Explaining ALL Apex Legends their Tacticals and Ultimates under 8 minutes


Hello! This is GamingReviews, and in this video I’ll quickly explain the tactical, passive and ultimate ability from each Legend in Apex Legends. With that said, let’s start off with the first character, which is the Bloodhound. The Bloodhound is a tracker. That means that its abilities are centered around discovering enemies. His passive ability is named Tracker and allows him to see at all times clues for knowing if enemies have been close nearby or not. His tactical ability allows him to scan the area through obstacles, to see where enemy positions are. Activating his ultimate ability will enable Beast of the Hunt mode, which will highlight his senses meaning that he will see enemies in red while everything else is in gray, while being a little bit faster than normal. Next-up is the Gibraltar. Now, this is both an offensive and defensive character with very interesting abilities. For instance, his passive allows him to have a shield ANYTIME he aims down the sights with any weapon. This protects him from incoming fire and allows him to shoot enemies freely. His tactical ability allows him to deploy a drone that will create a shield, which protects you and your teammates from incoming and outcoming damage And the Gibraltar’s ultimate ability is a mortar strike on a very concentrated position, which is very similar to the Bangalore’s ultimate, but is slightly different in that the Bangalore’s has more Area Of Effect (AOE) range while his is more concentrated on a single spot.

Now next-up we have the Lifeline which is your typical medical character, which will support all your characters by keeping them alive. Her passive allows her to use healing items 25% faster on herself, while also reviving knocked-down enemies, WHILE deploying a shield, protecting you and your teammate from incoming fire. Now, her tactical ability, which is one of the better ones from all the legends is the Drone of Compassion (D.O.C.) which will heal all nearby teammates, but also enemies, when they are close to the drone. And Lifeline’s ultimate ability allows her to call in a Care Package, which will shuttle down a drone on the ground, which will contain at least contain level 2 or level 3 equipment, aside from other supportive items. Next-up we have the Pathfinder which is also a supportive character.

This is a scout which will bring a lot of mobility to your team, which also brings in a huge advantage over those who don’t have the Pathfinder. That’s what his passive is all about: it allows him to use a (survey-) beacon, to see where the next ring will be. This will be marked in green on the map. His tactical ability, which is also very interesting, allows him to use a grappling hook, pulling him towards the solid object it attaches to. This can also be used on players. And his ultimate is basically nothing more than his tactical, but on a large scale, which allows him to bind a zipline between two points for everyone to use, including your team and enemies…

Another very special legend is the Wraith, which is more of a supportive character while also being able to solo certain enemies in the right hands. Her passive is very useful which will warn you, and in turn you can warn your team, in case someone is actually aiming at you. EDIT: This isn’t an actual warning voice, but sounds similar. When you hear something like this, beware! Her tactical ability allows her to go into the void, which will shield her from ALL possible incoming damage, for a short amount of time, BUT enemies on the other hand, are also invisible to her.

Her ultimate ability is really one of the more tricky ones to use in my opinion… It allows her to create a portal, which can be used for all sorts of reasons such as creating a backup plan when everything is going bad… You can use it to go back to another location or to funnel enemies (which can also use them) to shoot at them as they come out of it. Another one of the legends is the Bangalore, which is more of an offensive character with a few supportive abilities. Her passive, for instance, allows her to move almost twice as fast for a short time, whenever she gets shot or whenever the enemy tries to engage with her, giving you a LOT of mobility to either escape, or make it more difficult for you to be hit. Her tactical is basically a smokegrenade (2 charges), which she can fire to obscure enemies’ visibility, within the smoke, or allow your team to escape more easily without the enemies being able to track you. And her ultimate ability is an artillery strike which she can call upon on her position, which will slowly come down with a lot of rockets which FIRST fire into the ground, causing already a small amount of damage, and then explode a few seconds later.

The forelast legend is the Caustic, which is an offensive character which can basically trap your ENEMIES into gas. (I said teammates but ment enemies) He also has a passive ability which is directly linked to his tactical and ultimate, but is by many considered to be one of the worst, which allows him to simply see through the Nox Gas that he deploys… His tactical can deploy a gas canister (3 charges) which contains the Nox Gas, which will hurt enemies as they come close to it as it will explode, or if it’s being shot by yourself or enemies. And his ultimate is… you know, basically his tactical but on a larger scale. It will immediatly deploy a huge grenade, that will create a big whaf of smoke which is Nox Gas, which will damage enemies between 1 to 10 damage per second.

And finally we have the last legend, which is considered by many to be the worst legend in the game, and is Mirage. He’s basically an illusionist and creates optical illusions against the enemy. His passive allows him to vanish (cloak) for a few seconds when he gets knocked-down, and also creates a decoy. And his tactical ability is mainly just that… it’s to create one decoy which looks just like you which will just continuously (can’t pronounce sorry) run in one direction so that the enemy thinks that’s you, so you can go behind their backs and shoot them, before they even know what’s happening And lastly his ultimate is just a bigger version of his tactical just as well, where he creates a number of decoys and vanishes himself, becoming almost completely invisible… So that’s it! That basically summarises ALL of the legends that are currently available in Apex Legends. So now it’s up to you to see which character fits you the most, and I hope to then see you in-game.

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