Apex Legends LOBA GUIDE by TannerSlays! The BEST QUICK TIPS On How To Play LOBA Like A Pro! Season 5


(intense music) – [Crowd] TSM, TSM, TSM! – Hi, everyone. My name’s TannerSlays. I just wanted to give a big shout out to EA for sponsoring this video. I am a content creator for TSM and this is my guide to playing Loba in Apex Legends Season 5. Okay, Loba can be the ultimate support player with the mobility with her bracelet. It gets you from across the map from point A to point B. You can do that aggressively or you can do it in a retreating manner if you’re outnumbered or if a whole team is running after you.

Looting late game with her ultimate, you can grab ‘nades, utility, any meds, shield cells, ammo, anything that you could use for a late game. And the strength in numbers and regrouping. If a teammate is, say on a flank or pushing the enemy team, say on high ground, if one person shows themself and a full team sees that, they could actually push that solo teammate and you could regroup using the bracelet to kind of catch the other enemy team off guard.

So, for example, if I’m fighting a Gibraltar and he has his arm shield up and say he has a massive shotgun, if I’m taking a lot of damage and I’m really low, instead of going down in the fight, I can use my bracelet to basically disengage and create that distance so then my teammate can swoop right in and get my trade. Or being a supportive player on Loba, you can use your bracelet, and say if your teammate, for example, your Wraith is getting owned by the Gibraltar over the shotgun, instead of that Wraith going out, you can then be aggressive and try to catch the Gibraltar off guard and trade out with your Wraith. So there’s two ways to kind of use your bracelet. Aggressively and retreating. Okay, so for Loba’s biggest weaknesses, now I think a lot of players make her bracelet predictable. When you release the bracelet, it will shows this dive trail and if you say don’t have it behind cover or if it’s not fair enough or if it’s in the open, a lot of players will instead just kind of pre-game your landing spot.

So when you re-appear from using the bracelet and you’re doing the animation and can’t defend yourself, a lot of players will pre-fire your landing and you basically lose your entire shield. So don’t be predictable using her bracelet. Also, understanding how her Q works. You can basically tap your Q if you’re trying to get out for a quick escape where there’s not that much range, but if you hold down your tactical ability, or your Q, you can actually get max distance and max range so you can create that distance when trying to retreat or to help a teammate.

When you really understand how her Q works, you’ll know her limitations for the Q and you’ll know how exactly you can engage, disengage, and reengage. So me personally, I play Loba in a support playstyle. Using her abilities in a team fight to go after someone who’s out of position to give your team the advantage in winning fights, or you can immediately take high ground to see where your team’s at and where the enemy team’s at to kinda fully understand the entire situation, or, three, can use the Q to retreat or loop around for your teammates’ banners, say if your teammates have fallen and you can grab their banners and quickly get out of there to go revive them to keep them in the game.

Okay, so Loba’s passive is pretty self-explanatory, actually. It does help looting early game. Our team landed Slums in the TSM Invitational and another team contested our drop. I could see a purple armor through the wall of where we landed and we were able to take the enemy team out with these off drop. That other team’s right behind us. They just used the Loba bracelet, too. Looking for Loba. I see these guys here. They’re at the broken door. Loba broken shield, behind the building. Yeah, I’m pushing on this. Got him. So tapping her Q will quickly teleport you from one spot to the other.

Holding down her Q actually accesses her max range. This is something that a lot of players don’t understand. Be careful when using the bracelet, though. You are extremely vulnerable when after you teleport and you’re doing the animation of putting the bracelet back on. People can see exactly where you’re teleporting to so be very careful of that. So when you’re teleporting, look underneath the line beneath the endpoint of her Q. That is how far you’re gonna teleport before committing. Also, if you’re teleporting to a dangerous position, you can cancel a teleport by switching weapons. Now it’s important to remember with Loba’s ultimate, each teammate is only allowed two items from using the ultimate, so you should know what you need so you’re not spending a bunch of time looting. You usually wanna save your ultimate for when your teammates really need extra gear. Situations like when you’re under looted running into a third party, you can use your ultimate to steal better armor, attachments, and backpacks to carry more throughout the game, or when you’re running into the final circle and it’s useful to stock up on grenades, healing supplies, ammo for the endgame.

Grenades are especially important, especially strong in this situation, because you can just ‘nade the final end zone and gives your team the biggest advantage to winning the game. Also, your ult range is massive so you’ll likely be able to find all this stuff when the final circle closes. Generally, you wanna time your ultimate in a way where you use it before or after a fight to speed up the looting process. You can destroy your ult after using it, but it’s not normally that important. Something that sets a good Loba apart from being a mediocre one is knowing the range of the ultimate. This is vital for late game situations. A tip for this is that you can actually see the range on the mini-map. That way you’ll be able to know what death boxes that your ultimate will be able to loot from. Another thing that good Lobas are able to do is using her Q to take high ground from the enemy team before they get there.

With the bracelet, it’s very easy for you to get to unexpected angles and catch the enemies off guard. Mastering Loba will require you to learn how to understand team fighting and help you think about your team, but using her Q correctly will require you to be able to read fights so you don’t teleport in someone’s cross hairs. Using her ult correctly means that you’re thinking about what your team needs. Remembering “Apex Legends” is a team game and when you get good at understanding these things you become a better player. Threw a thermite up top.

No hits, no hits. Coming with you. Broke the fence. Let’s go, let’s go! Let’s take his shield. He has no shield! No shield, no shield, no shield! Let’s go, boys. If you managed to master Loba, she’ll certainly be a good choice for helping you climb to Apex Predator. Thank you for watching the video, guys. If you enjoyed, check out my YouTube channel. It’ll be down in the description below. Also, if you wanna see more content like this, comment below and let us know what you’d like to see, and don’t forget to like and subscribe.

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