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How to 1v3 in Season 6|Most important tips |Apex Legends Season 6


Hello there and welcome to the BraceSquad if youre new, here, hi hello, bonjour, my name is Brace and i make weekly Apex videos. So please consider subscribing And before we even begin lets make a deal just between you and me. If you watch the video and learn at least one thing from the video be sure to leave it a thumbs up, SO today we’ll be talking about how to 1v3 squads in apex legends.

This is a very useful skill that you need to learn if you ever want to be a good player, and it will always come in handy, especially if youre a solo player like me, and even if you 3stack it will help you get those clutch moments when The rest of your squad is down, So the most important thing you should know is that the basis of 1v3ing is controlling the situation. If you control the situation, you will lead the opponents to make mistakes and those mistakes will make them lose and make you win. Make you come out on top First thing you should learn to do. Is Movement Movement is the backbone of Apex. If you come from other fps shooters like COD and Valorant Apex might feel abit hard, even if you know how to aim. This is because the movement of apex is unique, and you should take your time to learn this movement if you ever want to be a decent player.

The movement im talking about consists of things like strafing, walljumps, zipline, jumping and many others, which will make you a hard target to hit ive not made any movement video yet, but i definitely will so be on the lookout for that. In the meantime, you can watch some other great guides from other youtubers that i will link in the description. They might be a bit rusty because a lot of the movement mechanics have been changed over time. Second, accuracy is key. Learn to hit your shots. You can do this by practicing using AimLab playing the game alot or even more efficiently spending some time in the firing range to learn how different guns in Apex work, learn their recoil patterns or maybe even bring a friend along and hold some 1v1s between you to Get used to the different character, hitboxes and simulate some in game situations.

Third, Learn: how to bait. If youve been in high ranked lobbies or even watched the pros play, you probably have seen teammates ignore their downed teammates. This is because high skilled players know how to bait its a certified way to get a kill off of a downed player. So, if youre, not following how baiting works, is this knock down one member of the enemy team, but dont thirst them just get back behind cover and heal or even pretend to back away? The team will definitely be tempted to revive their teammate.

So once you hear the audio cue of the revive starting get out of the cover and get yourself an easy kill off of the teammate thats reviving and make it a winnable 1v1 now this may not work all the time and at times it might be better Off to finish the downed teammate, for example, if the enemy has a lifeline or gibby on their side, these are the characters with the highest revive capability and they can be very annoying to fight. So if you thirst their teammates camp, the deathbox or watch it from afar and they will definitely come for the banners and you can finish the job. The next point should have probably come first, and i guarantee that you will hear this in every 1v3 guide.

You watch the tip is Spliting the trio into solos so that you can fight them as 1v1s. The logic behind this is very obviuos, because you will absolutely get shredded if you try out Dpsing or outdamaging a 3man that has devotions or volt smgs. So the way you do this is by playing in and out of cover always make sure that at least 1/3rds of your screen is covered by something maybe a wall or any piece of cover that will reduce your hitbox size and that you can retreat to if They get off alot of damage on you and, if possible, get yourself the high ground or make them lose the high ground.

My last tip for you is to heal as frequently as possible use any few seconds you get to at least pop a bat, a cell or maybe a syringe, and an important thing you should know is that cells and bats go off faster than syringes and medkits. I would advise popping cells and bats before syringes and medkits and if you keep up with the apex community, you know that many lifeline mains were mad when fast heals were removed from her kit, because this is 90 %. The reason why many people liked lifeline she was so easy to play as a solo and 1v3 squads because of her fast heal passive.

If youve made it this far. I appreciate you so much thanks for your support, please, like the video, if you havent already, because youre obviously enjoying it so far. So just do me that one more favour and go hipthrust that, like button it doesnt cost you anything but helps me a ton. So Bonus tips for you, my good humans, for your support. First nades are helpful in 1v3s. They will help you in depositioning enemies and leading them out of cover into exposed areas where you can melt them easily. Also nades can deal splash damage to all of the enemies at once, so just keep at least three nades in your inventory. If you have enough space in your bagpack, dont overstock on ammo and heals and forget nades second Confidence with confidence, 50 % of the task is already done.

Dont panic! When your in a 1V3 situation, if you lose the battle mentally, then youve already lost the battle. In real time, just believe that you are Rambo Jet Li Ip man or any other guy that you know, can fight 10 men at once. Take the fight that way and you will most definitely win SO that was it for todays video. I hope you enjoyed it. I hope you picked up something from the video. Thank you so much for your continued support. It really means a lot to me feel free to share the video to your friends and teammates. If you found it helpful, please hit the like button. If you learnt anything from the video, it would really help the both the channel and the video in the search results. Also dont forget to subscribe, if you havent already its absolutely free, and that IS a wrap, see you in the next video Have a lovely day. Ciao

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