Crucial Apex Legends Aiming Tips That You Wouldn’t Have Thought Of


Hey everyone, i hope, you’re well today, i’m going to be giving you some tips on how to have better aim and, more specifically, more consistent aim and apex legends using some tips that you may not really think about that actually outside of the game. Now this video is sponsored by a back armor. They create a back posture corrector, specifically for gamers. That’S going to help! You have a better back posture, we’ll talk more about that in a minute. There’S a link in the description.

This video is going to focus on things that you can do to yourself to improve your aim, because aim is simple: when it really comes down to it, you play something and you build a muscle memory over time, and essentially your brain just becomes really good at Doing what you want it to do, you tell it to aim at something and it aims at something it’s as simple as that. However, there are issues that get in the way of you trying to do that perfectly and we’re going to try and cut those out. So that your aim can get as consistent as possible now, if you’re a new gamer or you are recently moving to pc or something like that, you are going to just have to keep playing and over time you will build that muscle, memory, just relax and over Time it will get better. Don’T you worry in the meantime, regardless of whether you’re a noob or an experienced player, all of these tips will help now.

The first one is obvious, but it’s actually probably going to be a good reason. Why? Sometimes you don’t play that? Well, sleep is really important if you have bad sleep, your decision-making ability and your overall cognitive ability is going to drop massively, which is going to result in you having worse aim worse decision making in the game, and overall, that’s going to put you in positions where You’Re not able to rely on your aim as much so basically get well rested sleep enough if you want to have a day of gaming and you’re staying up watching tv or something too late, and then the next day you play like rubbish. That’S probably, why consider sleeping a bit more and you’re gon na see wonders in your gameplay performance surprising, but really make sure you sleep enough. Another thing to focus on is breathing. Breathing is one of the best practices i can give you for playing as consistently as possible in shooter games. Specifically, things can get a very tense and you start to clutch up and really tense your arms and your wrists, which is going to make things difficult. You may not be focusing on breathing as much and it just it restricts your ability to focus on what you’re doing and you almost let your emotions get the better of you. You you fall into this state of anxiety.

It may not even be that noticeable, but there is that state there that is going to impact your performance. The best way to break out of this is to focus on long, controlled, breathing. Just every time you feel in a panic in game or you’re, not really hitting your shots or you’re, not sure what to do just breathe, relax and just ease up your muscles and you’ll suddenly realize now. This sounds weird, but everything just slows down. You’Re suddenly able to focus on what you’re doing you’re able to make better decisions, and it just ends up being a lot better for you. If you just focus on your breathing and relax, it really does help a lot. Now i’m no scientist, but there are definitely plenty of studies on how breathing can help an athlete’s performance. Now gaming isn’t a sport in the traditional sense, but you are using your wrists and perhaps your arms at times and your cognitive ability in tandem, so they need to be working at their best performance to be able to do well. So breathing, of course, is going to help in this case too.

The next thing is a tricky one posture now posture is going to make sure that you’re not putting pressure on your arm in places that’s going to restrict movement and there’s just so many different things to talk about in this whole category, so we’re going to break It down from the wrist all the way up to your back. So first things: first, if you are on control or mouse regardless try and just keep your hands as relaxed as possible. Don’T grip too hard onto your controller! Don’T [ __ ] too hard onto your mouse? It’S going to restrict your movement and make it a lot harder to control your gameplay. Basically, stay relaxed, just try and keep your muscles relaxed as possible if you’re feeling tense just take your hands off the controller and the mouse for a minute, relax them and then continue, and it just frees up. You know there’s a lot of mental sort of stress and anxiety that builds up when you’re playing that may make you tense up. It may make it harder for you to hit your shots, and this is just something you have to be conscious of over time.

You’Ll get used to kind of relaxing up yourself and being in a more consistent state. Moving on to your arms, now this one’s more important for mouse and keyboard players, but you want to try and keep yourself the same distance from your monitor at all times, and not only that the same angle. So if you have a chair on wheels, for example, perhaps you need to mark somewhere on your desk, so you have a position where you can put your arms and they’re always going to be in that same spot, because your brain is going to build a muscle Memory for that location, right, you’re, going to be at that specific angle that specific distance you’re going to tell your brain to move, to aim and shoot at a player and your brain goes. Okay. I need to move this distance to do that, but because of that slight difference in distance or angle to your desk, that could actually be enough to make you miss your shots. So sometimes i have bad days when i’m playing really badly. I know something’s off and it’s usually because my position isn’t right.

A great example of this was one day i moved my microphone. I moved it perhaps about 10 inches to the right and because i’m always used to speaking directly into it. I actually subconsciously moved my chair. My whole posture was like at an angle to the right and it completely messed up my aim. That day until i realized wait, this is what’s wrong and then we lead to your back. Keeping a straight back is really important. Not only to ensure that you’re not putting too much strain on your arms, but also, if you’re going to be playing games a lot, then it’s going to help your posture and make sure you don’t have any bad back problems. A lot of us sit down at the desk for a long time, so this is where our sponsor back armor comes into play. What i like about back armor is it’s just a very simple to put on harness and once you’ve got it on. You can be assured that it’s going to keep your back nice and straight so you have a consistent posture which is going to allow everything else to kind of stay in place as well.

