Best Gold Weapons Combo In Season 4 Apex Legends


Everyone, I hope, you’re well, so, like every new season, there is a new batch of gold weapons in season 4. This season we got the havoc: the pre 2020, the Sentinel, the Prowler and the r3 r1, and in this video we get a combo of gold weapons that I think works really really well. In my opinion, this is the best golden weapon loadout in the game and I’ll show you it in this gameplay. Now you can easily find these weapons these days on the train you know like in previous seasons. It was very difficult to do.

You had to fight your way through the hot drop zone, but now that there’s so many golden weapon spawns in the Train and even sometimes in the cargo drones. Can I go weapons isn’t so hard, so you can actually try and fight your way to get a load up like this. So that being said, let’s jump into it. Alright lava fissure. It is, then it’s been a while, since we came here, I’m quite a fan. I really like lava fissure. I don’t know why. I guess there’s like multiple levels. You know I love kind of dropping down into the other levels.

Nobody seems to expect that yeah yeah, that’s always good. All right charge rifle not the best thing to land on, but I make do event. Ok, octo one nice, that’s better got ta, say the other one. Still after all this time, even up turn out. Oh Dan. That’S not good, even after enough, it’s still very good, very versatile weapon for sure I like it more than the Scout after the recent scout. Now I’ve got some people all right. Let’S just go just go for it. Give you a little tickle there you go. Alright seems they’re very heavily engaged. Oh I see what you’re doing. I see what you’re doing nice purple armor hand it over come on there. We go. You told you through the door, somehow we’re gon na love it this armor quickly. Oh god, what I’m gon na get it get it. We got this yeah there. We go yeah kind of problem. Just give me a second friends.

Okay, you can fight in a minute I’ll show you! I understand they. Actually let me here. Okay, what did you just? Do what’s going on alright, some ammo that has no ammo, you are low. Oh, she didn’t jump down, ah good job, good job. I would have sure I was sure she would have jumped down, but she kept running brave. Oh take that golden golden r31 beautiful, oh yeah, this is a problem. It’S like no ammo, none, seven bullets; actually, okay, yeah! That is a bit of an issue, in fact, yeah. Let’S take that we have ten bullets for the charge rifle as opposed to zero. For the EPA it’s looking pretty thin. Ah there you are wondering where you went nice see if you got some ammo for us, then do with some light. Ammo. Oh okay, never golden weapon! Awesome! P! 2020 Arthur! I won! This is gon na, be fun like this combo, it’s gon na be good.

I feel like this is like the replacement to the iron 99p. 2020. I don’t know it’s still good. It’S still very good, but let’s see taking a bit of a nerf and fact that it’s not so long range. That is not good as a waste of a grapple right there. You know what I don’t want to want to use the totem honestly, I think we’re fine hello, bye-bye you’re, very low on ammo. Don’T you have some friend now nine bullets? That is what we al as painful right. Nine, more bullets, perfect. Where, where are they all right? Well, let’s just go for it. Let’S just do it feeling pretty brave may as well see what we can do with 11 shots holes. You are very involved right there. Okay, that was the ineffective way to use those weapons but hey, and there is some way um. Oh nice, awesome there we go now. We are looted up all right, don’t really bother to the vault key I’ll, be honest, got tons of stuff already, it’s never went live, let’s just go for it. Go go: go, keep up the pace, its amount of ammo, and that is a rock that I was stuck on.

Okay, oh, I see yeah and that’s unfortunate. Okay, okay, you can do this. Oh this revenant, all right go them backpack! All right! Let’S just stick this: let’s stick it all right awesome, let’s get healed up, pretty good, an ammo now, just in meds, I guess feel like like a most so comment so yeah this combo works very well. I don’t know if there’s a better golden weapon combo I mean there’s some nice garden weapons. The Sentinel is obviously a lot of fun. The Prowler is cool, but I don’t know if anything quite beats.

This combo r3 o 1p 2020. This might be the best, in my opinion, I feel like this is the best in season four. It’S just such a good synergy. Yeah, that’s my favorite, but I happily have this every single game. You know just nice, perfect weapons, very versatile, great, are just mowing. People down yeah can’t get much better than that. All right, we’ll go check out the harvester. Why not? I don’t know how I feel about this place, though it’s like really open. I talked about this before and my stream, it’s like really large, really open.

All of the errors are very isolated, which means, if there’s a fight, then you’re not gon na, be able to get there quick enough to actually get engaged in it and that’s a good design choice, because it means that partying is less common here. But somehow it just breaks the flow of what I’m used to in Apex, and I don’t know I’d rather be the third party and accept that third parties might come and they just don’t exist. You know what I mean: it’s just the nature of Apex. At this point so yeah I don’t know well designed area, but it’s like bubble, as my mind, doesn’t feel like apexis Harris is strange. Oh that’s rude seems pretty dad at it. Think anyone even landed here, everything’s unlooted the ring. Can we get the final guards and we have full gold? Can we do it? No, but this is that for revenant? Okay, that’s cool! That’S pretty good!

Guy! Okay! You are ready to go. Here’S somebody. Where are you yeah? That was bad. I felt terrible. We had the best loadout in the game when we left it. Oh yeah. This is a bad idea. Revenant you are gon na, have a trouble on your hands. No, that parties ahoy like I said it is the nature of Apex. Alright, everybody. Thank you. So much for watching, I hope you enjoyed this video, that kind of showcases the Arthur 1 and P 2020. I feel like that game ended a bit prematurely, which is a shame, because that was such a good loadout yeah. Definitely if you want to get this just land on the train, you’re gon na get like 1 2, sometimes even three go to weapons there. So yeah, that’s what I’m gon na do more. I want this load out as much as possible. Alright, everyone, I see you in the comments cheerio