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5 Rules IMPERIALHAL Abuses In Apex Legends most players NEVER Use!


Arguably, the best player in apex legends history with one of the most illustrious competitive apex legends, ranked careers imperial hal, the tsm star, the ceo of apex legends is who we are going to be giving you tips on today, analyzing their gameplay five rules that how abuses Most players never use and i’m going to teach you how to apply that to your own game. This is supposed to be edutainment, educational and fun, and this is one of the only times you’re going to hear cussing on my channel, let’s introduce imperial how i got. I got one night, don’t raise me, don’t let him rest, i’m gon na open the door for you back up back up back up back up back up he’s one rpr you stupid, [, __ ]. Let me open the door for you. Holy [, Music, ] shut.

The [ __ ] up how i was shooting him through the door, so i just have to say that this is pretty uh, hilarious and, and one of the things that i wanted to introduce. How on was this clip? Because this gives you an idea of his personality and who he is he’s outspoken, he’s sometimes outrageous, but in a fun lovable way. It’S. Why he’s one of the most popular twitch, streamers and creators in apex legends and he averages more viewers than most people – could even dream about now?

You guys love this video about timmy. A lot of you had some interesting comments: we’re not going to get too into it, but most of you in the comments section, are loving this series, so we’re going to continue it on with a game from hal that, i think, is going to be very clear And to start it off we’re going to break it down into sections so without further ado, let’s get into it, but this section is going to be called the first tip. It’S called clinical hal, instead of being called. The ceo, in my opinion, is the terminator and i’m going to explain why, because his play is unlike asu, and it is unlike its timmy, like we have seen before so we’re going to analyze this from the perspective of number one. How that he is the terminator and that’s right – we’re gon na see a little bit of this notepad coming back in, but let’s get back into the gameplay incredible, not quite but efficient, and that’s what i really want to get clear to you guys as well.

What you’re going to see doesn’t look like ace and timmy playing. It looks like how playing and that distinction is really really important, because i think this will actually show you guys a lot more about what you can do in these games. Easy armor swap there into the peacekeeper, but still chaos, it’s a good shot, that’s a trade that is a trade. Oh, my god, ladies and gentlemen, you just saw it right there. It almost doesn’t get better than that.

So, as we talk a little bit about this, i’m gon na play this off of mute. While you guys can watch this back. One of the greatest things about this sequence for hal is that there are no crazy movements. There is no insane level of grappling play, except for that last clip which was absolutely beautiful, he’s just changing high ground, low ground he’s changing angles and to be very very clear. This is not that level of flashy, climbing or 360 that we see with ace and sometimes with timmy hal is a very deliberate player, and that’s why i call him the terminator, because he has a mission.

He is going to eliminate targets and he’s not going to waste any effort and most players. This is the first tip that they do not use. Is there’s so much wasted, effort and wasted movement that they’re putting into their game that they’re not being as efficient as they need to be one shot. One peak one poke is all you have to have in order to win a duel, but a lot of people get out here. Thinking.

Well, i didn’t slide hop. I didn’t tap strafe off this wall bounce. Therefore, i’m not able to get this kill, how easily navigates these situations by doing the basics, and this is why he’s so enticing to play now. One thing: you’ll notice as we break down this clip and as we go into the other parts of this video of which there are five, this is a competitive apex, legends player. This is one of the best in ranked and in competitive history.

He has won more. Almost than any other person – and so he doesn’t have to prove himself, he isn’t about pub stomping he’s taking the ranked gameplay style into apex legends, and that’s why i wanted to start here with number one. He is the terminator, no wasted movement or effort. This is what hal is great at and you’ll watch this as we continue uh. The second tip that i want to talk to you guys about is cover.

Hal is a master at finding cover and using cover in the right way, uh the two pieces of cover that i want to bring to this awareness as we watch these clips in a second are head glitches repositioning high ground. This is the basic fundamental essence of cover uh, obviously repositioning. So you have something in between you and the the enemy, but also taking high ground, so that you could see them, and they can’t see you. This is one of the biggest tenets of of high ground. Is that you can choose to engage or choose disengage on people who are on the low ground and low ground?

People have to wait for the high ground people to peak head glitches as well as what you will see, and this i just wrote. There’S no ego. Um, taking cover doesn’t mean you have uh, you are worse than anybody else. What it means is he’s not demonstrating that he has to go out into the open to try to kill you and he’s just going to take the smartest fight possible. It’S just business baby.

