Int bonuses respectively. Additionally, this build also make use of Will Suppression damage bonus rubies like Cruel Master, which improves damage by 24% at R3 and also Insidious Influence, which gives a debuff on the target which is able to stack up to 5 stacks, each increasing your damage dealt by 2%. At rank 2, Insidious Influence has a 66% chance to be inflicted (Note that you need to either Mental Link the target or Will Suppression before this effect can be proc) and with Psychic Shock spam, I truly believe that the Insidious Influence effect can be easily stacked till 5 stacks.

Additionally, this build also consists of Mental Pulse as the main CC-ing spell with a rank 2 Telekinetic Pull to improve the effectiveness of Mental Pulse. With rubies like Shattering Pulse, Advantageous Attacks, Astral Blight and Mental Suppression, the DPS inflicted by your spells are increased, and not to forget, the 50% increase in stuns and knockdowns from Mental Suppression. Add in the occasional Pain Transfer and there you have it, a strong, quick burst of damage especially with 5 stacks of Insidious Influence, Mental Crisis and Advantageous Attacks buffs. Since Shattering Pulse induces the Broken Bones effect which slows down the enemy by 75% at rank 3 for 7 seconds, there is that 7 seconds worth of Advantageous Attacks effect for you when you use your spells! Therefore with Insidious Influence, Advantageous Attacks from your CC-ing spells, Mental Crisis from Pain Transfer, you can easily maximize your DPS with Pain Transfer, Psychic Shocks and Mental Pulse as your main DPS-ing spells. Mental Calm and Temporal Acceleration are also present to help keep your Mental Overload low and to increase your DPS. Temporal Acceleration is a good spell to be used for this build; especially in PvP when time is considered platinum. With Temporal Acceleration, your Psychic Shock would be instant cast and therefore speeds up the process of inflicting the Insidious Influence effects. Very useful indeed.

Since this build also includes a rank 1 Mental Twin, you could also use it to increase your survivability through using your various CC spells to prolong its lifetime. However, I would like to also point out that Mental Twin is only (in my opinion) useful for PvE in for this build as Mental Link would take too long to cast which is not worth the rank 1 Mental Twin. Therefore it is only useful for you to make use of Mental Twin during grinding or normal PvE.

Not to forget, your Will Suppression gives a 2 second stun as a starter so you have some sort of advantage when you initiate the fight already.

Here is my way of using the spells from this build efficiently:
Will Suppression > Telekinetic Pull > 2 x Psychic Shock > Mental Pulse > Pain Transfer > Psychic Shock till stun effects is removed > Ectoplasmic Form and run around until Will Suppression, Mental Pulse or Telekinetic Pull are available and repeat.

This play style as above is only what I would do if I am using this build therefore it is subjected to your own personal preferences on how you would want to rotate the various spells.


1) One important thing to note is that whenever you cast Superficial Trance, all your linking spells are automatically abolished; meaning that once you casted Superficial Trance, your Mental Link/Twin will disappear too! Therefore it is crucial that you cast Ectoplasmic Form before you do anything silly right here with Superficial Trance.

2) Casting Will Suppression on a similar target will remove the Mental Link or if there is, Mental Twin effect on the latter hence destroying all your past efforts to increase your survivability. This applies to all builds that are mentioned here. So make sure you move that Will Suppression icon to a place, unreachable by accident, on your keyboard to prevent such incidences from occurring.

3) Mental Twin can and will, bug out sometimes and resets the mob which also can, in PvE, be both a nuisance and an asset to save you from dying. Therefore it is more like a double-edged sword whereby it can get you out of sticky situations and get your efforts to be going down the drain. To reset a mob, you simply put a Mental Twin on a spot that is easily not accessible for the mob. By doing so, the mob will reset since it is unable to find a way to get to the Twin unless it has a range attack and a long range of AOE.

3 All good things eventually come to an end..

Once again, I believe these builds are just there for you to learn from and to pick up a few tips on the selection of talents and rubies based on your personal preferences. As for the play style of each of the builds, I am only able to give you a brief overview of what I think should be done to maximize productivity in terms of both DPS and Survivability through CCs. Therefore it is really up to you players to decide on what to pick and when finished choosing your desired builds, create your own play style of using your desired build. As a wise man once said, ?Give a man a fishing rod and teach him to fish and he will not go hungry for the rest of his life?. So here I am, giving you guys the fishing rods and unlimited supply of fishing bait, now it?s up to you all to fulfil your destiny.


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