Welcome to Apex Legends. Today we will take a closer look at all the graphics settings for Apex and we will adjust them so that you can increase your chance of becoming a champion. In other words we will be looking for the best settings so that you can have the advantage over everybody else. This is how the game looks on ultra settings. I chose this scene because it?s very easy to spot the differences of all the graphics settings. In the top left corner you can see the frames per second. I recorded this video with obs so there is a performance impact but then again, a lot of people record their footage nowadays so I might as show you the numbers while recording. If you don?t then your frames will go up of course. Everything was recorded in 1440p on a pc with an intel i9 9900k, an rtx 2080 ti and with 32 gb of memory. This video is not about maxing your fps, it?s about clarity and visibility.

Let?s cover the extremes first, on ultra, the game looks like this. What you see here is Apex in all of its glory. It doesn?t get any better than what you see now. On the other side we have this, these are the lowest settings, there are a lot of settings that you can turn off and this is the result of doing that. The difference is very noticeable, look at the textures on the ground, the sun rays that are missing in the top left and even certain shadows are now completely gone. OK, we have covered the extremes, let?s now check out the most optimal settings so that you can get an advantage out of this. I am going to skip the first advanced setting, v sync, I will explain later why I did that. So let?s get started with anti aliasing, as you know it reduces the jagged lines and Apex uses TSAA, and that is what you are looking at right now.

If you turn this option off then you will get to see this. Suddenly, there are a lot of pixels that attract your attention, focus on the targets and on the horizontal line of the rocks slightly above to targets. If you turn TSAA on again, then you will not even notice these pixels. In other words, turning aa off will attract your attention to the wrong things, something that you definitely want to avoid. Basically, the texture streaming budget, affects how your textures will look. The most noticeable difference occurs when you turn this setting completely off. Your textures, which look quite nice normally will then suddenly look like this. Everything becomes a blurry mess, from your weapon, to the background, to the floor that you are standing on.

As soon as you turn this option on by selecting low for example, then everything will be fine again. The difference between low and insane is very small and in game you will probably not be able to notice this. Just for info I lost about 1 or 2 frames when I went from low to insane so if your pc is struggling to reach 60 fps then select low, otherwise insane should be your preferred choice because things still look a bit better. Texture filtering controls the sharpness of surface details, your options range from bilinear and trilinear to anisotropic 2x, 4x, 8x and 16x. Focus on the floor on right hand side, this is where you can easily spot the difference between these options.

Bilinear and trilinear are practically the same in Apex. As you can see all the floor textures on the right hand side of the weapon are now blurred out. This will change as we choose anisotropic 2x, now we got some texture back and the floor underneath Bloodhound looks like a proper floor again but if you look further then it?s still a blurry mess. 4x give us some textures right behind bloodhound, 8x pretty much covers the entire platform behind him and 16x show you the textures on all the other platforms behind him. So now at least you can clearly see what this option does. This is a guide for clarity and visibility so I will recommend you to select 16x, this gives you the biggest advantage, if this was a performance guide then I would recommend you to select 4x because this clearly shows you the textures in a general area around you and you probably won?t notice it too much that you didn?t select 16x.

If you go lower then anisotropic 4 x then it can become a distraction because you will see blurry textures in the immediate area around you, and that is something that you would want to avoid. Ambient occlusion is a shading and rendering technique, and in Apex it will create darker areas where for example the ground transitions to the rocks and so on. They do this to make the game look more realistic and I have to be honest it looks nicer this way, but as we both know, darker spots are not exactly great for visibility and it?s not going to help you spot your next favorite victim. So disable this option and you will have an easier time spotting enemies, sure it will look less realistic but you will get used to this in less than 10 seconds and then you will never notice it again when you are in game, but you are going to notice the guy who was hiding right in front of you, and that is what this guide is all about.

The next 5 options all affect the lights and the shadows, the short version, turn them all off and move on. The reason why is very simple, the Sun shadow coverage on low gives you brighter backgrounds so that it?s easier to spot enemies. Sun shadow detail on low give you a brighter backgrounds so that it?s easier to spot enemies, do you see where I am going with this? Spot shadow disabled also gives you brighter backgrounds so that it?s easier to spot enemies.