That’S what i like about how let’s go to it, because at this point, you’re going to start to see him use cover in this fight, we’ll break it down a little bit a little bit of pause action here, because i do want to walk about it. Okay, now notice these two little moments of how one the first shot he’s got cover here and he’s got cover here. Secondly, he starts to engage and every time he is not ready to shoot or wants to reset the fight so that he can get. Maybe the a better timing on his back and forth you’re going to see him dip into cover. Even this little moment.

Look he didn’t run out. He misses the shot he’s the cover misses the shot then runs back into cover holsters his weapon, so he gets the extra movement. Speed ready for a slide jump goes into it. Put brings the peacekeeper out and knowing where he wants to go is ready to fire hit 38 brake shield, but also press e, close the door and immediately start healing putting it into an advantageous position. Now, if they didn’t have an arc star, that would have been a great position for hal.

They couldn’t burst through the door, but let’s take a look at how i use this cover here immediately. This is a player who has won hundreds of thousands of dollars in apex legends. This is somebody who has accomplished more than most people will in their life in any competitive sphere of anything in this game and he’s still acting, like he’s afraid to get shot. All i’m saying is this: is why he’s so successful? Because it’s not about the ego, it’s not about i’m so good.

Let me stand out here and just 1v1. You even here he’s got a head glitch going on to where his head is exposed only when he wants to notice the crouch each and every time after he shoots so he’s, exposing his head to shoot and then getting it back. So there’s very little parts of his body that you have to shoot at he’s minimizing his target making yours bigger. Well, meanwhile, that player is out in the open. Look at this guy he’s just he’s just out in the open, like you know what i mean, and so this is where a lot of players go wrong and one thing that hal abuses, most players, never use.

The fact that cover is your friend. It should always be a part of your strategy, even here the visuals he’s getting, because this is what you have to do with the highest level of apex. He is showing you exactly what that looks like at the highest level of apex uh. Another bonus that i want to get into right after this see, if you can pick it out, is something i mentioned with timmy as well yeah. He wasn’t using this again back to the cover beautiful shot, actually bates using cover and now because he gets the win and look at this immediately gets the win, he’s right back into cover.

Knowing someone else is coming around. This is a tough shot, and he mentioned something earlier about respecting this bloodhound player. Crouch cover peak crouch cover peak crouch cover peak. Now that i’m mentioning it, i’m sure you all are seeing it very very obviously, and the thing about pros is that they’re so good. They don’t even know that they’re doing this anymore, which is why this series exists by the way, and hopefully you guys have liked this video uh leave this up.

I don’t know why it’s not getting clicked on very much. You guys are watching it like crazy, like the crazy watch time, the other one on timmy’s starting to get picked up. Hopefully this does as well, but definitely hope you guys are starting to figure out what we’re doing here. It’S it’s some good stuff. Most pros can’t teach this because they do it.

So instinctively it’s like asking messi. How do you kick a soccer ball? Hey, ronaldo? How do you head a ball into the goal? I mean.

What do you mean? It’S second nature at that point, all right. So now i want to bring in the third thing that he does and this one, i think, is really really important. He is a purposeful player. There is no doubt in my mind that what you guys are about to watch and what you’ve seen is somebody who is on his purpose, and this is where he has a difference in terms of what he has done in his career, competitively to what he is Doing in this pub game, because most people, when they look at pubs, they love this flashy play out how al?

Maybe you know the song is you can call me also? I call people al sometimes hal, my bad brother uh. All choices have a purpose, and so every single thing that he does is purposeful. I’M going to demonstrate this in one moment in this clip coming up right now, because i think you guys are are going to see it as well. At this point, he’s got 10 kills by the way that grenade was to deter someone above him, which is on this ledge.

Now he’s got the grapple to go and push that player above him, and we saw him make this play. But here’s a special moment. Can you see it? Oh, it’s called clinical for a reason uh. I i want to know if you guys can pick it all out, but i’m going to replay that one back.

Oh my gosh. What what what we see here is is simply perfect. You couldn’t really have made this moment that much better and wasted less time. So he he grapples up here and he’s got the shotgun out he’s ready to fire. He has a good crack, hits the 76 headshot and she’s basically done again still working with no heavy mag and no scope, no h-cog, nothing.

