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Caustic Instakill Trap Tower Play! Unique Plays On Apex Legends


Another trial another test subject Ping: Zip line here Ping: Zip line here Go on! *Child giggles* HotDoggier says “what ur ddoing” Ping: Zip line here I’ll come get you, I’ll come get you. HotDoggier: You’re very funny. HotDoggier: Haven’t seen this trick before. Oh- no! *Spink preparing his evil plan. >:D* I wonder if anyone can see this.. Ping: Watching this area Here we go, here we go! *Insert evil laugh meme here* Sorry buddy! I’m awfully sorry! *No he’s not.* I’m kind of got done there, bud Thanks for the loot. >:D Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to a unique plays video. I’m gonna be doing a few of these and this is the caustic Insta-kill trap tower and this basically will work anywhere on the map You don’t need to be near it and you’ll still grant the kill because the enemy’s spark The gas can is instantly before they fall giving you damage before they die, which gives you the kill.

So these are brilliant But basically I’ve been doing a little bit of experiment(ing) which is pretty ironic considering it’s caustic But yeah as you can see basically you just want to stack the gas canisters on top of each other and It’s not just places like air base as you can see I’m doing it leading towards skull town. You can also do it in places like relay There’s a lot of other places you can do it then just like the two showcases I showed it and beginning but air base is one of the prime examples Relay this satellite like middle island section on top It’s gonna be especially brilliant, but the only problem is the platform’s really wide And if you just do one tower a lot of times, they’ll just go round it so it’s a bit more effort, but I would advise putting a stack of four if you were gonna try this at relay and Purely just because it’s a lot safer and guarantees their kill It takes a little bit longer, but it’s just that guarantees worth This is one of those tricks you want to be careful of though because as you can see my teammate I’m just busy looting la-dee-da and suddenly I realized he’s died and he’s walked into my own trap And he insta quit in rage.

He didn’t even let me get him pick him up So it you don’t have to be careful about that because teammates will accidentally walk into it So you might want to give them a warning or like ping the area or something and just let them know and be like hey Gas canisters type it in the chat. Be careful and I have tried Testing this out as fairly as possible and it is very difficult to jump around you can do it if it’s slightly wonky but if the Gas canisters are like dead center with the zip line is like near on impossible to get round And in that clip where I killed someone and an enemy, he was a pile finder you could have just grappled up I don’t know why he didn’t.

But I hope you enjoyed that. I’m gonna be coming out more unique plays But like subscribe and I’ll catch you soon Yeah, look at my gas canister it’s flying! Ping: We should conduct a search right here It’s because if you place it under a supply drop the supply drop lands on it and it forces it Sideways, and then it stays in that sideways motion and then keeps going. What the frick We must follow our god Praise the almighty gas canister Sorry, we should probably play this game properly Goodbye my gas canister There we go activated it it’s a flying gas cloud

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