Apex Legends Bangalore Counter Guide | How To Fight Against Bangalore


Want to know how to counter bangalore in Apex Legends? Or wondering how you can win more fights against her? Well, this video should help. There’s no doubt that Bangalore is within the top 3 most played legends, alongside Wraith and Bloodhound. Personally, I think Bangalore is the strongest legend for the average player. Her passive run speed is incredible, making her a target hard to hit, her smoke makes it even harder to track her down, and her ultimate completely immobilizes you if you are unfortunate to get caught inside it. It’s her passive and her tactical that make Bangalore such a threat, and, in my opinion, makes her easily the best, or one of the best legends right now.

It can be hard to counter a good bangalore player, so here are some tips on how to do it. I’ve already covered a ability counter guide, but this will focus specifically on bangalore and how to counter her current playstyle. Okay, so the first thing is understanding her passive. We all know it gives her increased run speed, but what many people seem to not realise is that this passive isn’t just for escapes or daring flanks. It’s the most powerful when she’s right up in your face. I’m talking about these peacekeeper battles or face offs where you’re both shooting and up close and personal. Her passive makes it so she strafes at ridiculous speeds, can build momentum quickly to slide, and is just a nightmare to deal with unless you’re a god at tracking your enemies. So, how do you deal with it? Well, there are two methods I’ve found useful. It depends on if you’re already engaged or if you are planning to push closer. If you’re still some way away from Bangalore, shoot her to activate her passive, then, get closer by going from cover to cover.

Once her passive is down, she’ll actually have a short time where it’s essentially on ‘cooldown’. This means you can shoot at her without her having her movement speed. Another method is useful for when you’re already in her face. You can simple throw shots her way, hide behind cover, then wait for her to push you. Eventually, her passive will run dry and she will lose that movement boost too. A popular Bangalore play will be to shoot a smoke at her feet when she’s low, then run off to find a place to heal up. If you know she’s low, stop shooting, tell your teammates ‘bangalore’s low, don’t shoot!” Holster your weapon and chase her through the smoke. If you can, wait until your close enough to one-shot her with a shotgun or, if she’s really low, just go for the punch. It sounds crazy but this ensures she doesn’t get that speed boost and doesn’t dart off through the smoke to never be seen again.

There are a number of ways you can disable or negate Bangalore’s passive, too. An arc grenade will slow her, disorientate her and also stop her passive. The arc explosion radius is quite large so you don’t even need to stick her for it to work. Also, Caustic works as a surprising counter here. Not only can Caustic negate her speed ability, but you can place them in her smoke to give you some damage over time and vision through it. Speaking of vision through smoke, you should always pick up digital threats. They are quite common and are absolutely needed in this Bangalore heavy meta. Okay, so summarize how to counter Bangalore’s passive: 1. Shoot her first to initiate the speed boost. 2. Wait in cover or use that time to get closer.

3. engage after it has deactivated. It takes 2 seconds to deactivate. Now, let’s look at how to counter her smoke. So, in Apex Legends, the smoke grenade is really interesting. From far, it’s very hard to see anything through it. Up close, however, you sort of have a good view of what’s inside. This is useful to know because it allows you to counter Bangalore’s smoke when she uses it in different ways. So, usually, Bangalore will use a smoke grenade to provide an easier escape, or to use it as a spot to hide in whilst she meds up or heals an ally. It’s often quite easy to tell what’s happening. Sound cues play when enemies heal their teammates and when they try to heal up. At this point, pushing deep into the smoke can work wonders. It can be a great way to catch a Bangalore off guard. Obviously, grenade spam can be good here if you’ve got them.

However, if you don’t hear any sound cues, or you’re pretty sure there aren’t any downed players in the smoke, Bangalore may be simply trying to evade. in this case, it doesn’t make sense to push through the smoke, you’ll lose sight of her. Instead, circle around the edge of it. You’ll get some slight vision looking into the smoke, and more importantly good vision outside of it, allowing you to catch her running away.

When a Bangalore uses a smoke evasively, try not to shoot blindly into it. Unless you actually see her or have a strong idea about her location, shooting through the smoke just gives her her passive, allowing her to dart off in any direction. I’d also like to note that sometimes sitting in the smoke when things really start to get hectic can even be beneficial. You can use it to heal in some situations, or hide in it whilst downed to ping the location of enemies to your team. Just remember, if anybody else is in the smoke, they’ll be able to see you if they are close enough to you. And, of course, if Bloodhound or a player with a digital threat is near the smoke, they’ll see you too. Bangalore’s ultimate can be very deadly. Not because it is likely to kill you, but because it stuns you and blurs your vision massively. There are a few ways to counter it. First, if you see the missiles landing, just run out of the missile zone as quickly as possible.

Or head for any building or overhead cover. You often have more than enough time to do this. If you don’t have time, simple propping yourself in between the missles is often enough to not take any damage, but you will still have to deal with the slowing effect. Gibraltar is a good counter here, as his dome shield will protect you from the missiles. You will, however, have to put the dome shield up before the missiles land. In some rare cases, it actually makes sense not to leave the missiles.

For example, if you are in the area, and so is Bangalore, you can often face up against her and her ultimate can cause problems for her too. It does damage to her and slows her just like it does to you. So, ultimately Bangalore is one of the most frustrating legends to deal with due to her movement speed passive, But, with these tips, you can reduce her speed, or at least learn how to force her passive to go on cooldown. Thanks so much for watching! I’ll leave you with two questions! Which legend would you like to see a counter guide for? And, who do you find the most frustrating to play against?.

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