17 Apex Legends Season 2 Ranked Mode Tips, Secrets and Myths


Hey everyone, In this video we are going to offer some tips on how to play ranked mode more effectively. I’ve already created a season 2 tips and secrets video, but this one will specifically focus on elements in ranked mode, so make sure to listen out for every tip to help you climb the ranks faster. I’ll be including tips that are new to ranked mode, new tips for the changed meta, and general positioning and awareness tips that can help you to stay in games for longer. All of these tips are pretty straightforward,so i’ll just put some background gameplay from my stream as I explain them. If you want to follow along and pay attention to what I’m saying, make sure to turn on captions. Okay, let’s jump straight in. So for tip number one, let’s talk about kill stealing. No, don’t steal your teammates kills. I’m talking about stealing kills from enemies. RP is important in ranked mode, so getting more kills is crucial.

However, there’s one thing people don’t understand when killing downed players. If you kill a downed player that an enemy knocked, you will not get the kill for it. However, if you kill that enemies entire team, they will no longer be able to get kills for it. they’ll be out of the game. So, that means whoever shoots that downed player next before they die will get the kill instead. However, if you don’t shoot the downed player and just end that squad, that kill will go to nobody. Make sure you remember this before you go killing downed players. It’s wasted RP that nobody gets so it’s fair game to take advantage of it. For tip number two, if you’re third partying and you see downed players, wait for the revive first and then shoot them.

They will have very low health and it will mean the kill will go to you. For tip number three, make sure not to get tunnel visioned on that disruptor and hammerpoint setup. Yes, the alternator is king right now, but that doesn’t mean it’s the go to weapon for all engagements. Even something like an R-301 can sometimes be better simply for it’s effective engagement potential at longer ranges. Longbows are great too, and so are R-99s, Peacekeepers, wingmans, and everything else. In fact, if you are running around with an alternator hoping to get a disruptor, you are actually at a disadvantage to all those players that do have any of the weapons i’ve just mentioned. For tip number four, if you are playing Pathfinder or have a pathfinder in your team, and there is a beacon near you and you’re currently in the ring, wait until the next ring comes in and the countdown for the following ring starts before you use your beacon. That way you get to see one extra ring ahead. For tip five, always pay attention to the ring.

Yes, it’s okay to take a little time getting to the next ring but just understand that if you get caught out and have to fight your way into the next ring, it’s going to be a bad time for you. Players that are already set up are of course going to be waiting for you to enter the ring too. For tip six, bunny hopping is actually extremely useful if you need to move from one area to another in the late stages of the ring. Since bunny hop healing got nerfed, the speed for standard bhopping for some reason got improved, so if you practice it enough you can actually maintain a very good velocity and become very hard to hit. If you are playing solo, placements are always going to matter more. If you make it to top 5 squads, for example, it’s often easy to pick up a few kills at that point because there will be quite a few solo or weakened squads.

However, if you try to push for kills early you will have a more difficult time – you will be going up against full squads, and you’ll just lose RP for it. Finally, because the RP limit is just 5 for kills, it doesn’t really make sense to push too hard for kills when you are just playing for yourself. Another tip for playing solo is to main a legend with good disengage potential. So, for example, pathfinder, octane, and bangalore are my top rated choices, closely followed by Wraith. Mirage can be good but just consider the ultimate cooldown is a little lengthy so you’ve got to play it safer if the ultimate is not available. In the late stages, don’t be afraid to take nearby death boxes and throw the armor on the ground. That way, you have some extra health to hotswap to in case you get in a bad situation.

It could potentially save your life. If you are playing in a squad, I’d suggest having one player do the callouts and have everybody else listen to them at all times. That way you make sure nobody isn’t getting left behind and if a disengage needs to happen, it happens immediately. Next let’s talk about placements when you are eliminated. So, the placement you get will be the placement your team currently has just as you quit the game. So, if your team is in the top 6, but your respawn has timed out, it’s best to wait until your team gets top 5 so that you get the RP, or better yet, wait till top 3 if your team mates can pull it off. If you quit before your team gets that placement, even if you have timed out, you will only get the placement your team had when you quit. If you quit before your respawn times out, you will not get any placement and will just lose the RP for abandoning the match.

Another thing to realise is that RP forgiveness isn’t working right now. If your team mate quits and you die early, you will still lose RP. I always thought playing solo was an excuse to go rambo in ranked but right now the loss forgiveness isn’t working so make sure to hold out on that. If you are struggling to rank up right now, you should wait a few more weeks for the ranks to balance out. That way, when you first start playing, bronze, silver, and maybe even gold will be far less challenging. Thermites are actually super useful now. If players are hiding behind doors, they will deal damage to the door and to the player behind the door. Useful for late game campers or players blocking doors trying to heal.

As soon as they move away from the door, you can have your team mate open it and push through because there’s no team damage. If you want to breach a building that has Wattson set up inside, you can use Bloodhound’s tactical to locate the positions of all traps and the ultimate. You can also use Caustic’s gas traps to destroy the fences. The trap has to be activated, either by shooting, or by an enemy walking by it, but the gas radius will destroy the traps. You can often throw gas traps through tiny cracks and windows – as it is thrown, the hitbox is just the base of the trap, which allows you to through them into pretty much any building. Your ultimate as caustic will get destroyed by the interceptor pylon. If you don’t want to get third partied, try to avoid the cage, containment, and any of the open area along the river. It’s such a hotspot for players to move through, many rings cause bottlenecks in this area, and there’s so much open ground here, it’s just too dangerous of an area.

alright, that wraps up my tips for ranked mode in apex legends. I hope that this video has been useful. If you want to see more daily Apex Legends videos like this, make sure to subscribe. Alright, let me know your own tips for ranked in the comments. I’ll see you there. Cheerio!.

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