Apex Legends Guide to choosing the BEST Map Locations to land and loot


Hey guys, I’m Blake Unlively and you are here because you’re looking for the best places to not get another Mozambique. I’m gonna show you exactly that and also how to decide where to land to improve your chance of getting that sweet sweet win. I use this exact strategy myself and 60% of the time it works every time! That doesn’t make sense Okay, so you only have 10 seconds to decide where you’re going to land so the first thing you want to consider when choosing where to land is your play style and strategizing to your strengths. Now you’ve got to be honest with yourself and decide if your preferred play style is fast paced or slow paced. For those who like to get stuck into the fray like me, you want to pick a location that is closest to the hot zone or other popular area.

I like to think of this as a Flint Lockwood play- slightly crazy, but smart AF. Dropping here means you are far less likely to die due to bad RNG and gives you a much better chance to actually win. What I do is I head to the closest town Get some gear with my team and then head together to the hot zone as the cleanup crew. There will probably still be some teams running around low on supplies and ammo so sneak up on them and blow them away. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t ever go to the hot zones or busy places But you will have higher chances to win if you go nearby.

Now for the slow paced people. Just jump away from everyone else. Stay in the ship longer and when most of the people are gone pick a place that no one else will go and drop there. Get your loot and then head to battle. If you are new then Your playstyle will be different from that of a seasoned Apex champion. You should be trying to learn the map, get a feel for each gun and then decide how you want to play.

I would drop somewhere away from the hot zone and choose somewhere different every time so that you can learn and practice and then work out what you preferred place style is. Now everyone knows that the higher quality or tier your loot is the better. Every place on the map has a certain chance that top-tier loot will spawn there. However, the chances are much better in certain locations. This map over at apexmap.io, which I’ll leave a link in the description for, shows you the percentage chance that a certain loot tier will spawn in that area.

An interesting thing to note is that the tier of an area may change from game to game. This map actually allows you to click an area and note what loot was there once every 15 minutes which helps keep the percentages accurate. Anyway, when choosing where to go you can factor in the loot tier of each area to help yourself get more geared before jumping into battle, so I definitely recommend becoming familiar with this map. Alright, I’m just about to tell you where the best places to land are but I’m really keen to hear about your favorite places to land. Personally, I love going to market. It’s just so much fun. It’s fast paced battles are crazy. Eventually, they spill outside and people from Skulltown come over and it just feels so good when you emerge as the market champions! So, please guys leave a comment below and let me know what your favorite places to land are.

Alright now we’ll go to the best places to land. Honestly, I think it’s totally opinion and it depends on your play style but if you want to play slow I would go somewhere that no one else will go and that has high tier loot. If you want to play fast pick somewhere near the hot zones or popular areas and then move into those places to clean up and get the good gear. Your favorite place could even be the best place to land because you know the area, have been there more than anyone else and you just dominate every time you go there.

For me the best places to land I’ve highlighted on this map and they’re are also some of my favorite places to go because I’m good when I go there. Just outside market is fun because you can go into market from there or if you want you can go to Skulltown. I also like to go to Watchtower North because not many people go here and you can get some really good high-tier loot and then go invade Artillery. South Settlement and West Settlement are good as well if you want to go invade Thunderdome or Skulltown. Now I definitely like to hot drop too. But sometimes I just get bad RNG.

I get the Mozambique and no armor, someone else gets an R99and gold armor, and then I just get destroyed. Alright. The last thing I want to point out is the supply ship. The supply ship is probably one of the best places to drop and loot up early But I would not recommend landing here if it is near the start of the dropship flight path. In most of the games I’ve played like 50% of the players jump straight away and another 25% shortly after. This leaves only five teams to select locations in the last half of the map. So if the supply ship on the other side of the map from where the dropship starts this is a great location to land. It’s unlikely that another team will drop there and even if they do if you saw my last video on How to Drop Fast and Land First, I’ll put a link in the description for those who haven’t seen it, But if you have seen it and you know how to drop fast Then you’re going to get to the supply ship first get the good gear and the guns and win the fight.

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