This is crazy, but now what’s happened during that is he’s actually realized that there’s a gibraltar ultimate coming and most people in playing apex. You know this is what these big red dots, so we realized there’s a depressed ultimate coming, so i have a timer how fast i can kill this person now. I know the gibraltar ultimate is about to start raining down. What do i do? There’S still people underneath me: how do i continue this fight?

How do i not take damage? How do i not make my play? Predictable jumps down to the second leg turns around reloads his weapon as he’s doing it and now avoids the gibraltar ultimate and is now ready to attack the cossack, who is most likely expecting. Since that’s your baltimore ultimate throne, the person up there is going to start taking damage or they’ll at least be down there or inside not going to be right there and the ads movement speed. I’Ve talked about in my videos.

Wingmen gives you basically 100 movement speed, whether you’re aiming down sights or not, makes it really easy to go back and forth in your 1v1 fights um and it’s a high burst weapon, and this is crucial. One thing i’ll mention very very high burst, looks for the armor swap, doesn’t have it, though, and so now he’s purposeful. He doesn’t have the armor swap a lot of people go okay. What do i do now? Hal decides that this is my plan.

This is something to remember. A bad plan executed. Well, is better than a perfect plan executed poorly. He doesn’t care whether this plan might work or not. He’S got a plan and he’s going for it, which is one of the reasons why he’s so successful, doesn’t get the armor swap but he’s fighting out in the open, because he knows he can get the first shot the second.

He takes a little damage back in quickly on to the reload, and you know he wants to heal here, because he doesn’t have a lot of health. Barely a hundred health he’s mentioning he wants to get out of there looking for another armor swap, but he misses that first shot sees that someone’s going to be coming, and so his timing is of the level of understanding that all right, i missed my window to Get that kill and get the armor swap. Luckily, for him he gets a shot right there and that ends up actually working really well for him. Two of those players who are very low also end up fighting each other. He disengages well enough and that’s exactly how he takes it in so remember: hal uh, doing really really well on all of his uh choices.

Mainly all choices have purpose four. This is a big one, guys, uh and – and i wan na give you two bonus ones. As well, one thing to really understand is that you have to learn how to manage chaos. Okay, you have to learn how to manage chaos as a player um. What i think hal is is a fantastic at is understanding, and this is this is a bonus for uh is how to manage chaos.

It’S it’s. It’S disproven here that all it is that makes you successful in apex. Is movement, skill, uh, the apex stuff and that it’s just talent? Oh, i can’t be apexer timmy, there’s no way to get he’s, not doing anything that you guys can’t actually do, whether it’s mouse and keyboard or controller there’s no fanciness. Here it is all clinical.

So this is one of the big keys of why they’re so successful they’re managing chaos really well. It’S about awareness of the overall situation, a tactician in war expectations like a scientist knowing, what’s most likely to happen and also knowing how you should navigate those expected scenarios. He’S doing that really really well here! That’S why hal is such a beast. He also recognizes his advantage and the skill of other players.

You saw him mention once about the bloodhound you’ll, see it in just a moment here in the video of how he’s really quick to recognize. If someone does something that puts them in a league. Above i’d, say: hal comes into every game. Thinking he’s better than every other player, however, there are moments where you will notice. You can watch the video back or you can keep watching.

Where he’s gon na say that player could kill me he’s gon na mention it out loud recognizing that allows you to act accordingly. Not everyone is as bad as you think, even for a pro that they can’t just win a lucky 1v1 or come up and actually out trade, occasionally it happens and, of course, realizing that respect quickly is a key uh number. Four though, here’s what we’re gon na leave it on, because this is where i want you guys to watch the next clip uh. How is aggressive at buying and selling real estate? I’M going to re i’m going to let you guys watch this clip here.

We’Re going to start at 5 56 and then we’re going to get into that. So, let’s, let’s leave it at the statement, and i want you guys to see whether you understand what i’m saying a couple of nice: wingman shots there for sure back into the shield. Back our stars coming through as well again, no no crazy weapons checks chat a little bit of a multi-task, also looking for the armor swaps, just in case he has one on reserve making plans for the future. Another thing we didn’t mention we’ll talk about that he’s. One of the best players to do that as well, because he does have to think he’s an in-game leader for dsm, big head shots there and the wingman can do that.

It’S a great poke weapon, that’s a watson! He recognizes that. So he’s got the 86 damage. Now a bangalore ultimate artillery shrek is coming in and he decides to go push the watson beautiful finish there and now, whose generator is it? It’S house generator he’s slowly getting a little bit of that shielding back up and he’s got another one.

