20 SECRETS: *NEW* Evolution Collection Event Trailer BREAKDOWN! Apex Legends


Hello, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome back as you can see we’re doing the apex legends evolution, collection event. This is rampart’s new town takeover. This is going to involve the heirloom a whole bunch of new skins and the trailer well, the update isn’t coming out till the 14th of september, but the trailer gives us a ton of secrets that are coming with that update. So without further ado, let’s jump straight into this and see what we can uncover now. The first scene is quite interesting because it opens up on a white crow.

Is it a crow or a raven? I can never quite remember. Bloodhound is usually associated with this crow right and he has a black one. So what is this white one involved here? Has he been hit by a bunch of white paint?

No um bloodhound, most likely might be getting a bit of an update which we’ll see at the end before we get on to ramparts heirloom, as you can see there in the bottom right. What you can actually see up in the top middle left is a little pink ball. That looks like it’s smite, well, not quite smiling, but big white eyes, and i think what we might be getting is actual spray paints. So you know how you get hollow sprays to put down. We might have some potential spray paints that we’re going to be able to assign and customize around the map ourselves, which i think would be amazing.

It will make the game a lot more fun, but yeah. Next is obviously rampart’s heirloom, and this looks incredible because, as you can see, she has this like it has these little pink balls inside the bottom of the handle and it looks like she can like reload them in a weird way. So i’m not sure if there’s going to be some kind of paintball effect when she hits people, but it’s definitely in the animation. What are you thinking about the heirloom as well? Do you like ramparts wrench now i did want to spot this for you guys, because this i’m not sure if it’s something important, it could just be decoration or it could be something really big.

So in the far left you can see a flyer and it says the flyer liars fringe beats luke, diego saturday, at 10 p.m. The paradise lounge is that some sort of event that’s coming with this event, like a mini event inside. Let me know if you can figure out anything to do with that, because it could just be decoration, but it stands out quite a lot uh. Here we go big maud’s giant ship.

This looks like a deadly tank. You’Ve got these two giant cranes on the back and it is a survey beacon location, as you can see, on the very top of the front end there. But it’s not just big moored. The tank there’s also a little location just in front of it like on the teaser signs we got before this trailer. It said renewal plaza, so this could be the little plaza section in front of the ship.

You’Ve got the vehicles, tiny little buildings and zip lines going up to big mould, and then this this took me by so much surprise right. When i first saw this, i thought it was the ray gun from black ops zombies. It looks so much like a different color version of the ray gun. Doesn’T it, but it is actually just the sentinel as soon as rafe, in a beautiful new skin picks it up. You can see that it’s just the sentinel now, obviously you can see spray paint.

All over this section of the map, but there’s very specific spray paint. I wanted to point out, and it’s not actual spray paint, so to speak on those tyres just there, you can see little aqua, blue and red and yellow dots and you’ll see this all throughout the trailer. This is actually what i think is representing the new hop-up. That’S coming back from, i think season. Five.

If i remember correctly, let me know if i’m wrong, and this basically adds like a paintball effect so again, you’re going to be able to draw some amazing things while having a very colorful time. I’M very curious as well about this circle. There’S a circle pattern on that wall, at the back and in any other game i’d say that’s some kind of portal mechanic, but it might again just be another spray paint. Here we go with pathfinder’s new skin. They show off his skin the most i think in this one he hit in those shotgun shots with whipping around the bridge, and it is a very slim looking icy pathfinder suit.

So i reckon a lot of people would like that. But now we get to have a look inside big mood, and this to me is: i can’t wait to play this, so this is rampart’s main building right and, as you can see with this, this looks like an update on her shields. So the visual on the shield that purple effect – and you can see these little cuboid features on the right and the left. I swear it never looked as distinct like that before it was some kind of hexagonal shape, so i think they’ve updated her shields. We’Re gon na have to we’re gon na, have to wait and see until the update comes out unless you’re a date of mind, leaker and you’ve already figured it all out, i’m sure you’ll.

Let me know in the comments we’re gon na have to wait and see till the 14th. What specific updates are coming from rampart? We can only guess at the moment you can see. The train track has been completely destroyed as well. It’S just sloping down straight into the ground.

It’S been, i told you. It was going to get run over by big board see in this scene. I was a little bit confused because you’ve got these marksman targets all around big moored area, but i wasn’t sure if they’d do anything, but here you can see rampart using a ultima to shoot it and what’s interesting and we’ll see more visually later in the video. Is rampart is using her ultimate while moving but she’s walking with her ultimate we’ve, never seen that before that’s going to be interesting how that works, but also, is there a reason, she’s shooting these targets? Does it activate saying, does it knock them down?

What could she be? Shooting them for there has to be a reason now inside big moored, i’m looking forward to opening up a beautiful shop because, as you can see, they have vending machines. Ramparts, like got the weapon outline there, similar to black ops zombies there with the white outline on the wall kind of thing, but these vending machines called vendit uh it how? How about you vend it? I just got the punk uh.

Basically, they have ammo and guns in it looks like each vending machine has one gun and a bunch of ammo with it so they’re very similar to the size of a care package in arenas mode where you get the gun and the weapon be unsure. If they come with any attachments and there’s like a little panel where you go up and looks like you press the button, so it’s going to be interesting to see if we have to pay for it in some kind of way, maybe pay via damage or energy. Again that flyer liar’s sign is appearing. That’S got to be something we’ll be interesting to see is if the weapons in the vendor machines change or, if they’re, consistently the same weapon in each vending machine every game, and now we’re moving on to the skins. You’Ve got all these new skins bangalore.

Skin looks, sick, ramparts is pretty good. I’M not gon na lie, but race, pathfinders, bangalores lifelines got a nice one as well. They all have a new skin now. Lastly, we’re moving on to the second part of the trailer, which is ramparts, arenas right here, there’s a gold rampage and not only that it’s discounted, so is it just gon na be the rampage or is it going to randomly select a weapon that will come up Gold and you get a discount for that weapon because that that would be nuts now. This is probably one of the best parts you can see.

Rampart, pull out her ultimate run with it use a jump pad all while shooting the one thing i do think of this is they’ve had to completely redo her ultimate in that sense, because if she could just reload that ultimate over and over again it’d, be too Overpowered she’d just run around a bit for the entire game, so there’s probably gon na be like a charge limit on it, or she only has one clip, as you can see in this right on the top of the gun, there’s a little circle meter that actually Counts down the bullets that you have so that might be the very limit that you can use her ultimate gon na, be a big one. The evolution collection event bloodhound see. This is what i meant in the beginning of the trailer with the white dove with the white dove, the white crow. It looks like players now leave a blood trail. Now, i’m not sure if it’s just bloodhound that can see this.

When you shoot a player, they release a blood splat, but the blood splat doesn’t stick on the walls or the floor or anything, but that might be changing and if that’s the case, it means that anyone can track anyone. If you damage an enemy and he runs away, he might leave a little blood trail. The only difference for it being important for bloodhound is: he has a timer on his passive. That tells you where they like how long they’ve been gone from that location. So if you come across a trail and it’s going in both directions, only bloodhound is going to know which way that is the correct direction where, if you’re, not bloodhound, you’re just going to be like left or right.

But oh boy, the evolution, collection event looks like a big one. I’M going to be spending a lot of time there that race, the wraith hairdo. There looks incredible anyway, i’ll see you all. On the september 14th, you

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