*BEST* Pistol in Apex Legends|Wingman vs P20 vs RE-45 |Apex Legends Season 6


Hello guys and welcome to the bracesquad if youre new, here, hi hello, bonjour, my name is Brace and i post weekly apex legends Content pleasure to have you here so consider, subscribing if youre into that and click on the notification bell, so that you never miss an Upload that would help me out a ton for todays video. I will be going over the pistols in apex legends because i think many people are sleeping on the Pistols. So let me just quickly go over some of the advantages pistols have over other weapons. The first advantage the pistols have is that they allow you to have the maximum strafe speed while aiming down sights other weapons like lmgs and snipers. Make you a sitting duck while you ads and Apex is heavily movement based.

The second advantage is that Pistols allow space for more items in the bag because they generally consume less ammo than any other weapon type. So if you run pistols, you’ll have more space to carry meds and nades and other miscellaneous items. The third advantage the pistols have is that Pistols require few attachments to make them viable and they can be dependable off. The drop, unlike a longbow lets, say, which has 4 attachment slots and requires you to loot the entire map in order to make the gun viable. So the last advantage, i think the pistols have is that they’re common to find because many people dont prefer using them and will most skip them up.

So yeah, more loot for you. So, just like my previous shotgun video i’ll just quickly go over the advantages and disadvantages each of the pistols have and leave it up to you to decide whats best for you Starting off the list is the Wingman. This is arguably the most lethal pistol (, even weapon ) in Apex Legends, some even call it the “ Mini-Kraber”. The first advantage the wingman has over the other wingman has over the other guns is that it guarantees high damage and when you equip it with a skull, piercer hopup, it can take down an enemy in as few as two shots making it one of the best Guns in the game, as you can see here in the firing range im just hitting for 90s and 101s headshots – are very lethal with the wingman, especially if it has a skull, piercer hopup. Second, the wingman is a gun, that’s dependable for 1v3s, as it allows you to put off high damage on the enemies in as little time as possible, so the enemies will be inclined to stay back and heal, and this will allow you to split the 1v3 into A 1v2 or even a 1v1, maybe so, if youre a solo player and would like to have an easier time while 1v3ing consider picking up the wingman third, the wingman is effective in close and medium range and can even deal poke damage at long ranges. You just need the right sight to use personally im in love with the 1 times hcog on the wingman, but many others use the 2 times and they kick ass with it, so just find whatever youre. Ok with and you’ll be a beast with the wingman.

Even the ironsights on the wingman are decent to use, unlike some weapons like the G7 scout. The only negative the wingman has is that it has a high skill cap and requires a lot of practice to become good with it. Otherwise, youll just be shooting blanks and getting clapped. The next weapon in review is the RE-45 A.K.A, the “ Budget R99”, the firt plus of the RE, is that its a machine pistol? That means basically its semiauto and basically shoots like a submachinegun, but has all the advantages. The pistols have the advantages i mentioned before that i told you in the beginning of the video second, the re45 has one of the fastest reload animations or maybe even “, THE” fastest reload animation in Apex. This is helpful in out damaging an enemy, as you can put off more damage on them, while they are still reloading, and this has come in clutch so many times for me, while im in a 1v1. The last advantage the RE has, in my opinion, is that its recoil is so easy to control.

It only has a vertical recoil, so all you have to do is pull down and the gun will become a laser, and you also dont have to pull down very much just slightly pull down and its easy to control. Yeah. The last gun i’ll be going over today is the P2020. Many people assume this and the mozambique are the worst guns in the game, but i feel that they’re wrong. First of all, the p20 is hands down THE best secondary loadout when it has the hammerpoint hopup attached to it. Hammerpoints bascially take off more damage from enemies who are unshielded. I like to use the crypto emp with the P20 to take off the shields with the emp and finish off the enemies with the hammerpoints, its actually a nasty strat. Second, the p20 is the best ammo conserving gun in the game. I already mentioned that pistols consume the least ammo, and the P20 tops the list, because hammerpoints can down an enemy in approximately 10 shots at max.

I think its 10, THe disadvatage the P20 has, is that it heavily relies on the hammerpoints to be viable. If you try running the P20 without hammerpoints you’ll, just end up sad and frustrated, So that was it for todays video. Let me know what you think of it: what Pistol is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below oh and fun fact: the mozambique is also a pistol, apparently its a “ shotgun-pistol”. So if a shotgun and a pistol had a baby, it would be a mozambique. I apologise for my terrible jokes but yeah. If you liked the video be sure to leave it a thumbs up and help the channel and the video in search results, share the video to your friends and teammates. If you found it helpful and Subscribe, if you haven’t already, it makes me so happy when i see the subcount increasing and im motivated to continue making videos. I wish you all have a Lovely day, see you in the next one Ciao.

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