Oh, my goodness. Look at that. Look at that! Oh did you miss it? If you did, you missed brilliance, because that was one of the fastest armor swaps you could have had if any less he had about five health to his name before he really did that.

One and look at this he sees the rampart coming in here misses the pk. He smells trouble and he recognizes it hits the shield that respects that engagement knows he wouldn’t win it. Based on the rampart, opens the door to the left to trick her out she’s. Looking left, he looks right, the old switcheroo i mean what else? What else do you have to say?

This is exactly why i mentioned the point buying and selling real estate. If you look here, the second that he recognizes, not only is the bangalore ultimate going to hit, but i’ve done 86 damage onto the watson, that’s the key. He knows that it’s time to commit – and this is how a competitive apex legends is played. This is my other real tip on this competitive apex. Legends is played with in mind that people have positions and the better positions win.

You games more often in the late game circle. For instance, this bridge might be a great position with the circle ending because you have high ground. You could duck under these stairs and maybe that’s where the circle is going to end. So people are fighting to hold this spot if you burst them, if you have a chance to push, hal is the one in game leading the rest of his teammates understanding their abilities, how it uses to create a situation. That’S successful and actually saying we got ta push here.

We got ta. Take this spot now that armor swap that’s just a thing of beauty. You can’t really do what he’s doing here, um without an armor swap and at the end of this video in just a moment we’re going to teach you out of 1v3 and he’s going to show you exactly how to do it. I’M going to give you my five tips on how to 1v3, which i’ve i’ve already made a video on. It’S already got about a couple hundred thousand views, so if you guys want to watch it more in depth, you could see it there or you can just watch this.

The second he sees the rampart get hit it’s time to take that real estate he’s aggressive like a normal real estate market and real estate agent. This is my territory. You’Ve got a better spot than me. I want to take it from you, and this is the level of confidence that you need to play competitive apex legends. This is how the game is played.

This is why house play looks different than than timmy and asu, who might be running away from players being more effective, manipulating movement and timing and positioning, and yet hal is, is, is clinical he’s like you’ve got what i want i’m going to take it from you And you got to respect a player who can do that? Um. 8. 27 uh. This is where i think hal really puts a lot of this together.

You could see him taking cover. You could see him having purposeful play uh right now. He’S finally got his extended. Mag and all that and he’s on 18 kills. Ladies and gentlemen, he finds the kill.

Look at this. What are we gon na say taking real estate well when he has a chance to do so? You absolutely know that’s exactly what he’s gon na do no hesitation, i like this high ground. I, like the cover that i have. I can play in front of me now from this building, so i’m gon na take it from you, and this goes in to translate to where he’s so successful in game he’s gon na get that trade.

The second he starts getting shot. It’S not a question. He does an ego battle, he goes straight back into cover and this is the tenets of a high player starting to become clearer and clearer to you guys i can imagine they aren’t actually going out there standing in the middle of uh of of the grass. You know the savannah looking at a pride of lions and going come at me with it with a spear, i’m that good i’ll take you all down, no, they die and then so would they if they stood in here in the middle of fragment city, just asking Everyone to shoot them and having a spitfire in their hand, going no, no you’re not going to take me down, i’m imperial hal, it doesn’t happen, and i think you guys are starting to realize that now what i like about this too, he understands exactly where he Needs to move he’s going to take a beautiful angle here. A lot of people don’t take these awkward angles where maybe doesn’t feel natural to stand on that feels, like you, don’t have a lot of space you’re exposed how ready to commit he hears.

The run sees the wraith, and this is another thing. Look at this just stand still. I think too many people don’t stand still in these fights, and this is one of those things. Somebody asked me to say talk about the nuances of how they’re actually fighting well. Look right here, he knows the wraith is coming down.

Most players expect, if that’s ace, what would he expect to see? You come up the stairs turn around and fire r9 full clip on you. But hal knows maybe that’s the expectation. So he does the counter bait, which is i’m just gon na stand. Still, you think i’m coming up the stairs, i’m right here, ready for you to pee.

Look she peeks again! So it’s like he knows so. She he’s gon na counter peak and that’s intelligence and that’s understanding where players are. He gets two shots. 90 damage cracks, the blue cracks the purple and is able to finish it because she can’t engage now and that’s why hal is so good.

