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Get the Best Settings In Apex Legends With Streamlabs OBS on Windows 10


Hey, this is Dustin with the Streamlabs team, and today we?re going to talk about how you can make adjustments to Apex Legends and Streamlabs OBS to get the best experience while streaming the game on a single PC. Apex Legends is the hottest new release in the battle royale genre, but currently isn?t optimized for single PC streaming, since the game will allocate available resources directly to the game. When Apex Legends prioritizes resources for the game, it leaves less CPU and GPU resources available for streaming software, including Streamlabs OBS. In this video we will talk about 4 things you can do to improve performance. First we will talk about optimizing the game itself.

Second we will share tips on optimizing Windows 10. Third, I will share how to tweak Streamlabs OBS to yield best streaming performance. And lastly, a reminder on updating your GPU drivers. First are some settings we can adjust within Apex Legends. Once you?re in the game, go to Settings and keep Vsync on, as this will limit the amount of frames your GPU renders to your monitor?s refresh rate, making sure your GPU doesn?t work harder than it needs to. If you decide not to turn on Vsync, you should make sure to set your Resolution FPS to cap your framerate. A Resolution FPS setting that matches your monitor is ideal.

For our example, we?ll cap framerate to 60fps, since our monitor only supports 60Hz, which means the monitor refreshes to display images 60 times in one second. If you have a monitor with a higher refresh rate, you can set it to that monitor?s refresh rate value, but if you notice streaming performance isn?t good, you may need to lower your Resolution FPS. Another thing you can do is to lower your graphics settings in Apex Legends. If you?re running at graphics settings that are too high, you may also experience lower game and/or streaming performance. You can adjust these accordingly as you test out your streams, but in our example we?ll set all of ours to low. Anti-Aliasing, will be None.

Texture Streaming Budget, will be None Texture Filtering, will be Bilinear Ambient Occlusion, will be Disabled Sun Shadow Coverage, will be Low Sun Shadow Detail, will be Low Spot Shadow Detail, will be Disabled Volumetric Lighting will be Disabled Dynamic Spot Shadows will be Disabled Model Detail will be Low Effects Detail will be Low Impact Marks will be Disabled And Ragdolls will be Low Now, we can look into adjusting Windows 10 settings. Windows 10 has a Game Mode that, when enabled, can help some games perform better. Unfortunately, the Game Mode may cause less resources to be available to any streaming software, including Streamlabs OBS. To disable Windows 10 Game Mode, you?ll need to go to the Windows Settings app in the Gaming section. Go to the Game Bar and turn ?Record game clips, screenshots, and broadcast using Game Bar? off.

Do note that Windows 10 Game Mode is only available on Windows 10 releases starting from the Anniversary Update (Build 14393). Another setting in Windows 10 that may negatively impact streaming and gaming performance is Game DVR. This feature can be disabled in the Windows Settings app in the Gaming section in the “Game DVR” tab. Turn off the “Record in the background while I’m playing a game” option. Do note that Windows 10 Game DVR is only available on Windows 10 releases starting from the Anniversary Update (Build 14393).

Now, we can look into making changes in Streamlabs OBS. Multi-adapter Compatibility is a setting which may cause performance problems. This setting is usually turned off, but it?s important to double-check to make sure it?s off. To disable this option, go to the properties of your window capture source in Streamlabs OBS, and un-check “Multi-adapter Compatibility”. Now we can get into Scene Collections, Scenes, and Sources. With any streaming software, adding too many elements, such as too many Scenes in a Scene Collection, or too many Sources in a Scene can impact performance. While your Scenes and Sources may work fine for most games, since Apex Legends may be taking up many resources, you may need to simplify your Scenes and Sources when streaming this game. If you have a lot of Scenes in a Scene Collection, try deleting some Scenes to improve performance. This can be done by selecting a Scene and clicking the – sign by the Scenes list. Or you can right click the Scene and click Remove. If you can also simplify your Sources in a Scene, you can do the same thing by selecting the Source in the Sources list and click – or by right-clicking the Source and clicking Remove.

As far as Sources go, Browser Sources can sometimes be more resource intensive than other Sources. If you find that you?re experiencing problems with streaming performance with Apex Legends, try removing Browser Sources to improve performance. Sources under the Widgets overlay section are related to Browser Sources and may need to be removed from your Sources list if you need to improve performance as well. We also now have Optimized Encoder Settings available for Apex Legends, so when you click Go Live, after you?ve set Apex Legends as your game, you can check the ?Use Optimized Encoder Settings? checkbox to get better visual quality with Apex Legends. Also, make sure your GPUs drivers are the newest available, so if you have an NVIDIA GPU, go to NVIDIA?s site and grab the newest driver for your graphics card. If you have an AMD GPU, go to AMD?s site and get the newest driver for your graphics card there. One last thing to keep in mind is your hardware setup. Since newer games like Apex Legends aren?t optimized, exploring new hardware options and upgrading may be something to consider as well.

Upgrading your CPU and GPU will give your PC more resources for Apex Legends and Streamlabs OBS to work with. This covers the various ways you can make changes to Apex Legends game settings, Windows 10 settings, Streamlabs OBS settings, and PC hardware setup to make sure you can stream Apex Legends and improve gaming and streaming performance. Be sure to download Streamlabs OBS by visiting Streamlabs.com and hop into our Discord server at Discord.gg/stream for live community support. Check out the links in the description below..

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