Best shotgun in Apex legends|Mastiff vs PK |Apex Legends Season 6


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Let’S get straight to the video. So ever since the peacekeeper went into the care package that was in season 5, i believe many people have been debating on which was the strongest shotgun in apex, and the debate has always revolved around the pk and the mastiff. Maybe some few people bring in the eva, but we all know the mozambique is a meme. That gun is the worst against the game, even though they buffed it through for shots, it’s still very terrible. So i made this video to help. You know the strengths and weaknesses of the two, the pk and the massive, and you can make the decision for yourself on which shot. Then you want to run which shot than you think is the best.

So we’ll start off with the mastiff, the mastiff was introduced into apex as a care package weapon and got dropped into the ground loot in season 5 and the following are disadvantages. First off you can shoot the mastiff as you reload, and you don’t have to wait for the typical long and annoying reload animation of the shotguns. This can be helpful when you get someone really low and just need to hit that one shot to finish. The move. Can be really helpful? Second, the mastiff chokes bullets faster. So, if you didn’t know when you aim down sides to the mastiff, the bullet spread is concentrated and the spread is reduced. This is instant, unlike the pk, which takes some time to get fully choked next up. The mastiff has a large spread and can hit multiple enemies at once, so the only disadvantage i feel the mastiff has is that it kicks back hard and centering. It back takes some getting used to, especially if it doesn’t have a shotgun bolt.

Moving on to the pace keeper, the first advantage the pk has over the mastiff is that it guarantees high damage when you hit your shots, unlike the mastiff, which can sometimes hit for 14, when you’re hip firing at close range because of the large bullet spread. You know the bullets will go to other directions on the enemies. Just at your face. Second point is that the peacekeeper works well, both less, i mean without a bulge. Now i know if you’re a new player, you must be thinking but take peacekeepers, a care package weapon.

Yes, it is but before that it was a ground weapon and you could run it equally well without the bolt it was a very meta weapon in high ranked and competitive apex. The next thing about the peacekeeper is the cool and satisfying reload animation. If you didn’t know it, when you do one action with the right hand and reload the peak at the same time saying maybe the octane steam revenant, totem or bungalow smoke, there’s this awesome reload animation of spinning the pk. That’S so awesome! It just gives me those wild west cowboy vibes, and i just thought i’d include it in the list. It would be a disgrace not to include it. The disadvantage, i think the pk has is that it has a higher skill cap, and that makes it hard for newer players to use. I usually have many random teammates that keep up the care package pk and instead bring it up for me, which i obviously take, because they fear they’ll choke with it. Yes, pun intended anyway, that was it for today’s video.

Let me know what shotgun you think is. The best in the game is it the pka, the master, the eva h, maybe or maybe even the mozambique. I don’t know there may be some mozambique means among us too, leave your thoughts in the comments below i’d really love. To hear from you. Please leave a like if you enjoyed the video share, the video to your friends and teammates. If you learnt anything from the video subscribe, if you haven’t read, it really mean a lot and that’s all from me have a lovely day: [ Music ]. You are the apex champions.

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