Apex Legends – The Ultimate Season 4 Ranked Guide, Get More Wins! (The Mastering Series)


My life, what’s up legends, my name is quake V and welcome back to the mastering series is a series we do in this channel about teach you everything and anything about APEC slugs, and today we are we talking about specifically the ranked mode in a season 4 And everything you need to do in order to be playing the most optimally and rank up as fast as possible in this season. So if you guys are hype for that, stick around now ranked bro the season is played completely differently than it was last season.

Last season, ranked mode was played super aggressively. You kind of just took every fight that you saw and because of this, you had to play in a very aggressive Manor or you got rolled over by other teams. Now this season, it is completely different. People are playing a lot more seriously, a lot more safer they’re, taking positioning they’re, holding houses and they’re playing legends that aren’t as aggressive so there’s definitely a completely new meta and a completely new way that you need to play rank this season than you were last Season in order to rank up as fast as possible before you get into it into that, make sure to go. Do me a huge favor go down below hit that, like button, tell us video a ton as well as subscribe to the channel if you’re new. Here we make guides and gameplay videos just like this on the channel as well as hit that publication.

So you never miss a video from me also guys if you’re feeling it you can go down below, follow me on Twitch, I stream their weekly, usually apex legends. You guys to just watch me frag out when I ask me any questions that you might have about the game other than that guys, let’s get right into this season for ranked guide now. The first thing we’re going to talk about is the meta. This is important in any video game ever there’s always an optimal. You know thing that you want to use our gameplay strategies that you want to use in order to gain the most RP as possible. Now the meta this season in terms of Legends is definitely pretty different than it was last season. Last season people used a very aggressive composition, like Pathfinder rate than lifeline this season, the only character that’s still being used from last season.

The com-pub meta composition is rate. The rate is still very, very good, the season, even after the nerves, because their portal is just a super, valuable tool that can do things. No other ability and no other blood kin can, in the games array this still a must-have the game, the other two legends that have been brought into the light this season, our Gibraltar and Watson. Now, Watson, we actually saw a bit of in season two ranked down if you guys remember back on Kings, Canyon and she kind of fell off in season three. She wasn’t used as much, but this season she’s definitely back in action and it’s being used a lot. So it’s really for the best possible legend combo you’re gon na, be you want to be using a wraith Watson and Gibraltar. That is the go-to, try hard combo for the most RP and you know fastest ranking possible. Now there are some wild cards that you can use to throw in, and if you have any friends that specialize these legends, they can definitely get some value in your games.

Those wild cards are Pathfinder and crypto. Crypto and Pathfinder are two very good legends in the right hands, but you really need to know how to use a Pathfinder he’s, definitely a more easier legend to use. But the thing is path: hitbox is pretty big and he doesn’t provide as much value as say. A Gibraltar or Watson when it comes to playing a safer route that apex Legends ranked, is now it’s not as aggressive anymore, so path fighters and see as much value but crypto, on the other hand, does see as much value on his ultimate can be very, very Useful, if you know how to use own, I do have a crypto guy to my channel. If you were trying to figure out how to use crypto in your games. He’S also got some nice buffs recently that have made him a lot more effective in apex. Ranked now in terms of weapons, I would say the same weapons from last season are still just as relevant r9 peacekeeper, especially peacekeeper is so good and wingman are still absolute game. Changers they’re amazing weapons, and if you pick them up, you definitely can’t go wrong with them. There are some new weapons that have kind of started to shine.

The prowler got a nice little buffer. You can find a select-fire is actually very, very good and actually can contest with the r9 9. In some cases. Another weapon that has kind of in the light is the L star, the L star not having to reload anymore. It only has that overheat. So if you managed over here, you can literally shoot infinitely with this weapon. The L star is very, very good and a pick that you could definitely use in ranked also the new weapon. The Sentinel is very, very good when it is charged up when it’s not charged with the battery. It can be a little bit weak, but it whitney is charged. You can actually one-shot any armor in the game with a body shot, and that is very, very useful. When you’re pushing teams in ranked mode, all you need sometimes is a cracked armor in order to win a fight, so the Sentinel is definitely another, a weapon that you could use in apex legends season 4. Now next up, let’s go over. How exactly should be playing throughout the game? So there’s an early game, there’s a mid game as an endgame in apex. Let’S rank now, let’s start off with early game, so early game is usually when you are dropping out of the dropship.

