Number One, don’t adjust your aim too frequently. it’s simple as that. You don’t have to trace your opponent with a wingman. It’s not a rifle so you only have to flick when you need to. In fact I barely move my crosshair at all when I’m using the wingman. If you move your aim around too much your screen becomes blurry making it more difficult for you to see. Keep your aim to the minimum and you have a clear view to take the shot Number two.

You’re messing up your aim with your movement. This is another major reason why people miss their shots in general. Just look at this clip for example. Right now my crosshair is right on the head of this character. I’m tapping my left key just once and you’ll see how a perfect shot becomes a total whiff. A good way to practice is to come to a complete stop when you’re about to aim and shoot or keep your movements very simple, then in between shots you can try to evade your opponent. Remember the whole point of having a good movement is to help with your aim while making it more difficult for your opponent to hit you Number three.

Let the recoil reset before you flick again. This is what helped me out the most. Instead of spamming your wingman, wait until your crosshair goes back to normal to shoot again. This especially helped me out for mid distance shots. When you’re spamming your shots, you’re assuming that the bullets will go somewhere in the middle, which is not entirely accurate While waiting, I can see exactly where my crosshair is and how much I need to flick to be hit my shots I’m not saying this is the best way to use the wingman but it’s what I have done to improve my accuracy.

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