10 tips to dominate on Shadow Royale |Halloween event|Apex Legends Season 6


Whatsup guys, if you are new Those who come welcome to BraceSquad Hello bonjour, My name is Brace and I make weekly top legendary videos. If you think Horizon is not the next legend just released Shadow Royale. It is very interesting. Please subscribe The highest point of LTM, In my opinion, at least, But if you win and use it correctly, it will be more interesting. So I made this tip video to help you win more And collect all event badges before the event ends. I made this tip video so fast. I might apologize for it If they dont seem to be SO tip. Number 10 is to use things such as octane and path Like legend to increase the speed. If you move the legend shadow quickly and If they flock to you, you may be in trouble And Octane Jumppad can help you escape the shadow or find a better angle on the shadow Pathfinder. The zipline also helps you gain high ground in the shade Can have a favorable position, but remember that shadows have infinite Climbing ability, so you will always be safe wherever you are Put down the shadow when the shadow climbs on you than in an open place. Shooting is much easier. According to the legend, I use Bangalore.

I think her equipment is very useful Because the shadow cannot be seen through her smoke. All you have to do is get a digithreat And volt. You will easily shoot the shadow. She ended up, breeding and killing. Well, if an open space is shaded And its an easy way to get shadow royal kills Look for badges Haunted the No 9 badge. You should know that the shadow can save Human teammates. So if you have shadows and your teammates Fell down, please try to get them up, Because if the last teammate dies, you will die too And will come with a great, unique revival animation when you are a shadow Resurrection. Yes, Yes, good Next in the last area Check in there is no chance of a shadow appearing a second time. You will notice that as long as the last teammate stays alive, The shadow will continue to regenerate, but this will eventually be in the last area. If you have a shadow, you will not be able to be reborn. So if your shadow, Right before the last area, Your enemies caused as much damage as possible, so much so that they wasted healing And your legend can join the kill Tip 7. Then you get a Shadow Prowler pet. If your two, All your teammates, are turned into shadows, so you can at least compete with the all-red evo armored team Fight and the pet will follow you and fight if it finds Any enemy. You cant command (, whether it is a shadow or a legend ). If you want to lie down, sneakily Pets will also respawn every time they die. Like a shadow, And the only thing I dont like shadow, The pet is that it only has 50 horsepower. I found so many incomprehensible Tip 6. The legend of the enemy is highlighted in red, Which makes it easier for you to locate between the shadow and the legend of the enemy Without using digital equipment. Like me, because now Camouflage leather, that people use to make themselves more difficult to find Almost doesn’t work anymore. I mean There is a tactic used by a player in Kings, Canyon. After midnight, They will pick up dark, themed skins. These skins will Blended with dark theme maps And basically provide camoflage thanks to the enemy. If you still At the enemy, There is a red highlight around watching the video. Thank you very much. I am very happy that you choose to stay by your side.

If you like its content, Please subscribe and click the notification bell, so that When I publish any advanced legendary content, I usually publish the video on Tuesday and Friday, so you will be notified By the way. Let’S continue Starting from number 5, you should know There will be shadows on the timer, so dont enter and waste your life, Because you know it will reproduce in 5 seconds The longer you die the longer it will extend it can extend By 15 seconds. I think As wise as a shadow about how you die, you dont want your human teammates, Bother alone Tip 4. The Kings Canyon map we are playing is Day is on the old map in Season 2. So we are currently on the Kings Canyon map. None of the map changes owned exist. This means there are no replicators No charge tower. No octane gloves, No ghost laboratory, no capacitors. I think you will understand what I mean, which also means around the map. Note that the different rotation of No.

3 applies to Skulltown is back again Because I said that the old season 0 map is the map we are using. So that means Skully is back and Skowntown is back. I suggest you dont, stop there and win, But if you want to stimulate adrenaline or high lethality Skull Town is a good place, because now the population of Skull Town has tripled, Because whenever someone dies they will take revenge in the form of a shadow. So the shadow Prowler too A good way to survive Skulltown is corrosive, in my opinion, Down with his gas trap, building hurting the shadow and the thief also Slow down. If it, if you have been too messy, The ghost teammate may be saving you. The caustic in your team has to do your best to bring him to the final Area, because the corrosive gas in the final area is game. Dont be an idiot like me, but put your gas directly until I find Zero IQ with an IQ of 2, The shadow in the Watson Tower can be knocked down Legend. This can completely regenerate your health, Just like the legendary fencer can regenerate a shield. This is a viable option, because everyone carries a golden knockdown shield In the next life. It may be difficult for people who desire to be knocked down, but this is not. The only Shadows can make people healthy. The shadow will restore a certain degree of health over time, Just like passive octane, But I find it is slow and will not help you much in battle.

One last tip, ladies and gentlemen, Now juggling here playing with friends. Shadow royale is a team-based LTM that requires teammates. A lot of communication can initiate a coordinated attack, Its much easier to interact with friends, because random manipulation may cause pain to the moss on the neck Time, except it t Is more interesting and enjoyable. If you choose to play with friends You like this, So this is its video today. I am glad you did this step. I apologize if the last tip is a bit anticlimatic, but I hope I can help you in some way. If you stick to these skills, I promise you will win more Shadow Royal Badges. These badges look, really cool on the way And prefer Shadow Royal. Please give the video a thumbs up like this. If you have not absolutely free, then More people have the opportunity to see these tips and subscribe. I promise If you have subscribed. Thank you very much. This Is why I continue to make youtube videos Attract you to the next video a beautiful day C.

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