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Advanced Legendary Havoc Guide! The Golden Idol & Silver Storm Breakdown! Apex Legends


It’s on the left side, left. He’s low. Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome back as you can see we’re doing the golden havoc today We’re gonna briefly be showing you the silver version of the havoc in the beginning just to show people that it is Pretty much the same as the golden havoc. I know there’s a lot of people to think the silver havoc just a basic few animations and then it’s the golden havoc that gives you that big dragon breath and war and everything and I basically just wanted to showcase that the silver one pretty much is as good as the gold one and it just comes down to Which one you prefer to you prefer the the gold and green or do you prefer the silver and blue? Just to like prove it for example right here.

You can see when I get my fifth kill with the havoc We’ve got that dragon breath now That’s basically just what I wanted to clear up, but it’s such a unique like style to the weapon this animation I really like it with those blue smoke beams like coming out and when you get an actual like Dragon breath aiming down the sights without at times one plus site on it gives a really nice effect as you saw on the screen there and In terms of like weapon power the- the havoc isn’t the greatest.

I’m not gonna lie I really struggled mak-. Well, I didn’t really struggle making this video, but it took me way longer Then it should of because I’m trying to get that dragon breath as many times as possible I’m trying to like figure out all the different animation effects And there are a few little things that they didn’t mention In the actual patch notes or publicly that a lot of people aren’t going to be aware of Which is always the case in this way.

I love making these videos As you can see the the havoc itself It does actually shred if you hit your target But it has so- such a low magazine rate that if you miss a few bullets Here and there it’s just you’re gonna have to reload and then you get caught by people with Peacekeepers Spitfires R301’s that are just nailing you down every single second so in terms of firepower and havoc isn’t actually the strongest I- I actually would recommend they give it a little bit of a buff maybe increase its ammo from twenty five to Twenty five to thirty. Yeah Or give it like an extended mag slot or something just put a little bit of increased because you run out so quickly and this lights select fire version is Is really effective but you need to get used to the energy-based weapons.

They shoot at different speed So you need to get used to different like travel distances all that kind of stuff But once you do get it down, you actually hit some pretty nice shots Like you can do between like forty to sixty Like there I hit sixty three so you can do some pretty nice shots with the Select fire a lot of people complain about it But it is used specifically for long distance So I see a lot of people trying to use their long distance a short distance and then they complain about it It’s just for a long distance and it is effective at long distance But other than that once you’ve unlocked the golden havoc You’re gonna get this like little battle pass level 110 video and it doesn’t actually give you any audio Which is very deceiving because a lot of people don’t realize that the havoc actually has a raw audio to it Not just the dragon breath.

It has a dragon roar as well Now the main difference as you can see here Like the only real difference between these two guns is that the the gold one is Just like that gold and black slick version and then the silver one. Is that like checkered boards? It’s just a different like visual. Other than that. They’re the exact same Now they are pretty chunky compared to the normal havoc. Skins like though It’s got that big dragon decoration around the edge of it but in all honesty look it it’s like it looks pretty beasty and I gave it to my friend shoutout to YouTube “Daiqry” you’ll have to go check him out in the description below He helped me with a few of these clips and like look at this It looks like an absolute beast in someone else’s hands because it’s just it looks like a giant powerful shotgun of some sort just gold.

But moving on with the actual important information like stage one is the activation and this is like one and two eliminations So first elimination what you’ll notice is when I get a knock-down it goes green, but then the visual Disappears it goes back to normal gray and you’re like, hang on wait- I just got killed someone there. I killed a second person why did the green go away and Basically, it’s not just a knockdown you have to actually get the elimination It doesn’t matter if they bleed out or something, but basically the effects for Stage one it glows and has a light trail of smoke coming out of it. It’s- It’s really like- Now stage two Activation is three Elim’s.

Now. What happens is you’ll see sparks come out of it where it’s glowing and Sometimes there’s a mini roar this is like a little secret one that not a lot of people know about but Every now and then on the third and fourth kill you have also here a mini raw, but the thing is with the habit It’s it’s very fancy, and it looks really nice I mean all these animations but in the midst of all this battle you don’t really care about the animation Well you do a little bit, but you’re just trying to focus on staying alive And in the end you don’t end up seeing a lot of these animations and there’s something I’ll touch on later That is quite bad about the visual effects on these animations.

Other than that. I’m really loving it It just needs a little bit of improvement Now as you heard there, there’s a little roll with the sparks But then here we’re moving on to the third stage and that is the giant dragon roar And it’s so like subtle you may have not even noticed it so stage 3 right here Activation showing you again 5 elim’s flames and a large roar, you’re gonna see these giant green flames come out And I’ve got it all in slow mode zoomed in because it’s is very quick.

And you also hear this giant roar So this now for that. It’s really quick and you have to be like on it to notice it but stage three effects a like massive thick black smoke coming out with the back and it’s proper glowing green and It actually looks really really nice Excuse me, Wraith I’m trying to get some footage. I don’t care if you’re trying to find the final person Thank you, right back to where I was, Basically the gun is really nice And this is what I was saying is the bad thing about it When you pick up a sight of any kind, it takes away all that animation effect You can’t zoom in and see it The only way you can see it and appreciate it is if you have no sight on it so I think they need to either improve the sight or improve the visuals on that because it kind of defeats the whole point of Having the animation if you can’t see it even with the times one sight now there’s a few rules and This is I touched on this previously and that was Knocks do not count only Eliminations now you can knock them and they’ll bleed out and it’ll count But you have to eliminate them or they have to die after you’ve knocked them in order for the gun to actually count the kill So it’s all about the eliminations not the kills and this is where you can find loopholes You can eliminate other people’s knocked out So for example, you don’t need to get the the knockdown itself You can just rely on your teammates like right here.

I’ve got two Enemies that I can just get free to have it kills with and those eliminations count towards my have Expression even though I didn’t even get the kills Purely because I got the elimination and that’s what it’s all about And this works with your own kills as well if you get a kill say with a different weapon say you knocked him down with a Mozambique or Just like I did some grenades and some shurikens if you finish them off with the havoc when they’re knocked down it will count towards your havoc and That’s something that is really useful for when you’re just trying to see that animation Another thing is kills transfer to all Havoc’s in the game so you can dual wield Havoc’s The Kills will count for both of those.

You won’t need to get them Individually, and that is just one of the biggest bonuses now warning There is a temporary visual glitch as you get higher. Sometimes you’ll start to see this green And actually it’s just basically a duplicate of the inside of what what you’re seeing inside the gun butter than that I hope you enjoyed my like basically advance guide on the havoc I’m gonna leave you with an awesome little clip, but I hope you do like subscribe hit notification button And yeah, I’ll catch you later.

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