Hey Everyone, I hope you’re well. Let’s talk about Caustic, who I think got one of the biggest, if not the biggest buffs in season 2. I’ve pretty much been maining him so far, and he’s been very good. I’m currently in Platinum and my grind up the ranks has made me think of a few tips you can use to do well with him too. So first, let’s look at his new season 2 buff. Caustic’s fortified perk got beefed up, which means he now takes 15% reduced damaged, instead of 10%, and on top of that, he is no longer slowed by bullets. Gibraltar also got the same change, but if you have watched my gibby hitbox video, you’ll know why I feel like that’s not as impressive on Gibby. Here is a quick example of why it matters though.

Caustic’s hitbox is not as wide, which means when you peek corners, less of you is shown before your camera actually has view of the area. It happens the other way around too, when you are pushing to cover, it takes longer for your whole body to get behind cover after your camera does with gibby. Next, Caustic also got a buff to his gas traps. They now slow players on your team by 50% less than before, so you can feel less guilty about throwing them into a room with your team mates. Out of all of the buffs Caustic received, I actually think the ability to no longer be slowed by bullets is by far the best. Like, by far. If you think about it, not even Bangalore gets that kind of ability. Being able to keep moving and not lose momentum whilst getting shot at has so, so many benefits. You can slide around corners and not suddenly lose momentum, you can slide peek, you can keep strafing side to side and you are never going to lose that momentum. You can quickly peek in and out of corners. You can run out in the open, in fact, even bhop out in the open and you’re never just going to suddenly lose your momentum.

This is good for two reasons in ranked. Firstly, you can use momentum to push fights harder, but most importantly. If you have to cross an open area, for example, to move from one zone to the next in the late game stages, you can bhop to get as much speed as possible and be difficult to hit. And, if you get shot, it doesn’t matter, you can still keep bhopping and you won’t get slowed down. Let’s not forget that because Caustic isn’t slowed by bullets, his strafe potential is crazy. You should try to go for long, wide strafes as you fight players because bullets aren’t going to slow you down. It’s not quite as good as a strafing bangalore, but it’s surprisingly close, and with some practice you’ll be ready to out-dodge the best aimers out there. Caustic also has some mean potential in late stage ranked just due to his kit. If, for example, a squad is in a building but the zone will push them out, you can simply lock the doors with caustics traps and force them to be stuck in the building.

Either they die in the zone or they break the door and get hit by your traps. The zone damage and caustics gas only deal pure health, and 100 ticks of pure health will go very quickly from late game zones and your gas combined . It’s surprising how effective it works. It’s also a great way to just lock yourself in a hiding spot too. So that’s my three quick tips for using Caustic in ranked. Use bunny hopping to get out of open areas quickly, make sure to strafe effectively, and use traps late game to lock players in areas and force them to take zone damage. This was a quick video, I know, but I hope these tips prove to be useful.

Alright, thanks for watching. If you want to see more tips and tricks, Apex Legends news, or other daily Apex content, make sure to subscribe, and if you liked the video, you know what to do. If you didn’t let me know in the comments why. I’ll see you there. Cheerio!.

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