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Can You Make Gibraltar Viable? | Crouch Tricks and Movement – Apex Legends Off Meta Plays


Hey everyone, I hope you’re doing great. Off Meta Plays is a new series where I’ll be trying to take legends or weapons that people consider low tier, and trying new ways to make them work. I’ll start with Gibraltar, and a unique way to potentially make his hitbox the smallest in the game. Well, sort of. First though, let me talk about moot. They’ve been nice enough to sponsor this video. Moot is a brand new app that makes it easy to find the perfect teammates for Apex Legends. Or other games like Fortnite, PUBG, and Call of Duty. You can choose your game, your platform, and set preferences for microphone settings. It’s also a great place to find a community of likeminded gamers. You can create posts in the community for each game, share guides, create videos, get upvotes, and earn coins to spend on sprucing up your profile. Moot is completely free and it’s available right now for iOS, Android, and PC.

I’ll put links in the description. And, to make it better, right now Moot are running a #MyApexSquad competition. For a chance to win a SteelSeries Siberia 800 Wireless Headset and $100 worth of Apex coins, All you need to do is visit the Apex Legends lounge on Moot, sign up and share which legends make the best squad. You’ve got until March 11, so make sure you get signed up today. Alright, so back to the video. So, the idea with Gibraltar is that when you crouch and aim down sights, you have very little of your body showing. In fact, it’s just the top of your head and essentially your toes. I thought maybe he could be used effectively if instead of moving about in combat, you just crouch, ADS, move left and right whilst focusing on your aim.

Gibraltar’s shield should in almost all cases soak up damage, so you may have just enough extra health points to win fights. Let’s see if it works. So, my first strategy was to just jump straight into the action, and aim down sights whilst crouching whenever I saw an enemy. Honestly, I didn’t have the best of results. Despite now having a smaller area to hit whilst crouching, I was a sitting duck. Even if i strafed left and right, my reduced movement made me an easy target. The shield worked as intended, but after 50HP it’s gone. Technically, it could tank a whole peacekeeper shot’s worth of damage, but I feel I’d do much better just playing a smaller Legend whilst moving more freely.

I didn’t want to give up, though. So I kept trying, and trying, and trying. It just wasn’t working. Perhaps I was just too used to my previous playstyle. So I kept trying even more. Eventually, I got the hang of it. And, well, was it viable? Yeah, sure. Was it better than high mobility legends with smaller hitboxes? Well, not really, but it has its uses and potential. For example, if you want to engage on somebody with a shotgun and want that extra survivability. That first shot that would usually do 100 odd damage may end up doing nothing. That’s if they actually hit enough shots to connect of course. Somehow, some players just aren’t ready for the crouching tank, shielded Gibby. This is extremely situational. You need to be backed up against a wall, or in a position where it’s hard for a player to just move behind you.

And it’s great if players push you one versus one, because you have time to reposition, set down your dome shield, or let your passive reset. But if players are the least bit co-ordinated, they can run around you, giving you no time to use your dome shield or your passive to any real potential. So, being immobile and out in the open isn’t going to cut it. You can more likely than not, dodge more than 50HP worth of damage just by strafing. Even with Gibby. If the shield had more health on it, let’s say, 150, then perhaps this playstyle this would work much better. I tried to see if this strategy would work by setting up somewhere in a building, making sure that it’s just damage versus damage, no movement benefits for the enemy.

Ultimately, I found myself just getting frustrated trying to run this playstyle. Mobility still wins overall, and you are left helpless, backed up against a corner, when fighting a well co-ordinated squad. And for the times that it worked out well for me, I was left wondering if it was even the shield or just the enemies getting caught off guard or having bad aim. I wanted to try one more thing before putting the crouching gibby tactic to rest. BHOP aiming. At least with this, you’d still have some mobility whilst getting the benefit from your shield.

I quickly learned that pulling off something like this in the middle of combat, or in a tight space was difficult. It worked, sort of, but oh my it was difficult. I learned that it was a great way to engage an enemy, but it was hard to utilize it effectively in all situations. I kept practicing with some mixed results. This was progress, though. This felt like it was working better than just crouching and aiming down sight. It gave me the ability to at least have some momentum.

I decided to keep at it to see if it could be a strategy with Gibby that could be perfected. After a lot of trial and error I found that it was actually working. In fact, I found a way that it could be used effectively, and it’s very easy to do. Simply jump, aim down sight, and go into a slide. Then, like usual, hold crouch whilst spamming jump. But don’t worry about strafing. We’re not trying to hop at good speed or for long distances here, we just want the ability to aim down sight whilst moving quicker. We get that initial 50 HP damage block from the shield, we can soak up peacekeeper shots quickly, and we have mobility, making us harder to be hit.

Now, this isn’t going to make Gibraltar as good as Wraith, but it gives him more potential until Respawn hopefully works on bringing him more in line with the rest of the Legends. I really like Gibraltar’s kit so I’d love to see some work done to him. For now, this playstyle is unique and offers a potential solution to his big hitbox. With some positioning, you could engage into fights with this technique and use your dome shield as a crutch for breaking up tense moments. Then, you have Gibraltar’s ultimate, which I’ve found to be miles better than Bangalore’s for actually bringing down damaged players after they run off to heal. Before this, I dismissed Gibraltar, but after spending a lot of time trying to put him to his best potential, I have newfound hope for him.

If you’ve watched this far, I have just one question for you. What underrated Legend, weapon, or playstyle should I focus on for the next Off Meta Plays episode? Let me know. I’ll see you in the comments. Thanks again to Moot for sponsoring this video. I’d definitely suggest checking out their platform. It’s such a great way to find new squad mates. And remember, the ApexMySquad event will run until March 11, so you’ll need to install the app and make your comment as soon as possible. Alright, thanks for watching, Cheerio!.

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