Apex Legend – How to improve K/D from a bug !!!


How to make your K / D grow with bugs We will use the overall data for experimental kills: 129 deaths: 91 games: 108 Item 1: If you exit the game directly, you will not be considered dead Exiting the game will +1 the number of games, and will also reduce your average output Kills: 129 Deaths: 91 Games: 109 Basically the same, mainly because the number of deaths has not increased Item 2: If you quit the game, the number of kills in that game (meaning it has been calculated in the near data) In this game, I killed 3 people from the original 129 kills will be updated to 132 Exit the game now. . . Review reminder: k / d in (16/7) patch seems to have some problems, staying at the original number Kill +3 (132) Death (91) Games +1 (110) Item 3: Items 1 and 2 can be used in the ranking! !! !! The biggest problem is that exiting the game will deduct the RP, and it will become K / D and no RP.

. Not sure if this method can’t be used in PC or Xbox (bug comes from PS4) Hope you all like the bugs I accidentally found! !! !! Help yourself improve K / D ?.

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