Apex Legends Combat Tips #1 – Insta-Kill With the Pathfinder Mastiff Catapult!


Hey everyone, I hope you’re well. I wanted to start a new series where I showcase different combat scenarios. People have been asking a lot for in-depth analysis of my games, but I think I’ve found a better way to do it, instead we’ll take single engagements or fights that showcase different tips or strategies. These tips aren’t going to always work as well as the clips I show you, of course, but they should highlight the potential and inspire you to try different things in Apex Legends. Not everybody will learn something from every episode in this series, but these should serve as bitesize pieces of information that could help newer players improve or occasionally show you different tactics that work really well. For the first episode, I’ll be showing you the Pathfinder Mastiff combo. I want to show how powerful Pathfinder is with shotguns, especially the Mastiff. You can quite easily throw yourself into people’s faces and move quickly to new fights. Because your DPS is so high, and you’ll be in the air between engagements, you don’t really need to worry about taking damage, so long as you can get up close first.

So let’s take a look. So this strategy is pretty straightforward really. There are really only two rules – if you see a player slightly isolated from their squad, grapple catapult yourself and land right on top of them. Next, make sure you are as close as possible before you shoot. That may mean zigzagging towards them a little if you don’t quite land close enough to them.

You should never grapple into a full squad with a mastiff. Sometimes it can work against two people, but it can be risky. It’s best if you have the element of surprise in this case. Either way, once you’ve downed the player, or players, find a spot to hide, wait for your grapple to recharge, then repeat with the next player. You can also use the time that your grapple is recharging to pop meds. Ultimately, you just need to Grapple, land on a player, shoot, recharge, repeat. This tactic works really well when there are huge multi-squad fights because you can easily slip in and out and take down players. It doesn’t even matter if you don’t knock down full squads. The overall goal is just to jump in people’s faces, insta-down people, then slip out whilst you wait for your grapple to recharge.

Make sure to ADS with the Mastiff because it will do more damage – the spread is tighter. You will often need two mastiff shots per hit, but alternatively you can do a mastiff shot then follow up with one or two wingman shots. That’s pretty much it for this tactic. A simple one that doesn’t have too much complexity to it, but it showcases the huge potential pathfinder and the mastiff has. I also want to highlight how good this can be in early game – flyers with legendary loot boxes can drop mastiffs, so if you get lucky enough to get one, you absolutely should throw yourself into the action because it’s your best chance to rack up so many kills. So that’s pretty much it. Thank you for watching. Tune in tomorrow for tips on how to be aggressive and learning when to heal versus staying engaged to deal more damage.

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