Consistent back posture, you can have a consistent arm posture. Your wrists are going to be consistent. Keeping everything as consistent as possible is going to help you to keep your aim as consistent as possible, because once we think it’s all in our brain and our mind, there’s a lot of mechanical action that happens with our body and our arms that need to stay. The same for us to perform the best as possible, so for me this was a great buy. I was actually considering getting this thing anyway, but so, if you want to get that, then it is in the description it’s available in three sizes and right now, it’s 29.95! Now, if you don’t have enough money to buy this, don’t worry you can still try and keep your posture the same one of the best ways to do. It is to stick a sticky note on the top of your tv or your screen or nearby. That’S in your line of sight that you’re going to be able to see that just says: keep your posture straight! Keep your back straight! That way, you’re not going to fall into the routine of slouching or just getting in positions that are a little awkward that could cause some strain on your back and potentially cause some more postural issues later on.

Just a constant reminder so that you prop yourself up is really going to help a lot now. We’Ve talked about consistency with our posture and our setup. Now another thing is to talk about the settings. You should keep your settings consistent as well, so many people love to change around their sensitivity and their resolution and all that stuff, if you’re gon na do that, it’s going to take a hit to your muscle memory and you’re gon na have to relearn things again. If you keep changing you’re, never really going to like get that golden spot pick a sense, stick to it and get comfortable with it. I think that on a mouse, the lower the sense, the better around perhaps two to four sensitivity and 400 dpi, i’m not sure about controller – it’s not too important on controller. As far as i understand but yeah, if you’re a controller player, leave your own feedback below on that, so other people can see it what’s interesting. To me is that people change their settings and then they think that they get a boost in performance they’re like wow.

This new setting is amazing and then perhaps a few hours or a few days later, they struggle because they’ve actually built a really good muscle memory with their old settings. So why is it that they notice the boost in performance at the beginning of changing their settings? Well, it may be down to the fact that you’re giving your brain new information to work with when you give your brain new information to work with it kind of wakes up a bit and you’re focusing more. Instead of doing everything subconsciously you’re once again having to go through the conscious stage of learning something so your brain’s woken up and you’re focusing more than you used to now. This may be a trap that you fall into because you’re playing the same game, the same style over and over again for many hours. Your brain just goes into autopilot mode. Now one easy way to change this up without actually affecting your settings is to change your skins. Change your crosshair change, your screen brightness a little bit change anything visually around you or in the game without changing your settings and your brain will have to process that new information and hopefully wake you up a bit and get you kind of consciously thinking again. If that doesn’t work, focus on your breathing, that will also help you to think more consciously more actively. Now, once again, i’m just talking from experience here.

This is stuff i’ve learned as a player who you know i can be good sometimes, but i also can be very terrible. So i’ve learned a lot of lessons through just playing myself and i guess that’s where i have an insight right. I can’t just sit at a computer and just be an absolute machine all day long, i’m not that good at the game. So i’ve learned a lot. There is probably a lot of science in this somewhere on some things and other things are just from my personal experience. So obviously none of this is factual or going to absolutely work for you, but it’s definitely worth trying now. There are two more things i want to talk about. One of them is to have less caffeine, whether it’s from coffee or energy drinks. I think that a lot of people have kind of got into the habit of amping themselves up on g fuel, getting ready for a gaming session, but actually that kind of over hyped energy is sometimes gon na make you a worse player.

You may feel like. Oh i’m so cracked, i can focus really well, but that sort of extra energy can can put your your attention and anxiety a little bit higher and in fights and sorry, i’m using the word anxiety a lot. But it’s just that level of stress right. That level of stress that level of tension when you’re in a very tense situation, if you do fall victim to that a lot, we are tensing up or you’re, just panicking or you’re, not able to focus because there’s too much going on in the game. Having a lot of coffee in your system, it’s actually going to make things worse. You want to try and calm yourself, have slow breathing eat. Well, sleep well, drink enough water and your brain will work very, very well on its own. It doesn’t need a big boost in caffeine to you know, suddenly get a boost in performance now, of course, there’s nothing wrong with drinking caffeine. I drink coffee a lot, but just don’t like take a massive dose of g fuel before you play, you can mess things up a lot for your gameplay session. Finally, sometimes it’s all just mental, sometimes it’s in your head.

Sometimes you do badly and you get into your head that you’re gon na do badly and you just make mistakes, because your mood is down, take a break. Take a reset go, do something go, do some exercise go, take a shower, go! Listen to some music, just refresh your brain and come back in 15 to 30 minutes, and hopefully things will be a lot better. Come back with a positive attitude ready to take on that day, and you know at the end of the day, if you have a bad day still, then you know some days are like that. You know some days are like that. It’S all good. So hopefully this has been a good video. Hopefully you’ve learned some things once again back armor is in the description. You can check it out there. Thank you so much for watching and i’ll see you all in the comments. [, Music, ] cheerio.

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