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Hey everyone, I hope you’re well. Now that the Apex Legends battle pass is out, I’ve seen a lot of posts where people are confused about how Battle Pass experience works. Lots of players worried that they won’t be able to reach level 100 before the season is over. I wanted to clear some confusion and show how it’s quite easy to reach level 100 over the next three months, and offer some overall tips on how you can level up faster. I’ll cover a number of topics. If you just want the answer to specific things, you can use the timestamps in the description.

Here’s what I’ll cover: 1. How experience is earned in the battle pass and how to ensure you get the most experience. 2. What you should do each day you play to get the most experience. 3. How long it will take to reach level 100. So, let’s start with how experience is earned. First, though, every level requires the same experience. You need 29,500 XP to get from level 1 to level 2 and the same for level 99 to level 100. With the Battle Pass, you’ll earn experience just like you would with your normal level. This means the following things are important: Survival time winning games Geting to the top three getting kills killing the champion doing more damage killing the kill leader Reviving your allies and respawning your allies The Most XP earned is from time survived. You get about 180 XP every minute you survive. Next, getting a win or placing top 3 can get you either 900 XP or 300 XP respectively, which is quite a nice bonus. All of the other XP rewards are smaller, but they all add up together.

So, a good game with lots of kills and long survival time will give you really good experience. You can also get bonus experience for playing with friends. And, as you level up the battle pass more, that bonus is increased. If you want to find premades to play with, I’ll put some good resources in the description. Or, feel free to join the Discord to find others to join up with there. So, before we get into the more unique XP systems for the battle pass, the best thing to take from this is that so long as you are in the game long as possible, you’ll be rewarded more XP. For some of you, I know it can be a bit boring to just sit around waiting for the timer to add up, so I think the best thing you can do here is just play how you normally do, but don’t waste time on the menu.

The more time you spend in the game but just sitting on the menu, the more you’ll miss out on XP. So if you’re waiting for a friend to fill your squad, just go into a game without them. If somebody is AFK, tell them to ready up before you jump in. That way you aren’t wasting time where you aren’t getting XP. Not everybody has that much time to play so removing that AFK menu time can really help you to earn more XP over time. For example, If you played for 2 hours a day, and spent 20 minutes on the menu each day, that’s potentially up to 324,000 experience that you’ll lose out on over the season.

That’s the total of 10 Battle Pass levels! There are also some more unique features for getting more experience in the battle pass. Firstly, each Legend has their own bonus experience to earn. Each week, each legend can give you a bonus 25,000 experience. So, each week, that’s a total of 225,000 bonus experience if you play each Legend. The bonus is only for your survival time. So, let’s say you earn 2358 experience in a game for surviving. You will then get a bonus 2358 experience on top of that. So, it’s not quite a 2x bonus, but it’s pretty close when you consider survival time is the highest XP earner.

Next, you also get a bonus 500 experience every single day for your first kill of the day. You can do this for every legend, each day. So, up next, what’s the best strategy for earning the most experience? It depends on how much time you have, but I think this is a good option Step 1: Start the day by playing 1 game with different Legends. Your aim will be to get that first kill bonus. All 9 legends could equal an extra 4500 experience. Step 2: Throughout the week, make sure you are maxing out the legend bonuses. Step 3: If your play time is limited, don’t waste time on the menus. Step 4: If you really want to get the most experience possible, Try to slow down the game a little if you survive the first few minutes. Getting to the top 3 will give you an extra 300 experience and most importantly, you’ll be adding more survival time by doing this too. Step 5: play with friends or premades to boost your experience gain further. That’s pretty much it. So, now, let’s take a look at how long it will take to get to level 100 of the battle pass.

So, according to a Respawn Dev, if you take advantage of the character experience bonuses, leveling the Battle Pass is actually faster than leveling the standard player level. That means, if you are already level 100, just 1 month and 15 days after launch, you’ll reach that level 100 way before the end of the season, no problem. If you play just 8-10 hours a week, and make sure you mix up your Legends enough to take advantage of the rewards, you can guarantee you’ll complete the pass before the season ends. Even if you don’t take advantage of the legend bonus and only play one legend, you should still be able to do it with about 15 hours of play time per week.

Alright, so that’s it. If you’ve watched this far, I have one question for you. What’s your favorite thing about the latest Apex Legends update? Let me know! I’ll see you in the comments. Cheerio!.

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