22 Tips For Apex Legends Update 6.1 – Meta Changes & Flashpoint Mode!


Hey everyone, i hope, you’re well. This video is sponsored by ea. They wanted me to showcase the flashpoint event, and i thought it would be a fun time to essentially give you some tips that are based on the flashpoint mode and also the meta changes in update 6.1. I haven’t posted any tip videos in a while on this channel. If you like them, please give this one a lot of support, watch it all the way to the end so that i know you are enjoying it alright. So, let’s jump into this we’ll first start with the tips that apply to just the entire update as a whole and then we’ll go into the flashpoint tips.

So first things: first, the crafting rotation has changed. That means there’s new items in the crafting tables each day. I don’t know what their full list is, yet we do have some interesting things, such as an alternator with a golden barrel and a mozambique with a purple bolt. You may not want to craft these weapons, but the attachments are definitely worth crafting so keep an eye on what’s craftable each day the lmg’s got an interesting change this patch. Now, when you fire them watch hip firing their spread just increases increases and increases. It’S really hard to hit fire with these weapons.

It’S been a habit of mine and many players to hit fire with both the devotion and the spitfire, but both of these weapons now with the outstar excluded, have terrible spread hip firing. So you got to stop it. You got an ads for these things now, otherwise, you’re gon na run into some trouble and miss all your shots. Well, almost all of them. The spitfire also got a buff. They wanted to keep the spitfire and devotion weapon profile quite similar, but they know that the spitfire is designed to be a lower damage, less skilled variant of the devotion, so they gave it another recall buff. This thing is a laser now, the time to kill, isn’t great, so you’re, probably gon na, want to pick up a weapon instead. But if you want a bit of fun or a long range, laser beam of a gun pick up the spitfire give it a go. Stick a 3x on it have some fun there’s a new loot, prompt icon that will appear on items in a death box.

This means that a player on your team can actually use that item, whether it may be a specific attachment for their weapon or some ammo, or something like that. So you may as well start pinging like crazy guys, go give your teammates some help. I’M definitely going to be doing this a lot. Now too, there are new evo armor prompts as well. The lower number is better. It means there’s lower damage needed to upgrade that armor, so you may want to swap out for a lower damage value armor. However, with this new change, it makes it very easy to swap a full armor for a broken one in a box, so be careful and don’t spam buttons to swap armor because you’ll end up with your old armor too, if you’re the kind of person that likes Armor, topping and fights be wary of this change.

The triple take got enough, but it’s still super powerful. So if you want to snipe, it’s definitely still the go-to option, but if, for some reason you want to try another sniper from ground floor loot, well, you’ve only got the longbow and charge rifle to choose from because the sentinel isn’t in the game right now. Oh, i saw this coming thanks to a crazy rapid fire glitch. The sentinel has become the first weapon in apex legends history to get vaulted speaking of volts.

No volts yeah crypto can now remotely open vault doors with his drone so long as he has the key. In his inventory, pathfinder’s grapple cooldown has changed quite drastically. It seems like a buff, but you are actually punished even more for good grapples, apex legend’s greatest grepolo moki explained it well on his channel, saying that the cooldown for good grapple maxes out at 42 seconds now, because the cooldown only starts when you reach sprinting speed Or seven seconds pass after your initial grapple in the past, it would start as soon as you press the grapple button, so you’ll want to practice shorter range grapples to get the most out of pathfinder’s kit. Now, for example, grappling vertically or over people’s heads you’re gon na, have to go and play with it and see how it feels oh and there’s a new teaser for the next legend, but you have to go and complete a bunch of challenges.

Oh listen. I’Ve got a wee proposition for you darling. Perhaps we ought to meet at the firing range if you haven’t got these challenges, go into the firing range and interact with the screen. Yeah yeah, just press e on the screen. It’S obvious merchant come on and then check the challenges page. Once you’ve reached the challenges these gravity lifts will become available. It looks like a teaser for one of the next legends abilities. They can be a good way to reposition, but to make yourself less vulnerable. Try to strafe left and right as you go up on these things. The best weapons for the gravity lift are those that have spread. That’S not impacted by stance such as an eva or an ads triple take mass stiff or a mozambique okay. Now onto flashpoint, these tips should help you to get more flashpoint wins and get those new ltm badges first things. First, this event isn’t lasting as long as it usually does.

Usually they last for three straight weeks. This one ends short on thursday. We’Ve got one week left so you’re gon na want to get in some time over this weekend to try and get these badges done. If you care about that kind of thing, all right in flash point, you start healing after five seconds of not taking damage, but you can still shoot at others whilst waiting through this time. So sometimes it can be smart to take pics to enemies during the healing time, this one’s a big one for anyone that hasn’t noticed, there’s a phoenix kit in the crafting station so craft as many as you can and there’s no other hills in the game mode. Besides this, if you haven’t been crafting in this game, you’ve got to give it another.

Try. It really does help you get some items, you would otherwise not have available to you. One of the best strategies i’ve found is to land near the final ring. Then craft a phoenix then visit nearby zones to get kills. You have players coming in from all over the map, but you won’t have to step into that final ring until late game, because the final ring can get pretty chaotic at times. Sometimes it’s the complete opposite and the final ring will be absolutely dead, but nearby rings will still have player activity as they’re moving around and waiting for the ring to come in. The obvious choices for flashpoint include octane watson and lifeline for their healing abilities. Definitely worth considering these legends if you’re playing in a squad, both life and watson can do really well.

There are some other good legend choices too, especially for solo players. Wraith path, caustic and gibby are good legends for flashpoint because they can use their abilities to escape or slow down enemies, so the passive healing starts faster. I guess bangalore is a good choice too. Everyone spawns with mobile respawn beacons even after being respawned, so there will be a lot of them. If things get quiet, you can spam them down on the ground to get the attention of nearby players. Another tip here for any crypto mains out there, because everyone’s spamming respawn beacons. You can literally just sit anywhere near your players, banner pick it up and there’s probably going to be a respawn beacon nearby for you to use for your teammates. Also, if you want to set up for late game, you can always place down the beacon strategically for a bit of cover and who knows, maybe other enemies will use them to respawn their teammates, which could mean more kills for you.

People seem to land a little strange in flashpoint, but you can always count there to be players along the middle and left sides of the map. The most popular locations still get a lot of traffic and people don’t really tend to hot drop as much unless it’s over a popular location so pretty interesting to see the drop patterns in this game mode. All right, that’s it. I hope these tips have been useful. Leave your own tips below. Let me know what you think about these tip videos, i’d love to do more, but only if there’s support for it, because i can only get one video out per day and i do want to get the absolute best content out for you guys so yeah. Thank you for watching i’ll, see you all in the comments.

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