So, let’s get into 1v3s, because this is how to 1v3. I’M glad you guys stayed. This is truly how to 1v3 hal ends up going and getting about 22 kills. After all that – and it becomes time for him to go and try to win this game and he runs into basically a three stack and i want to give you guys the tenants of 1v3. I want to show you a little bit about why he won v3s.

This way, and so let’s break down the actual tenants of 1v3, because uh they’re very important they’re, very, very important um. Here it is right now, let’s put it on this uh little board right here, um 1v3. Here it is isolate your targets, always take a 1v1 and a 1v3 never expose all angles of your body always have at least some part of you in cover or behind cover, potentially three force. Decisions on two enemies do not be the one having to make decisions. Make them make decisions to get rid of you that force them into number one isolation and two, not exposing all of your body.

Number four use high burst low time to kill weapons. If you don’t know what those are stick around, i will show you what they are in just a moment and, of course commit when you find an opening means 1v3s mean you’re against three players. Understand that you’re, not in an advantage. So when you do find the opening use it, let’s go ahead and watch and see if he can uh showcase. This, for us kills bro like people giving him grief for not rezzing like really.

This guy has 22 kills and almost 4 000 damage. You’Re gon na give him grief for not resin boy, oh boy, so there’s a team in this building he’s currently facing one already switches angles and he has a chance to climb. This is again a very competitive oriented angle. He knows exactly how to get there. This is a type of building people hold in high level algs.

All the time now he’s got three. What does he do see ya? I’M not gon na fight. I need to isolate these fights starting to pick up on it. I’M gon na isolate these fights.

There’S no chance to win that a lot of players get mad when they die there, i’m not as good as hell, i’m not as good as ace. That’S because they don’t fight that they’re, not special, but this is why they are special they’re, not so special. They can do these things that you can’t do in apex, but that’s a beautiful shot, so what he does now we talk about it with ace, he’s isolating this fight. Actually, this player makes a decision. They say i’m going to chase him and he forced that decision because he got away that player then died.

He isolated the fight made him make a decision that was beautiful, he’s not exposed at this point, although he does get hit by the arc star, it doesn’t expose and, and the enemies are now kind of in an odd spot. They’Ve got to now decide to get our pathfinder up and if they do they’re exposing themselves now it’s a 1v1 because one person’s got to do it. He gets the pathfinder down right again. So now hal is in the driver’s seat and here’s the other one he’s got high ground. Look at this he’s got high ground, so he can isolate these fights when he wants to.

He sees two players. Fighting one person comes up. He has a peacekeeper ready and he’s just he’s just fighting where he wants to like. I want to fight now and pete great. You guys can’t shoot me because i’m just using that and oh the grapple of all time right into the building right in the zone, and this is just that macro game sense that hal brings to the table.

It’S a beautiful thing to watch. They have to leave their teammate because he can’t crawl and they can’t get him up and now isolating more fights. We’Re gon na get into the commitment as well, because he hasn’t had to commit too heavy on any of these players, but he’s climbing the top roof and here’s the rampart she tries to set up here. But it’s not gon na work. Why?

Because there’s nothing protected by that angle, there’s no value gotten for her. You can see the attempt, but what they’re doing wrong is they’re isolating themselves. They want to take both approaches to try to finish them, often he’s actually the one just by being on the high ground that is winning this fight. They’Ve got the thermite burst, he’s trying to make her play more predictable, but he hears that again, they’re doing their job for him, his job for him, they isolated, 1v1 and guess what boom? Second, it becomes almost a 2v1 where he’s still recovering from that first fight.

He just backs off goes high ground. What you gon na do rampart, whatcha gon na do 1v1, guys he’s not fighting three people at a time. You can’t 1v3 fighting three people at a time that are decent skill in apex legends, and that is how imperial hal became not only the ceo but the terminator, the clinical player of apex legends. And if you want to know what high ttk weapons are well, let me show you right here: they are r99 pk, they’re, wingman, eva these types of these types of things are what make you in my ass. These types of things are: what make you an actual high tier player uh in terms of ttk wing man, uh, eva r9?

Ipk, it varies if you want to play ranked or competitive. Those roles and zones dictate different weapons. You’Ll see g7 scouts poking weapons charge rifle to build up evo, to make sure you can fight while staying in your building. But in terms of these types of fights you need high ttk high. Excuse me low ttk weapons, low time to kill, meaning they burst and they kill very quickly.

So you can commit and kill an opponent right when you need to thanks for watching guys, never give up, never stop gaming. Let me know who you want me to cover in the comment section below and i’ll see you all next time.

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