Apex Legends for Dummies! – How To Get Your First Win


Whether you’re struggling to get that first win, or you just can’t regularly get into the end game. This video is for you. I’ll be taking you through the step by step decisions you should make each game to survive Until the very end. After, I’ll offer some general tips and tricks to help you out. Follow these three steps and your chance for getting in the last few squads is much higher. I’ve made sure that these steps aren’t going to remove the fun from the game, though. You will still be engaging in fights, and trying to get kills. However, you’ll be doing it smartly. Before we start, keep in mind, you still have the chance to die and lose games with these steps, but your chances are smaller. Alright, let’s jump in! The three steps cover three major points of the game. Step 1: The Loot Stage step 2: The Combat stage step 3: The final zones The pace between these zones is very different, so you must learn know to master each one.

The first step is to look at the map and choose somewhere to land. Look at all these big names on the screen. Which one should you pick? Well, I’d actually suggest not picking any of them. Instead, pick a collection of unnamed buildings off to the side of a named area. This will allow you to loot up safely. Now, before you engage in a fight, try to find armor, some shield cells, some meds, and a decent weapon. Most weapons are quite balanced, so really just anything that isn’t a Mozambique. Obviously, sometimes your squad mates have other ideas. If they drop you into a hot zone, this tactic isn’t going to work so much. No problem, just stick with them for that game.

You may be thrown into a fight, but just consider it practice. Don’t be worried if you die, just try your hardest to jump into fights, so that you can learn how to deal with different situations. Practice makes perfect after all. Next time you get jumpmaster, or play with friends, you can follow the previous suggestion to land somewhere safer Once you have some basic gear, you and your team should move to the nearest named area on the map. Either most players will be dead already, or they will be engaged in fights. This means you can swoop in, pick off the remaining players, and then hopefully upgrade to better armor.

If you want to win these initial fights, stick with your team. Even if it means waiting for them to catch up whilst they’re looting, or stopping your looting to catch up with them. Stick together at all times. As close together as possible. This way you can deal damage together. You will be much more likely to win fights. Okay, so at this point, you’re at step 2. You’ve looted up, you’ve won your first fights. and you have reasonable loot, right? So what do you do next? Well, at this point, the first zone should be on its way fairly soon.

So, you should be relocating. If you’re already in a safe area, just move to another named area on the map. Now at this point, you’re going to come across lots of squads at once. From my experience so far, I’ve found that the current flow of the game forces many players to funnel in to specific areas on the map, as the first zone comes in. This means that if you see one squad, chances are there’s at least one more very close by.

So, you need to be very, very careful when you pick your fights here. Actually, it’s best not to engage with a team right away. If you see other teams or get shot at, try to wrap the fight up as quickly as possible. If you are struggling to end a fight in this situation, disengage. Run away further into the zone. If you don’t do this, more teams will come and you’ll get sandwiched Another thing to note, if you see a team at this stage, don’t engage right away. Be patient and look out for signs of other teams in the area. If you play smartly, you can wait for the right time to strike. Usually, when multiple teams are already engaged, for example. So at this point, you should hopefully survive through this hectic combat stage by being careful about when to start shooting and when to disengage. If you’re not sure what to do, it’s always best to choose the disengage option until later, when things calm down. At this point, things will start to slow down as you reach stage 3.

This is where the zone starts to get smaller. At this point, you should take a look at your map and choose a good location to set up. It’s time to play the information game. You can listen out or watch for teams. I think that if your squad is still up and everybody is alive, It’s easier to engage in fights here than it is in stage 2.

So don’t be afraid to be a little more aggressive here. There’s usually fewer teams and the zone size is still reasonably large. Eventually, there will be just three squads left. This is where you pick your fights very carefully. The best thing you can do is hold up and wait for information. Don’t engage anybody until you know where the locations of both teams are. If you do fight one team, and you don’t know where the other team is chances are, you’ll get caught in between both. Instead, you can wait for both teams to fight each other, and then swoop in. Or, spot out both teams and choose to fight when you know the second team is too far away to jump into the action right away.

Okay, so that’s the steps you should take to win games in Apex Legends. Here is a recap: 1: Choose somewhere unnamed to loot up, get meds, and level 1 armor first. 2: Move to a nearby named area and search for the leftover players. Kill them for some easy upgrades. 3: As the first zone comes in, pick your fights very, very carefully. Many teams will be funnelled into the same areas at this point.

So, engaging here should only be done if you know you can quickly clean up a team. The key here is to move as quickly as possible into the center of the next zone to avoid these kind of sandwich fights. 4: Eventually, the player count will drop to a level where it’s safe to engage teams most of the time. So, look out for players and pick your fights when you can. 5: Soon, there will be just you and two other teams left. Don’t fight until you know the location of both teams. Ideally, don’t engage until both teams are already fighting each other.

Okay, so that’s it. Those are the three steps for more successful games in Apex Legends. Keep in mind, this is aimed more towards people who want to get their first wins those who may be not as comfortable with their aim, or maybe those that are new to battle royale and don’t really understand the flow of gameplay If that’s you, here are 10 more tips that are very useful in Apex Legends. 1: Stick with your team.

I’ve said this already, but it’s so important in Apex Legends. Stick with them as close as possible. 2: When you engage in a fight, find cover to peek in and out of. Alternate the sides you peek in and out to confuse your enemy. 3: Whenever you get shot at, and you hide to heal, use that time you were hidden to move to a different position. For example, if you’re in a building, go through the building and come out from a different angle. 4: Always look for the best armor possible. This should be your number one priority for looting. Better armor gives you more HP. 5: Don’t spend too long looting. You’ll get caught out here. If you’re in a death box, loot quickly then move on. If you’re on PC, you can strafe whilst looting.

6: Always pay attention to where your team is. Once again, stick with them! Even if it means hanging back a little when you want to jump into a nearby fight. 7: If you spot players, try to get closer to them before shooting. Most players rarely look behind them. You can go from cover to cover to close the distance. You can then deal more damage and find a time to shoot when they are looting. 8: Always try to revive your teammates and respawn them as soon as possible. But be very careful about doing it when in fights.

Usually, it’s better to finish a fight first, because players will push you when you try to heal. You can also use this to your advantage. When a player is down on the enemy team Listen out, you will hear the healing sounds and you will know that’s a good time to push. 9: If you are playing with teams, communicate and focus the same player at the same time. 10: If you are trying to flank a player, crouch when you get close. They won’t be able to hear your footsteps. Okay, one final note on picking a suitable legend. If you are a new player and struggle to win any fights, I would suggest Bangalore. Her passive provides you with a 25% speed boost when you get shot at.

So, this gives you plenty of time to relocate when things get tough. It also makes you a harder target if you strafe whilst shooting. Her tactical, which is a two use smoke grenade, is also very useful. Or, try Wraith. Her tactical lets you disengage whilst being invulnerable for a short time. And her ultimate lets you create a portal that you can quickly use to travel between locations. Her passive also alerts you when an enemy player is looking at you. Useful for players that struggle to stay aware of their surroundings at all times. Alright, that’s it! Thank you so much for watching. I hope the information in this video has proven to be useful. If you’ve watched this far, I have just one question for you. What did you find the most useful in this video? Did you like the step by step guide that explained how to play the game safely? Or, did you prefer the quick tips at the end? Let me know by leaving your comment below.

Alright, thank you again, I hope that I will see you again on more of my videos. If you want to see more guides like this, I’ve got plenty more on my channel and plenty more to come. Okay, cheerio!.

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