APEX LEGENDS IN 6 MINUTES – Everything You Need To Know (Tips & Tricks)


In a time full of Battle Royale games comes a new one that was announced and released in the same day that scared Fortnite into giving their new season battle pass for free and implementhing some aspects from it and other games. Apex Legends, in 6 minutes, sort off, everything you need to know about the game. Years after the events of Titanfall 1 and 2, the Militia and IMC leave the frontier as the war is over, but take most valuables with them, leaving the ones remaining to settle their conflicts and fight for money and glory in gladiator arenas, the Apex games. After completing a quite basic tutorial you can start playing. One of the key elements to the game is that you can pick a Legend at the start of the game, each with a passive, an active ability and an ultimate that charges over time.

Right now there are 9 legends, 6 given for free and 3 you can earn over time. Bloodhound can track enemy footsteps, reveal hidden enemies and traps and move faster after their prey. Gibraltar has a gun shield, a dome shield and an air strike. Lifeline has a healing drone, faster revives and a supply drop. Pathfinder can use a grappling hook, scan the ring’s next location and place a zipline for his team. Wraith, my favorite, is possessed by the void and she can go stealth inside it avoiding all damage, she hears voices in her head allerting her of dangers and has a 2 link portal that everyone can use. Bangalore moves faster while shot at, has a smoke bomb and an artillery strike. Caustic can gas people and see them while inside it. Mirage has clones and he is quite annoying. And the new legend from season 1, Ocatne, he injects speed into his ass hurting his health, he passivly heals over time and can drop a launch pad. Each match has 20 team of 3 people, the only way to play the game right now since it favors teamwork and of course the last team standing wins poisoned cookies. After each member picks a legend, you see your squad and the squad most likely to kill you, that you also see ingame over banners, the kill-leader, the last one is the jumpmaster and they guide the squad to the location they choose, if you want to get farther away don’t go straight down but glide like Batman, and if you are an asshole you can drop alone or stop following.

The movement and gunplay are quite similar to Titanfall but without double jumping, wall running or titans, but it has a really cool slide mechanic and no fall damage, there are plenty of weapons lying around, some great and some umm noot that good. No rarities for them apart from the rare golden guns but plenty of attachmenets, and the equip system is really well done, automatically adding or replacing items picked up with better ones and throwing the old ones away. You can carry 2 weapons, I like going with a close range gun like the Peacekeepr and a long range one like Longbow or Wingman, you can also pick up throwable grenades, an item that reduces the cooldown of your ultimate and armor, a chest piece that gives you shield, a helmet that reduces headshot damage, a knockdown shield to use while downed and a backpack to carry more stuff as well as healing items that restore your health or shield in different values. Also damage numbers are in the color of the enemy’s shield or health. Attachments and armor have rarities, common, rare, epic and legendary, and ammo types are the same colors as the borders of the gun so it’s easy to see unless you’re color blind.

You can also melee people and doors as well to break them. There’s also a great ping system, you can ping pretty much everything, a location, an enemy, an item on the ground or even ping your inventory if you are missing ammo or an atachment for a centratin gun, making it easy to communicate with your team even if you don’t want to talk in voice chat.

The map is nicely sized, not too big and not too small, has a high tier loot zone, supply drops and a dropship where you’ll probably instantly die if you go there directly. There are ziplines all over the map and baloons that let you glide from a big distance again so it’s quite easy to get anywhere you want, you can also hold space to climb different terrain obstacles. The biggest problem is you don’t have legs in this game unless you hang on an edge to spy on fools, ha. Of course there are rings that take out parts of the map and become smaller and smaller, you know the drill by now. You can also holster your weapon to run faster, even faster if you have a knife in your hand mhm. One of the biggest differences here from most BRs is that you can respawn your teammates. If you get to them before they are finished off while they are crawling like little plebs on the ground you can directly revive them by injecting leper gnome pee into them, but if they die you can pick up their banner from their lootbox (no microtransation required) and bring it to a respawn beacon, making a perfect clone with copied consciousness drop again with 0 loot.

Now, let’s look at EA’s contribution to the game a bit. So, after every game you earn XP based on how good, how carried you were or how well you stayed hidden and camped like a pussy, leveling up grants you occasional chests and Legend Tokens. There are 3 currencies, Apex Coins that you can buy with real money, Legend Tokens you earn over time and crafting metals you get from dublicate loot items. You can also see the chances for epic and legendary drops, and it’s quaranteed to get 1 legendary ever 30 packs as well as the super rare heirloom knife for Wraith in 500 packs.

And of course the store, where you can buy randomly rotated skins as well as chromas for those if you own them with legend coins, the apex packs, legends and coins. You can customize the skin of the legends, their voice lines, stats tracked, badge, executions as well as weapon skins, you can also craft them with materials over time thought that’s pretty expensive. And the new addition that just dropped that everyone was waiting for and now everyone is quite dissapointed with, the battle pass of course. It’s similar to Fortnite, some rewards are free some included if you buy it, costing 950 coins that you can get back if you level it up enough, though it’s way harder since there are no quests or challenges to help you grow faster and it takes a lot to rank it up, and every level requires you to get 30K xp instead of progressing as you level, taking you about 200 hours to get to 100, though like in Fortnite if you manage to get your coins back you can buy the next ones for free.

The rewards are not that great though, just 3 rare legend skins at level 1 and one more for Octane later on, weapon skins, filler banner icons and a few packs and only 1 legendary weapon skin that is reactive like in Black Ops 4. And that’s pretty much everything you need to know about the game, thanks for watching, leave a like and subscribe or I’ll stab you in the toe and I’ll see you soon… under your bed, bye bye!.

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