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Apex Legends is Getting a New Gun!


Special thanks goes out to the team over at ea for sponsoring today’s video [ Music ]. Thank you, hey everyone and welcome. So as of next week, sheila rain parts minigun is about to get extremely dangerous. She’S gon na be able to take it off of its mount now and run around with it like a call of duty style. Minigun, it’s going to be crazy. I’M extremely excited rampart needed this change for quite some time now, and i think it’s going to be a lot of fun now there are some drawbacks when you’re running around with it in minigun form you’re only gon na have one magazine and the spin up time Is gon na be even longer than when it’s mounted, but i honestly think just the ability to move around with this thing is gon na. Take it to the next level. We gave rampart another final spin, it’s her darkest hour before she full-blown transforms and uh. Hopefully you all enjoy, if you guys enjoyed the video i’d, appreciate it. If you leave a like uh subscribe, i cannot wait to try rampart out catch you guys in the games. Let’S do this all righty everybody it it’s the final days before right, we’re just living in ramparts, world she’s, gon na be so good after she gets her buff. It’S not even funny. I like her shields, are already amazing. Her ultimate, i mean here’s. The thing like it’s, not bad, but if you don’t use it in the right spot at the right time it it’s not going to work, it’s just not hold up. We got an all-star. This might actually be a loading here, good little lady right here, yeah, if you could place it properly like it’s, it’s honestly pretty decent. I think that’s where it’s going to be good for your teammates, like you can still throw it onto the floor, but only if your teammates want like. If you, if you want to use it, then you can just run around with it. What is she doing? What the flip, what the heck, i think the race hiding underneath. Okay! Thank you. Bro he’s under he’s hiding inside what is going on. I ran in here, and i think i missed him. He was hiding in a corner or something i think. The thing i’m most interested to see is like how much recoil how much recoil is the uh turret gon na have when you are running around with it a couple you know i just pop a battery bro hold up guys in trouble. I can’t hit the guy. I can’t hit the guy good lordy, lord i’m just gon na okay. Let me do this they’re all pushing my boy. There knocked one knock, two! That’S how you do it bro easy. I feel like there’s more here. You just don’t see them. Everybody in cap city bro, they be running around like little sewer rats, the oh yeah. What do you know what i see? What i mean man little sewer rats, just look for their loot here. Are they in the big building or in this one? Well, they definitely in this one. Are you in there you’re a need? Oh ye, one of them’s down quick shield, quick shield. Here we go sears tripping right now. Oh my! What is happening? Oh shoot. They all ran in the porta potty to hide man. He just got eaten less than learned. Don’T do that again, i’m gon na take the flatty man i’m running out of energy. It’S just not gon na work. Yesterday i was playing with the devotion while using rampart and man the the speed at which you reload the quickest time to kill gun in the entire game is just brutal, like you can unload what like 60 rounds in a devo tread face literally within. I think it’s a one second reload you’re back in action again, like is borderline, not fair, yeah, we’ll head to lava siphon. I feel like that’s where most of the other people went. I we oh no look, look what i see squad just flew in, they might be going for the care package see. I would go for it, but i feel like this early in the game. You never actually find craters or anything like first round. It’S probably just gon na be a purple shield of some sorts, yeah look at them, they all flying on in which were they going, though. Well they flew to overlook it’s kind of weird purple shield yeah see what i mean. Ain’T got no heirloom gun there, i’ll i’ll go here, we’ll we’ll try to play with these guys a little. If i can get up on high ground, maybe the sniper tower and i put a turret up there or we could. We could gunny them down feel like jaws right now. These guys don’t even know man they rotated from epicenter to overlook and we’re like halfway through the game. They they have no idea. What’S coming all that looting for nothing brothers, all that looting for nothing son. Let me get the thirst on you. Maybe here we go wait. Can he shoot through that? But i can’t shoot through it 96 heavy on him there. He goes, let’s just flex on the guy. Why not right? Why? Not she gon na go up top? Oh there. They go man, easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Oh another team came from lava siphon. They honest now wait they’re, not even fighting us they’re fighting another team: okay, 60. 60.

Seen them snap crackle and pops on these guys, i just got rezzed her shield got the review down. Oh whoa. Take it easy me, lady. Oh ariel bow jack, baby aerial, bojack! Oh right! There girl’s got like a thousand hp right there. Daughter 72. Is this another team, no [, Music ]? He got her. This guy wants to peek one more time we can do it. [, Music, ]! Oh he’s pretty wiggly! I see we just push him this guy’s done for nice job like right there. I wanted to use the turd in this fight, but it just gets so hairy because you have to set it up. You have to stay stationary and unless you have a shield in front of it it it’s not actually truly set up like i don’t think you can use a turret without a shield in front of it. You just get head shot and knocked off in two seconds. So once you like, pull out your turret and you’re, not gon na have to mount it. I mean you just like crouch spam hug cover just be a psychopath. Oh, what the hell there. The big question is probably decoy yeah. The big question i’m wondering, though, is if you’ll be able to sprint while using her uh while using her thing here, let’s go over here, we got that set up with the turret this. Might this isn’t a bad scenario? We can make some magic happen right here. Oh, my god, i might actually get a kill. Oh oh snap, dude! Okay, that’s not good! That’S not good! Got him no get off the turret. That’S not where i want to be the reptain combo man still scary. If i could reload the turn and get another thing down, i might be able to use it again. Am i gon na be able to get this reload off nope they destroyed it too. Couple hits on that review there. Nice get back here come on push that willy. He might really aggressive. Last two teams – oh my goodness, they got snipers and everything get that guy out of here. Here we go some of that pop a battery. You had to unlock teammate here for you getting fried up. That’S the last team, [ Music ]. They don’t like getting hit for all these like 80s and stuff. I’M tapping them for little bit more heavy. It’S a tad. We got bangalore, strikes and everything we can get our last boy up, man that would make our life so much easier. Hey you guys. Am i going to cover? Oh, no! No! No! No! No! Like this! Oh! I just cost it hard. I threw this. Is it so long brothers so long? Oh, i threw the last game. I want to go up there and maybe get like a turret to rain down on them, but they hit the flank before. I even realized wait till next week. Okay, wait till next week! Trust me: they don’t call me miss gonorrheta, we got 13 kills a little 3k. That’S not bad man, so yeah. Hopefully you all enjoyed honestly come next week. It’S gon na be really hard not to use rampart. I’M gon na call her. My temporary mate see you’re still my go-to, but she’s gon na be crazy. Hopefully you guys enjoyed it if you guys made to the end of the video i’d really appreciate it. If you leave a like on the video helps out the video in the channel uh subscribe, it’s the best way to support and i’ll catch you all in the next one peace out,

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