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28 Apex Legends Climbing Spots | Parkour tips and tricks


Hey everyone, here are 30 or so parkour tricks and climbing tips for Apex Legends. You can zipline up here and then right at the end, jump and hold jump to climb up, right to the top. Without this trick, the only way to get up here would be with Pathfinder. Skull town is a parkour paradise. You can slide and jump from the bone structure down onto the roof below.

You can also slide from the very top of the building to the building next to it. This could be useful for quickly moving through the rooftops as you look down below for enemies. You can jump back of course, too. You can climb on these airlock doors at market to quickly get on the roof. It’s quite easy to get on top of all of the buildings in runoff. You can jump, then strafe in the air to climb up here. This gives you a really good view of the area and quick mobility when trying to get to a building nearby. You can also look through and climb through the hole in the dome building. You can also land on this pipe. It’s a great hiding spot.

If you come from the east side, you can climb up on this small hill and look into one of the buildings. It’s quite an exposed spot but nobody thinks to look here. From this same building, you can slide and jump onto this pipe for a quick escape out of runoff. Or, you can climb the fence and look into the area. Running on this fence makes you an easy target, but it really does give you a good view. There are many places where you can climb on an open supply bin to get on top of buildings.

You can slide from this hill onto this building in Slums. Slums is also filled with many parkour jumps. Pretty much every building can be jumped across. It’s also easier to slide jump onto each section instead of falling and climbing up. Really, you can just let your creativity go wild when you’re here. And for those that are curious, you can stand on the poles that connect these wires, but not the wires themselves. You can climb on this rock for a good vantage point or hiding spot. You can’t climb on the rocks above it though. There are a couple of ways to get on buildings like this. Climb up the wood pole to go straight to the roof. Or, you can climb up the pole, then turn into the balcony to get onto the upper floor. You can also uses doors to climb on most roofs.

Many of these industrial style buildings are built in a way that makes it very easy to climb on top. In many cases, you can climb around and easily look through doors, holes, or windows to get a good angle on players inside. It’s good to use climbing like this to take routes that players are unlikely to be looking out for. Take this building for example. There are multiple ways to get on top and look inside the different rooms. You can climb all over the buildings in the artillery base. The airlock door climb trick also works, and you can use these boxes to climb up them even when the doors are open. You can avoid using the zipline to climb up on top of this area. It’s useful for when players are camping inside.

You can also jump around the side, instead of going straight through. There are two buildings like this in Apex Legends with the same climbing tips. You can climb on this pipe on the outside to flank players on the middle floor. Or, you can climb right up to the roof to take a peek at players on top. You can jump from the top of the roof to the zipline below. You can then jump off the zipline and go onto a slide on this roof. After, you can climb on this small building, and jump over the wall for a potential quick escape. You can climb on these two small hills here to setup an ambush, get a view over smokes, or just to hide whilst you heal up.

These two spots are pretty good. It’s easy to stay out of view unlike some hills you can climb on. You can also climb up on this small ledge for a good vantage point. This puts you in quite an easy spot to view, and it’s a little trickier to do. But players seem to rarely look up this high. You can even jump up further, but you’re quite out in the open. Still, I thought it was quite interesting to share. There are some awesome things you can do in the Airbase to get a full view of everything below. You can also climb up on this ledge here. If you go around the back of the airbase, you can’t seem to climb up the wall. However, if you use the fence, you can climb up and you can climb all over the top. This gives you such a good vantage point of the players below, and it’s easy to step out of sight if you get shot at. And any enemies cannot climb up to you easily from their location.

It can be such a good spot to bait players, or just catch them off guard. If you come from the North side, you can also climb up these rocks to get a good vantage point. You can open this supply bin and sit on this ledge that looks into this room. Really useful for baiting players if a downed enemy is inside. Many players don’t tend to realize that you can even get up here, so they’ll walk straight past you. I’ve had a lot of fun recently messing with players by using this climbing spot in Apex Legends. Similarly to the Runoff buildings, you can climb up on the buildings in Water Treatment. But you must stand on this small vent and then jump to climb up because the walkways are sealed off. This once again gives you a view of the nearby area and you can jump into the dome room too. Not sure of the use of this one, but you can climb up here. You can also climb up on all of the larger water towers, but it’s a bit of a hassle and I’m not too sure how it could be used effectively.

It’s certainly a good hiding spot though, but it’s best not to sit right on top. There are different spots higher up that you can sit at out of view, though. In Swamp, you can slide jump from here onto this building. This allows you to get on the top floor easily and catch players inside by surprise. You can jump from the top building onto this wood platform in Skull town. all of the buildings can be jumped across with ease here, too. There’s also a small hole in the bone structure you can slide through. I’ve used this as a quick escape a couple of times. It works really well. This is especially true from the other side, because it’s quite hidden from sight. Okay, that’s it. I hope you enjoyed watching my quick parkour and climbing tips video.

Do you want to see more tips like this? I have just one question to those that have watched so far. What is your favorite climbing trick you’ve found in Apex Legends? Let me know. I’ll see you in the comments. Cheerio!.

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