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Apex Legends’ P2020 is Better Than You Think! | Why It Ranks Higher than the Havoc


I recently released my Meta report for the preseason of Apex Legends. It included a full ranking for all legends and weapons from best to worst. Many people disagreed with how I ranked things at the lower end of my weapon list, and I can understand why. The most glaring thing is that I put the P2020 above all of the snipers, and even above the Havoc. It sounds crazy, right? How can a teeny little pistol that does 12 damage per shot be better than a full auto rifle that a lot of people are absolutely loving? Well, the p2020 isn’t top tier, I’ll admit that, but it’s still, in my opinion, better than the havoc at least, and I’ll explain why.

Keep in mind, this is just my opinion. So, I’m of course happy for a debate about it. But, given the current meta that focuses heavily on cqc and quick movement, here’s why the p2020 is ranked higher than the havoc to me. The first reason, which is very important, is its mobility. Movement and mobility is king in Apex Legends. This is something that’s really important and weapons that provide good mobility do better off, because you’re often very up close where good strafing, slides, and jumps actually matter.

Now, all weapons give you the same run speed, but the p2020 has the fastest equip time, ADS time, and fastest reload time I’ve ever seen. What this means is that you can very easily holster and re-holster your weapon in combat. This gives you the freedom to move far faster. You have time to constantly keep your distance from peacekeepers and SMGs, by holstering and sliding backwards. You can even quickly heal up right in the middle of combat by holstering, hopping and healing, then re-equpping You become a very hard target to hit. Next, the P2020 is a pistol, and that means it shares the same functionality as the wingman. This means that you can be deadly accurate in hipfire mode. You can even spam fire it up to 50 meters with no problems.

At 100 meters, aiming down sights makes sense, but even then, it’s still accurate. The Havoc is accurate too, but you don’t get that high mobility. For me, this is why the P2020 is better than the Havoc, albeit not by far. So to summarize, the p2020 gives you insane mobility, perhaps the best in the game simply because it has great mag reload speed, quick equip times, and fast ADS. pair that with its hipfire accuracy and the easy ability to shoot accurately whilst moving fast, and I’d much prefer a p2020 in a fight against a player with a havoc, or a longbow, a scout, or a triple take. What are your thoughts on my opinions? I’m sure this will spark some debate. What I’d say is don’t slate the p2020. It’s not great, but it has some interesting potential.

Why not try it out? So, I have one question for you. How would you rank the Havoc? And how would you rank the p2020? Where would they fit in your personal tier list? Let me know. I’ll see you in the comments..

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