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Apex Legends Drop Guide – How to Drop Fast and Land First!


Don’t you just hate it when your enemy lands just before you, grabs a gun you wanted and shoots you in the face? well- So do I and that’s why I made this video so I can show you the secret to dropping fast and hitting the ground first. Now, of course, there are other guides on this, but I find that every time I watch them they just don’t go into enough detail. So I’ve worked this out myself and I’m gonna be showing you how to choose a location, when to drop and finally how to drop so you land first every time! Mad guys, so if this video helps you out, please hit that like button, and if you want to see more like this hit the subscribe button and the bell to be notified when I post a new video.

Awesome. Thanks everyone. Let’s drop right in. The first step is to decide where you are going fast. Not like this guy… If you decide to late your enemy is already dropping and they have already beaten you there. Now I’m not going to go too deep into where to go in this video, I’ll be making a separate video later which explains the best places to land in order to win and I’ll add a link in the description later, but for now just choose somewhere you like or just wait for your teammates and suggest somewhere… Okay. So once you’ve finally decided where to go you now need to work out when to go. The best way to do this is to ping their location down to the exact building entrance you want to land at and if you don’t know where these are just practice and over time you’ll learn them. So ping the entrance and drop when you are exactly 900 meters away.

500 meters away? Okay, okay, so what do I do? Right. So picking the drop distance is the hardest part about dropping. If you drop too late or too early you’ll not get there first. Now obviously if your destination is right below you or very close to the start you want to drop immediately But otherwise, I’ve found that generally dropping around 700 to 800 meters away is good. But there are three things you need to consider before dropping. The first thing is the plane trajectory, the second thing is the elevation of your destination and finally if there are any mountains in your path.

So for plane trajectory if your plane is heading towards your destination rapidly then drop closer to 700 meters. But if the plane is really slowly closing the gap or not closing the gap at all you want to jump closer to a thousand metres in order to get there first. Now with elevation, you’ll notice some locations are really low in the map such as the low side of Bunker and some are really high like Repulsor. So in general the lower the location the closer to 800-850 meters you want to drop. If there are mountains in the way it’s best to drop earlier and take a path around them, but if that’s not possible drop later, so you can speed towards the mountain skim the top and then dive straight over it. Now there’s probably a lot of opinions on when to drop so I’ve set up a poll on the card section which is up at the top right so you can vote when you think the best time is to drop.

Right. Okay. So now for the part you’ve all been waiting for how to drop So aim at your destination then point your mouse almost straight down Jump hold W and drop almost vertically at the start until you hit about 145 to 150 then pull up and go horizontal. Now you should be staying around 140 to 145 as much as possible by constantly moving in a wave-like motion. If your destination is close, you probably want to lift your speed to around 145 to 150. Now I’ve seen others say to drop to 135 but I tried this and others landed before me so 140 to 145 for me is the sweet spot.

Also, don’t aim or move straight down rather aim on a diagonal 45-degree angle so you don’t dive too steeply. When you are nearing your destination and you’re too high build up speed by aiming straight down and then slowly moving your mouse so you go horizontal. Sort of like a parabola Here’s a schematic of what I just described. Now the last thing I need to mention is the further away you are from the target the more you’ll need to go horizontal and hold it, dropping a bit more speed before going down again. If you’re about 900 to a thousand meters away you probably want to drop your speed to 135 before you start diving again.

Now the main thing to remember here is to keep your speed up if your speed is high and you jumped at the right time you’ll get there first every time! Awesome guys I love that you tuned in for another video and I really hope this helps you! If it did help, please make sure to hit the Like button. I make these videos to help others improve their game, so if you know someone else who needs to know how to drop like a pro then please send them this video. I’ll be releasing a video Friday every week so make sure to subscribe and hit the bell to turn on notifications so you never miss another pro tip video. Cool before you go, leave me a comment on your strategy for selecting a place to land. I’m gonna be making a video on this for next week. And if I like what you have to say I’ll feature you in the video! Awesome.

Thanks guys. I’m Blake Unlively and I will see YOU on the battlefield..

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