Allods Tka-Rik’s Spark Quest [GUIDE] By: Rupeck


For do this quest you need first complete Luja-Gialla’s Spark Quest. After complete this, you’ll receive the quest Tka-Rik’s Spark Quest to be done in Asee-Teph.

1- Go to?Misty Slope?and search in the cratears for a note. The note will has the writer’s name with missing parts.

2- Go to?Soulth of Texio?Swamp and talk with?Nadine de Delice, she will say that she traded the june tablet with a kid troll and maybe he grow up

3- Go to?Wild Corner?and talk with?Thoughtful Troll, he will say he wants a squirrel, go search near of that for a wandering squirrel, take him alive and trade with the troll for the June Tablet.

4- Go to?Uskul the Dead City?and dispel two runes with the same symbol.?You will need a friend’s help for this part. After dispel the runes, a cheast will appear, go search for the cheast and catch the letter inside it.

5- Go to?SCOSS?and talk with?Semyon Arhivin?and ask him for the June Tablet. He will give to you a brief translation of the tablet.

6- Go to?Miktlan Ruins?and search for a cheast, you will get a enchantment that allow you see pillar ghosts. Jump into the pillars and pillar ghosts to find a June tablet in top of one of them. The location change depending of the player.

7- Go to East of Tensess Temple, you will find 3 Stele of truth and one Stele of Ritual. Go interact with the Stele of Ritual and answer his questions. The answers:
Whats is worth to be knowed first?
The Greatness

After that, jump on top of the big table stone behind the stele and a cinematic will start. After the cinematic you will receive a item named knowledge.

8- Go to?Jungle Mine?and you’ll find another jump puzzle. Again, you need to find a June Table on top of one of the pillar, and the location change depending of the player.

9- Finally, go to?Overcharged Shore?and find?Nihaz, he will have a game for you. You need to answer to 3 questions of him, it hasn’t wrong questions, but if has other players doing the game with you, you need to choose the answer with more votes.

After finish the game, you can get your reward with Nihaz. He will also give the next quest of this chain of quests, and the first note for it will appear near him.

Thanks for Shamsey that helped me to complete this quest.
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