Apex Legends How to Level up Battle Pass FAST (Season 3 & 2) – MOST EFFECTIVE METHOD!


Hey everyone, I hope you’re doing great! Today we are going to be looking at the battle pass and the best method for levelling it up. Now, you may think that it’s as simple just complete the challenges, but if you’re a little short on time, there’s a bit more to it than that. In this video I’ll explain the smaller details you may have missed over and why sometimes it makes sense to save your challenges each week, depending on how much you’ve progressed that week.

All of this information doesn’t come from me. I’ll put sources to the Reddit posts in the description, as well as a neat infographic that puts it all into perspective. Hopefully this video will help to explain it in more detail. So how does the new Battle Pass system actually work? Well, each week you can earn stars. Stars are earned from challenges, and XP is earned for just playing and surviving in-game. However, each level increases the amount of stars and XP needed. The first level is just 9,000 XP or stars, and then each level increases by 9,000 up to a massive 54,000 per level.

You can mix and match both stars and XP to progress and Every week, the amount is reset back down to 9,000XP per level alongside the new weekly challenges. Firstly, yes this means you can level up the battle pass just by playing the game, and challenges don’t actually need to be completed, but unless you play Apex Legends like a full time job, you are going to want to complete the challenges. Here’s our first quick tip though. You should always try to complete the XP and stars progress before the week ends. If it does, the progress you made will be reset back to 9,000 XP. Weekly progress will reset at 3AM PST Tuesday morning. So in my example, I should progress this bar to completion before I finish playing for the week to avoid wasted XP.

So that’s everything there is about basic XP earned for levelling the battle pass. Let’s now look at challenges. There are three types – weekly, weekly recurring, and dailies. Pay attention to how three weekly challenges and the weekly recurring challenges give straight battle pass levels, not just stars. The most efficient way to level the battle pass will be to go for the three weekly challenges that give you 1 free battle pass level, and the weekly recurring that require you to complete up to 10 daily challenges. If you do these, they won’t reset your XP progress bar either so don’t worry about when you complete them. According to the stats, if you simply complete the 3 weekly challenges and 10 daily challenges each week, you’ll get 65 battle pass levels. At this point, all you need to do is level up a total of 45 more times to reach level 110.

Spread out across the season, that could be about 4 levels per week. So, level up by just playing and completing dailies and you will easily reach the XP and stars required for for four levels per week. Now here’s an extra tip for you if you are really short on time. Some weekly challenges give you 6,000XP per challenge, but because you can come back and complete them at any point in the season, it makes sense to save them. Remember, if you keep leveling up, the XP and stars needed per level increases massively. At the 6th level, you need 54,000 XP or stars, which means a weekly challenge would equal just 12% of a battle pass level. However, at the 1st level you only need 9,000XP or stars, so a weekly challenge then would be a massive 67% of a level.

So in summary, here’s the most effective way to level the battle pass. Complete the three battle pass level challenges, and complete at least 10 daily challenges each week. Complete challenges and keep playing until your XP per level goes to 45,000. At that point, stop completing weekly challenges. Wait until next week to complete the remaining weekly challenges that offer stars, because the XP per level will reset back to 9,000. And finally, make sure to finish any level progression you may have remaining through standard play before 3AM PST on Tuesday so that you don’t waste any experience. Now, if you miss weeks, you can still complete challenges to catch up, but the more weeks you miss the free battle pass level up challenges, the more difficult it will be. So at least make sure you get the five free levels per week for completing the weekly challenges and weekly recurring challenges. Okay before we go, I wanted to debunk a few myths that people seem to be sharing that aren’t actually true.

Firstly, do we get bonus XP for playing different legends? The answer to that is no – the new battle pass system is based on challenge completion and the old legend bonus XP system has been removed. There was a page on the EA website that explained that it would be in the new season, but I believe that was just placeholder text from season 1 that hasn’t yet been removed. Do players get rewards even if they don’t buy the battle pass? Well, yes, there are some rewards available. In fact, all you need to do is browse through the battle pass level to see the rewards marked free. If you don’t buy the battle pass but still level up, you will get the battle pass tier badge, A free Wattson skin at level 30, 5 free Apex packs at level 12, level 14, level 16, level 18, and level 20, and wins trackers for each legend.

