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Apex Legends Sheila Only Challenge! A Lot Harder Than It Seems!


Everyone, i hope, you’re well, we’re, finally doing it. A lot of people have asked for me to do a sheila, only challenge, and now that sheila is mobile, it’s finally possible, but first i kind of want to just jump in with a bit of sort of like a forewarning. A lot of people are saying online that sheila’s turret’s super overpowered. But honestly it’s not. You cannot just use it as a normal weapon and expect to get away with it you’re still very immobile, while you’re shooting you have very low movement, speed yeah, you can do jump pad things tap, strafing, super gliding, bunny hopping blah blah blah, but they’re not always Available to use over time so when actually just up in people’s faces, you have to rely on the wall, placement and just good movement to be able to use it.

So it’s actually really hard to just use it normally as a normal weapon. So i think it’s pretty balanced. It can be pretty crazy in some situations, it’s a little less situational. But honestly, i still think rampart’s shining light is her tactical. So if you are playing rambo for the first time, don’t neglect her tactical.

That is such a good part of her kit. Once again, there is a card on screen right now for a ramp up guide going over some really sort of in-depth stuff on how to play her better. But with that being said, let’s jump into it. Rampart, solar versus squads, sheila only let’s go right. Let’S go hunt down, some falls come on.

Turret time is turret time and i’ve got a big turret and i’ve got all the time. There’S a player right there, i’m gon na land right on top of your building and uh. Well, we’ll see what happens next. Hopefully we don’t just suddenly die, we’ll see. What’S he oh we’d suddenly die.

We believe that maybe we don’t who’s next hear them. Are they dude coming for you dude? That was weird, octane was afk, he probably crashed and the roof was still inside. Hey boy, they’re, all dead, now, oh bigger backpack, to store basically nothing more out, accelerants and meds. Oh my goodness!

Oh it’s accelerants! Where are you all accelerants? Where are you we’ve been getting out here? We can jump down or we could climb up there and shoot them from a distance. Oh, my god, i’m ready for it.

Dude, let’s go rings. Close ten seconds got my lang, i’m good! I’M gon na get closer dude. I see you blah thunder coming for you. Fighting dude ah, was that an accident whoa, don’t understand that boy turn around.

It’S just gon na run away right, as i just put that down, we randomly need it. I think we won’t anyone else. I’Ve run out of accelerants, so i’d like to find another better go like a runoff way, because i need to find somewhere. Oh shots. Oh look at this dude all right!

Look at this guy! Just sitting there bro nice there’s the gibby squad over there. Let’S go, let’s go, let’s go. Do you have enough accelerant? No, you don’t all right!

There’S only one thing we can do put it in placement mode. Let’S go oh dude. Ah, no. We need to escape where’s the nearest charge tower bro unless they have accelerants, but they probably don’t. No.

They don’t uh aiming at me. There’S some scary stuff go, go, go! Go no when everyone’s aiming at me. Ah, no dave like we’ve. Never strafed before go, go.

Go go: go! Oh, my god! Oh accelerants! No, okay, okay, okay, we fly dude, we fly fly out of here. There’S none and probably on the run.

Come on. Let’S just get the runoff simple thing. Right! There go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go! There’S!

Players everywhere, okay jump tower to jump tower dude. So we need to do that. Fighting man if i had it not accelerant, to jump into the action. We do not fine, but just wait. We could wait it out, there’s no accelerant on that ship.

Well, only one way to find out no, not like that. Oh that was close. Yes dude, oh my god! The luck! Let’S go!

That’S a player! Hi whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa whoa! I realize i don’t really need it now! There’S here. Maybe i do need it.

It’S 92 dude all up in this building everyone’s just a rampage king today aren’t they ow ow ow out ow. This is fine. You wan na try that again, oh dear dude, what’s the chances, these guys have our tolerance very low right yep? What do you got? Power finder, nobody carries out accelerants because they’re useless go, go, go, go, go, run off, oh it’s out of the ring.

Oh no do we have. We do have two heat shields dude. I think it’s worth it man. It’S got ta go there. They don’t have accelerants in the um care packages right ow, i’m not a baby, i’m just making those noises because i’m in pain, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah.

I get it dude. We pop the uh. I think. Should we just go here and then pop the phoenix? I think that makes the most sense.

It won’t be here for long we’re already. 45. That’S right! We got ta. Do this all right here we go dude, there’s just people everywhere, shooting with rampages man all right.

We got to play it safe now, i said no accelerant could have been, could have been all right got her out. There are no more oh towers here, sorry charge towers, actually, basically the same thing there used to be one artillery, but they removed it um. What i’m going to do is because nobody has alt accelerants. That means we can assume that people haven’t looted them. So we’re going to kind of skirt the outskirts of the ring here.

Um, try and like potentially get on that the ship, the ship’s not in the ring. Okay, still i’d rather go around this way how people left you know, um i mean to our accelerants – would save my life three three. We need really okay, there’s rampaging rampages rampaging on all day long. Do you want to get up here we’re down here all right, i’m gon na remember to set up my walls here if there’s just people standing right next to me run if we can get an angle on them. Okay, this is good that there’s a fight here, because we can potentially sneak behind them.

We’Re in the ring here already go. Why are you doing trying to fly out of here? Boy whoa did not kill the player there we go. Thank you. Thank you.

Go around the other way we’re fighting on the other side. We have one accelerant. If we recharge this now, how much is it gon na give us we’re gon na? Do it dude? Okay?

So we don’t have to wait too long. This is gon na be 75 percent. This way we have full ammo. Five squads left four full duos dude. I swear this place always has a millionaire accelerants.

Please bless me. All right got the ring on our side. Only 10: okay, okay, okay, okay people have been here close that door and just wait here: okay, come on 95.95 there’s! Nobody in there.

There is someone in there. Okay, that’s a problem. One’S got occupying that building dude get out of there dude the trier squad. How do we do this push me come on no people fighting over there? Yes, what’s this, what’s this some kind of push they still in that building, i need to move well.

I know there could be an entire squad in here, but i think they left. Oh huge beauties left this building for me seriously. That’S completely fine! I’M not too bothered there’s only three ways you can get in this building and i’ve got them all covered question. Is i’ve got a full thing, but i can’t charge oh they’re coming they’re on my roof above me, dude just trying to get an angle on me.

Yeah knock him down for me, knock him down. Yes, thank you. Thank you hard rifle boys over there. A little bit problematic, oh the other squad there, not seeing them. Oh man, we got 65 bullets left.

It’S like. I need our accelerants man, oh they’re, moving over to that building, yeah yeah yeah fighting! That’S great! That’S great! That’S great, but we need accelerants.

Please please! Please your life like no lifeline. Why, as soon as they have like one bullet left, i need to put the turret down. It’S the only way and i really hope they fight each other or we could wait till they fight and then use the final bullets. But we’ve been scanned, that’s not a good start.

Really, not a good start! He’S looking at me and it’s the charge rifle boy where’s. Everyone else. Man coming for me. Oh no where’s the other squad.

Dude go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go! We’Re dead, dude why’s, the other squad. Why are they fighting each other dude? Why are they fighting each other? No, why are they fighting each other?

Oh, it was just a solo. Ah, that’s why all right! Everyone! That’S it! I tried my best.

I’Ve been playing all day i just haven’t been able to get into the server so i’ll have to try. Another time hope you enjoyed thanks for watching cheerio

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