Volumetric light controls the sunbeams that are used to simulate light scattering in the air. Focus on the top left part of your screen for this setting. What you see now is volumetric light enabled, so there is the sun, you can see the sunbeams and they create sort of a haze in the top left corner. In other words, it?s a sunny day and normally you would be wearing sunglasses. If I then turn this option off then you will see this. No more sunbeams, no more haze, in other words no need to wear sunglasses. Everything in the top left corner is now clearly visible and you guessed it, it?s now easier to spot enemies. Dynamic spot shadows controls whether lights in the environment can move, I haven?t been able to confirm what this setting does because no matter what I do, I can?t see any difference from turning this setting on or off. Performance wise, everything stays the same, so I have a feeling that this setting does not work at the moment.

But since it is an option that affects the lights in Apex, you better turn it off just to be sure. Model detail controls how detailed objects and legends are. This is a special option and most people tend to believe that you have to turn this option on or that you have to use the highest setting. In most games, that is true, but not in Apex Legends and I will prove it to you. Medium and high are pretty similar so I will compare low with high straight away. What you see here is model detail on high. The first thing that I want you to focus on is the grass here in the bottom left corner. This is high, and this is low, pretty obvious right, model detail low means a lot less grass.

Lucky for us this isn?t pubg and you won?t find a snake crawling around through the grass in Apex Legends, but still less grass is a good thing. The second thing that I want you to focus on are these 2 rocks. Focus on the size and shape and check out what happens when I put the model detail to low. Do you want me to do that again? So this is high, check out the rocks and this is low. Exactly, there is a part missing. I will show it again but this time I will put a red dot on the corner of the rock with model detail on high. Imagine that there is an enemy hiding behind this rock and that you can just see the side of his arm, so that is what our red dot is aiming at. You probably won?t be able to kill him but a great player like yourself is definitely able to hit him. Now take a look at this, model detail to low. Mmm, are you thinking what I am thinking, this isn?t an arm shot anymore, this is a direct headshot, imagine the look on the face of the poor guy who is playing with model detail on high thinking that he is safely hidden, but you know better now.

The same goes for the rock on the ground, a significant part will just disappear. I just showed you 2 parts where you can clearly see this but there are many places where you can see a part of a rock on high but that part just isn?t there on low. A pretty big advantage he. The effects detail controls certain visual effects like explosions and so on. This is a very difficult setting to test, because even if I do not touch my mouse and I just throw grenades in the exact same spot, they will never land in the exact same location every single time, there is always a small random variation that occurs and it doesn?t allow for an objective look at this setting. If i compare the initial frame of the explosion then I can definitely see a smaller blast on low, a slightly bigger one on medium and a larger one on high. The same thing happens when I compare the same frames at different stages during the explosion. So, I would recommend you to select low, but know that I am only 99% sure that this is the right thing to do.

Random things happen in video games, but everything seems to point in the direction of low. The official explanation of impact marks is that it controls where and how many impact marks show up. In reality, when I shoot at this rock, the impact marks of your bullets only show up when you select high. You won?t see any impact marks on low and you also won?t see them when you disable them. The best thing to do is to put them on high, there is a character that can track footsteps so why not track the impact marks with all characters, it might get you an extra kill some day. Ragdolls controls how accurate the dead body animations are. This is an option that is pretty much impossible to check because how do you make the exact same kill twice, once with ragdolls on high and once with ragdolls on low.

So until we have private servers, it?s probably best to keep this on low. There is one setting that I knowingly skipped, and that is v-sync. This setting purely depends on your pc. If you want to know what you should do, based on your hardware then I can definitely recommend an article from blurbusters.com. They did a lot of research into g-sync, freesync, v-sync and everything else that matters regarding your fps when you play video games. I will link the article in the video description if you?re interested. There is too much info in that article to cover that in this video, so I will probably make a dedicated video about that in the future. To summarize, the best graphic settings for clarity and visibility in Apex Legends are, Anti-aliasing – TSAA Texture streaming budget – Insane Texture filtering – Anisotropic 16x Ambient occlusion – Disabled Sun shadow coverage – Low Sun shadow detail – Low Spot shadow – Disabled Volumetric light – Disabled Dynamic spot shadows – Disabled Model detail – Low Effects detail – Low Impact marks – high Ragdolls – Low The biggest groundbreaking setting to change is definitely model detail, so many people have the wrong idea about this setting but at least you will know better now.

As you know guys, the likes, shares and comments are super helpful for me, so may I kindly ask for a second of your +time to support the channel. This was FOG of GAMING, thanks for watching and I will see you in Apex!.

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