You also get access to all other features including ranked mode, Wattson, and anything else added to the game that isn’t in the battle pass rewards page. Now, what if you level up now and buy the battle pass later? Do you still get the earlier rewards? The answer to that is simple. Yes, you do. Don’t worry about that. I would suggest that you buy the battle pass as soon as possible though. Whilst you still can level up the battle pass quite easily without paying for it, buying it will immediately get you a battle pass boost, so if you do plan to buy it you may as well do it at the beginning to save you some time. Another question I’ve had is whether the bonus level 110 rewards are available for all people or if you need to purchase the battle pass bundle to get it. It makes sense why you’d think that, because it’s seen as extra levels that may not be unlocked unless you spend the extra money to unlock the levels. But actually it’s not like that at all.

In fact, whilst you can buy all levels up to level 100, the levels from 100 up to 110 can only be unlocked through grinding them. You do not need to buy them, and even if you wanted to, you cannot buy them. If you do struggle a little bit, you can also buy battle pass levels up to level 100 for 150 Apex coins each. Personally I don’t think it’s worth it. In total, you can get 1,000 Apex Coins from the battle pass itself, which is the equivalent of 6 Battle Pass levels, but you could also save those coins to purchase next season’s battle pass effectively for free. Remember, at the start of each week, the first level just takes one weekly challenge and one daily challenge. So it’s not really worth the Apex coins. One final thing to talk about is the Epic and Legendary loot ticks. Let me explain how they work. When you open them, you have a 100% chance to get at least one legendary or epic item.

Here’s what’s interesting though. The Epic has a 100% chance of at least one epic or better, and a 7.4% chance of at least one legendary. That means your chances of getting a legendary in the epic tick are far higher than a normal loot tick. The legendary loot box is a 100% chance of at least one legendary, but there’s always the chance you could get more than one if you are lucky. I don’t know if you can get an heirloom from the legendary loot tick. It could be possible, but I don’t think I’ve seen it happen, and since it says a 100% chance of a legendary, it would make sense that it’s impossible. Heirloom is it’s own tier higher than legendary. Perhaps it’s possible in the epic tick though, because that says a 100% chance of epic or higher.

I’m not quite sure on this one though, anybody have any experience with this? Let me know. So that’s it, I hope that this guide has proven to be useful. If you want to check out the sources of these information, make sure to check the description. And if you liked the video, make sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe so that you can get notifications for more of my daily Apex guides, tips, and news videos.

I’m also streaming on Twitch so make sure to give a follow there if you want to see my live. Alright that’s it from me. I know some of you haven’t yet seen me live, so here’s a quick clip that showcases me trying to complete a weapon challenge. If you want to join in too, make sure to stop by some time. I’ll see you in the comments. Cheerio! We’re using this. Oh he’s low friends, he’s low. One more. Help. Help your friend. Yeah. Yes mystic so much. Oh thank you, thank you. You’ve blessed me. You’ve forgiven me. I don’t know what I’m on about.

Recharginy my shields. Come on alternator. I need an alternator. Then again, I’m kind of liking the thermites right now. They kind of have some value to them you know. Ooh there we go. And it’s pretty kitted. I’m happy we just need this. Definitely don’t need shotgun ammo. How far do we need to go? Uhh. Not far. Ooh yes please. Haha yes I. Huh. Huh. Oi excuse me. That should do it.

There we go. Ohhh. Oops. Sorry lifeline. I didn’t mean to do that. I love your channel. Hey thank you so much. And thank you for the follow. I really appreciate it. Videos are calm and co-ordinated merchant. Gameplay is not co-ordinated. It’s all just off the top of my head. R-99 here. Oh you’re dibsing it huh? Right. You followed by streamelements is being naughty. Oh no worries. Oooh. Huh. My final form has been realised. We are ready. We are ready. Closure. Wait the Apex games is closing down for good. Alright, I’m happy. I’m happy. We are ready to roll. Ooh an arc star. ooh. Yeah I’m not a big fan of the nades anymore. They just bounce. Much harder to get them on target. I’d much rather just throw a thermite behind some rocks you know. Ish. Zayaan er. I don’t. Ooh there could be people there. I don’t er. I haven’t really watched it much. So. It’s not that I don’t like it. I just haven’t really watched it much.

Is it a trap? No. Hello. Woah. It’s so a trap. There’s people up here I bet. Woaheh. Okay. RE-45 is OP? Hello? What? Good job, let me just loot up. Let’s go. Where did they run? oh it’s the hacker. It’s the hacker. Run run run run run run. Cheater. Cheater. Run run run run. Oh god. What is that? That player has got some insane aim too.

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