Apex Legends Tips | Which Legends Should You Target First? Prioritizing in Team Fights!


Hey everyone, I hope you’re well. I wanted to cover a topic that I think a lot of people don’t really mention. Which Legends you should target first in a fight in Apex Legends and why it matters to pick your targets. Obviously not all team will have the same Legends, but I’ll go through the list of all 9 Legends and explain which ones should be targeted first and why. Before we get into the Legends, though, remember that winnings fights is often about picking battles and gaining health and player advantages. So, if you can isolate and focus a level 3 armor player and steal it for your team, great. If the entire team is coming at you at once, it actually makes more sense to down the lower level armor first because they’ll go down quicker. Okay, let’s look at how I’ve ranked the Legends. Keep in mind, this ranking is designed to help you ensure you have the player and health advantage as quickly as possible. So, unless a Legend provides a specific tactical advantage, typically the Legends that are objectively the easiest to kill are the best choice.

So up first, we have Lifeline. This one is pretty self explanatory. Let her live and she’ll heal up far faster than everybody else. Not only that, but her faster shielded revives means she has more of a chance to get up players in the middle of a fight. It’s very wise to target a Lifeline first because she’s the one Legend that makes it hard to maintain a health or player advantage in a fight. I’d actually go as far as to say that sometimes it’s worth thirsting a low health or downed Lifeline to ensure she’s out of the fight and can’t flip the scripts in terms of health when you least expect it. Up next, we have Octane. The reason for this is that there’s always the chance that he may have lower health due to his stim. Pair that with the fact that his tactical recharge is so fast it means that he can be a very effective flanker that can surprise you at any time. Taking down the Octane first will keep things more managable for sure.

For third pick, we have Mirage. Mirage doesn’t have a disengage, so taking him down is pretty easy, and a great way to put the fight in your favor. A Mirage can use his ultimate, of course, but that gives you time to either hunt him down or quickly turn your attention to the remaining players, because Mirage will have put his team into a 2v3 for a short time effectively. Up next, we have Bloodhound. Without an effective Disengage, besides their ultimate, it can be quite an easy kill if you target a Bloodhound together.

The great thing about Mirage and Bloodhound is that their hitboxes and animation sets are some of the easiest to hit, besides the two big bois of course, so they’re a great first choice once you’ve eliminated Lifeline and Octane. The next choice is split between Wraith and Bangalore. On the one hand, Bangalore can be an easier target because her hit box and animation set isn’t as ridiculous as Wraiths, but a Bangalore with her passive active can be a nightmare to deal with, and pair that with her smokes, it can be quite disastrous. It depends really on your preferences for these two, but if you’re playing with friends or a communicating team, make sure you communicate which one you are targeting so that you can focus her together.

Next up is Pathfinder. Once again, he’s a nightmare to hit and can cause devastation in battles. The reason he is so low on the priority list, though, is because his hitbox is at the point where you can effectively throw 300 to 400 damage at him before he is dead because it’s so hard to hit him. Those shots would be more beneficial going into other Legends first. Finally, we have the big bois. These two are last because a Gibraltar and Caustic have a longer time to kill. If you’re out in the open, you should go for the Caustic first.

Without a shield like Gibraltar, it’s essentially just 10% more damage that needs to be dealt. However, if a caustic is in a building, you should try to deal with him last because his zoning capabilities indoors can completely turn the fight against you. Let him sit in his gas, do his thing, and come back to him afterwards. I’d say go for Gibraltar last in most cases because not only does he soak up more damage but a well timed shield can mean an extra 75 damage is soaked up too. Gibraltar’s total damage could equal up to much more as well if he is lucky enough to soak up a peacekeeper or a couple longbow shots.

So, in summary, that’s my list for prioritising targets. Of course, this is just a rough guide. In the middle of combat, it’s never easy to just pick out certain targets, but in instances where you get the jump on a team and you have the opportunity to make the first shots, this guide may be viable. You can use this as a priority list for when communicating with teammates or when playing solo. It’s also somewhat based on my own experience. In your personal experience, you may find a specific legend too difficult to take down, so it may be best to leave them till last.

Essentially, the end goal is to do as much damage as quickly as possible, and bring down players one by one as quickly as possible. So, if you can avoid engaging on say, a Wraith, because her hitbox is so small, you can instead focus on a Mirage and Bloodhound first, and then you’re not wasting time that could have been used to put the fight into a 3v2 on your side. Hopefully this video has given you something to think about when you next play Apex Legends. What do you think of this priority list? Let me know your thoughts.

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