So this is the start of the game. You usually want to pick a spot where there’s only one other team will go go into why that is in a second, so pick a spot where there’s one only one of the team contesting. If you can, if you can’t that’s perfectly fine, but you basically don’t want to drop a super super hot early game, because if you’re dropping super high next to a lot of different teams, you’re, basically just banking on orangey or basically its banking, that you get a Better weapon and better armor than the enemy and a lot of times, that’s definitely not going to happen. Banking on orangey isn’t a wise decision a lot of times just kind of 50/50 in your games and you’re gon na get those 60s very often, which is gon na make you hard makes it could make it very hard to rank up. So, when you’re dropping out of the dropship early game make your drop in a place where either there’s no teams are just one other team. But I would definitely say one other team is better and the reason for that is because you want to get some early game kill points.

If you can, you want to get two to three kill points for each player on your team and to do that you would want to take a fight early, take a fight where you know you know the enemy isn’t super looted yet, and you guys can take That fight early game, where most likely there won’t be any third parties because of the other teams are also looting up, are also taking fights of their own. So an early game fight is definitely the safest one in terms of not one yet third party and securing some early game points that will stack up in in in the multiplier as you get higher in your placement. So early game drop in a place. Where is only one of the team get looted and try to take that fight?

Get some early game points for your team. Now mate game is gon na be very, very slow. Mid game is definitely a slowest part of Apex, basically mid game. All you want to do is go to the where you think zones gon na end, which, by the way knowing endgame zones and apex, is a very, very useful tool. If you haven’t started memorizing endzones, you should definitely start doing that, and basically all that is is just memorizing where the zones go to land based on the you know, the bigger zones that you see – and you know the competitive players have definitely already got to the Point where they’re memorizing, the general location of where zones get an end and what that does is it makes it so you can take position early on and be in a better position, and anyone else is because you’re memorized, where that zone is now.

This is also where Pathfinder comes into play, where he can be that wildcard pick, because you can use those survey beacons. Tell you exactly where the zone is gon na land, if you hit enough of them but yeah, so a mid game is basically just you want to loot up more and try to avoid fights. You want to avoid fights mid game, because this is a prime third party time. Everyone’S gon na be third partying, mid game and you’re gon na be very, very, very at risk to third parties. If you try to take any fight in mid game, so I would say mid game just you know. If you got your couple points early game, try to avoid fights loot up as much as you can and go. Take a good position. Don’T leave that position and just try to you know, put other teams at disadvantage, while you’re at an advantage and I’ll just say poke as much as you can now, after a mid game with your looted up and you’ve taken the good position. Now you go into endgame now, and game is actually the most difficult part of Apex.

You need to make some very laughs. You know this. You make some decisions kind of in the heat of the moment, but basically you want to take the best of the best positioning, possibly Kansa, where Watson is very, very good. You know, Watson, Watson, trap it up hold fences everywhere is very very good. Gibraltar is also very good here for open zones or some zones that don’t have any cover. Do you need that Gibraltar dome? Are you really get lasered by every team when you try to move into the zone so late-game like?

I said you want to take a position, and this is when those support characters like Gibraltar, Watson really shine and now also rate is very, very good here, because for that last zone that tiny little zone, this is when you want a prime, a portal, the Wraith Primary portals basis is going back and forth back and forth with your portal and then ending the portal inside the last ring, and what this will do is alight you’ll in and out and in and out, without taking massive snow damage and stalling endgame, so that you Are basically stalling and not getting shot while everyone else is in the middle of the rink fighting it out, you’re just going back and forth your portal and then you can pop pop in your portal and try to finish off the last couple. People – and this is basically just called priming reporter with Wraith – is very, very useful, so n games, all gon na, be on your decision making and what you do in the heat of the moment is good to determine how good you do end game and whether you Win or not, you have to be very careful with the fight to take endgame.

In fact, usually you don’t want to take fights end game until you absolutely have to when the zone is forcing you to take fights just hold your position and if other teams are fighting, that’s great, because you’re gon na get better placement than those teams, but yeah Guys overall, just make sure you’re playing more passive, the season, W key a lot less. The blessd fights you take the better mid game, because the less chance you’re gon na get third party. Trust me this season. If you try to take a fight mid game, the chances of you getting third party are like 90 to 95 %, at least at the high ranks. That’S how it is for me, so you definitely want to play more passively mid game. Get those get those points early game when you’re less likely to get third party and there’s play positioning play for placement, but other than that guys. That is the season for rank.

I know hope you guys enjoyed the video if you did make sure it down below hit that, like button lets, me know that he was helpful and you guys enjoyed the video as well subscribe to the channel in terms of bail notifications. So you guys never miss a video from wha. Also guys, like, I said, make sure to check out my twitch. If you have it in ice cream their weekly. I love to answer your questions. You guys might have. Are you guys and just watch me frag out and some apex legends bothering that guys? Thank you so much for watching my video wish you guys all the best of luck in apex in season 4 and I’ll see you guys in the next one [ Music, ]