Apex Legends – The Flatline is BETTER Than You Think – Here’s How to Use it Effectively


Hey everyone, I hope you’re well. It turns out the Flatline is actually pretty Good, and I’m about to explain how you can use it effectively. So, there are two reasons people turn it down. One, the effective DPS isn’t as good as, say, the R-301 or R-99. And two, the recoil is disgustingly bad. Well, I’ll be talking about why the DPS may actually be beneficial and also how you can easily make the recoil controllable.

So, first, what makes the Flatline special? Well, it’s a pretty high damage full auto weapon. It has 16 damage per shot, making it the strongest full auto assault rifle. DPS Wise, the light ammo weapons are of course better, and pure damage wise, the LMGs are better. However it’s much more stable longer range in comparison to the LMGs, which is where the Flatline does better in my opinion. And the extra damage means that sometimes the effective time to kill is quicker than an r-99, because who’s hitting every shot on every target anyway? With a slightly slower Shot per second, you have a weapon that’s surprisingly easy to control and readjust in the middle of firing. What does that mean? Well, it’s fairly easy to adjust your aim and hit those headshots at quite long distances. Put on a 2x optic and the headshot potential is increased at longer ranges too. Now, the flatline can do between 24 and 32 damage per headshot, depending on the helmet your enemy is wearing. With the previously mentioned slow fire rate, you can effectively knockdown players far faster than many other weapons because you have a little more time between shots to keep adjusting.

And, what’s great is the magazine size is large enough that you can often take down multiple opponents with one mag, or at least one opponent, which is something the R-99 and R-301 fail to do at times. That reload can often be enough time for that player to get behind cover. This isn’t such a problem with the Flatline. So how can we use it effectively. I’d say pair it with a 1x optic and aim down sight with it up to about 100 meters for the best use case. You can hipfire the flatline quite effectively, but i’d say it’s best to aim down sights unless you’re right up in people’s faces. It’s quite easy to get headshots even when hipfiring if you’re right next to somebody, because once again, the recoil is quite easy to control because the bullets fire slower.

I know what you’re thinking. Wait, the flatline recoil is easy to control? Are you sure about that? Well, here’s the thing, there are two stats that determine how the Flatline performs. You have vertical recoil and Aim Drift. The vertical recoil is quite significant, sure but it’s easy to pull down to counter it, much easier than an r-99 and I’d say even easier than the R-301 because it fires slower. However, most people throw away the flatline because of another problem. The aim drift. Often mistaken for extra recoil, This is a stat that determines how much a weapon swings side to side as you shoot it. The aim drift on the Flatline is terrible, and it is the one thing that makes it fall off from being a top tier weapon in my opinion. However, if you pair the flatline with a Stock, the aim drift is reduced.

Get a level 3 stock and aim drift is effectively gone. In this case, you now have a weapon that is slow firing enough to quite easily hit targets, and hopefully target’s heads. You have a weapon that has very good damage per shot, and a large magazine, so you’re not forced to reload constantly. And sure, the DPS isn’t as good as the R-301 and R-99, but you can more constantly hit more consecutive shots because it’s so much easier to control the recoil. And what’s great is players get hit hard by it. When you get two or three headshots in a row, you can do a crazy 90 damage, which really throws players off. Seriosuly, give the Flatline a try. Find a purple stock, and throw on a 1x or 2x scope, then go try and aim for people’s heads.

I always find that going for headshots in Apex Legends is very difficult because people are always moving so fast, but when you get into those strafe battles, the Flatline is an excellent choice. You have more time to adjust your aim and the recoil never throws you off as long as you have a good stock. I’d still stay up close the R-99 will win pure 1v1s, so the Flatline’s most effective engagement distance is probably about 50 meters. So, if you plan to use the Flatline, make sure you pair it with something that’s a little more effective up close. So there we have it, the Flatline is certainly better than people make it out to be, and whilst it may not compare to the pure DPS output of an R-99 or R-301, at medium range encounters, it’s surprisingly easy to line up headshots because of it’s slow fire rate, which can shred through players health faster than perhaps any other weapon in the game.

The best loadout would either be to have a Flatline and R-99 or Peacekeeper so that you can cover medium and close range distances. With this loadout, you have to be able to close the gap safely though. Alternatively, you could go for a longbow and flatline, but with this you’d need to be able to learn to stay at a decent distance, because up close you may lose out to the SMGs and shotguns. In a pinch, the Flatline can work well up close, but you really have to get those headshots or you’ll definitely lose to high DPS weapons. So that’s it, what are your thoughts on the Flatline? I suggest you go try it in game and let me know what you think.

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