How To Bunny Hop Perfectly Without Stopping In Apex Legends – 4 Crucial BHOP Tips!


Hey everyone, i hope, you’re well today, i’m going to be teaching you how to have more, consistent, bunny hops. Now this isn’t just having bunny hops, but basically being able to be hot all the time right just over time without any problem, and there are basically two things you need to do. If you haven’t learned how to do the basics of bunny hopping, then i highly suggest you learn how to do that. First, there will be a card on screen right now and a link in the description go watch my bunny hopping guide, but with that being said, let’s jump into this we’re going to talk about a couple things you can do to have consistent, bunny hops and basically Bunny hop forever, so, let’s get into it now. The first thing to do is limit your frame rate and the reason for this: oh whoa, all right mirage is rocking out right now my settings have been reset okay.

The first thing you want to do is set a limit to your frame rate so that you get that frame rate all the time as consistently as possible. When you have a variable frame rate that dips and dives all over the place. It’S going to be hard because the timing actually comes down to the frames. You need to time those frames perfectly and there could be some more input delay when the frames are changing, i’m not sure how exactly it works, but i promise you if i change my frame rate from 183 to 144 or something like that. Then i can’t be hop consistently. I have to have 183 frames because that’s what i’m used to that’s the timing. I’Ve got down. I have muscle memory for that. You have to use a frame rate that your pc can consistently get all around the map and honestly, this kind of helps in other ways anyway.

So let me explain how to do that. First, we’ll go over the pc method and then i’ll talk about how you can do it on console if you’re on origin. What you need to do is click here, go to settings, game properties, advanced launch options and then type plus fps max and then set your fps. I, like 183, that’s what i know my pc can run at consistently. This is what i go for, and that’s really good now on steam, it’s pretty much the same thing you want to go to your library and you want to find apex legends, go properties, set, launch options and then also put the plus fps max command in there. Instead, now, if you’re on console, unfortunately, you can’t really set your frame rate and it’s a bit low anyway. But one thing that you can do that may help is try to like select a screen that has a low input lag because it means what you’re going to see on the screen is going to be closer to what’s actually happening in the game that may or May not help i’m not too sure, but if you have a monitor a pc monitor like a gaming one, that’s probably going to help a lot and it may help your performance overall as well, so consider using that instead of a tv. So now we’re going to be looking at bunny hopping on any legend um, not horizon, because she has different uh mechanics for air strafing. So once you’ve got that done right, we’ve got a consistent frame rate. The next thing we need to do is learn the timing.

So, basically, now that our frame rate is consistent, just go into the firing range and just start doing this, and what you want to do is go three in one direction and then change direction and go free in the other one. So maybe we’ll get an input! Overlay on so you can see what i’m doing here. Let me get that up that here put that over there, so you can see my uh what directions you can’t see, my mouse, but obviously i’m just jumping and we go hold a and control and hold d and control like that, and just go like that. Right. We’Re not doing anything crazy, we’re having a very slow arcing turn. If you want to maintain your momentum, then you need slow arcing times. If you go like that, then it’s not really gon na be able to do it unless you’re playing horizon just not going to work right, you’re going to lose your speed, you’re playing horizon or you’re good at tap strafing, then you can do it. But if you want to have consistent b hops that the easiest as possible want slow, wide arcing turns like this.

This is gon na. Allow you to maintain that momentum, build more momentum of air strafing and keep yourself going forever, basically uh. So that’s two things you have to get the timing down by having a consistent frame rate right, that’s number one. The second thing is having a consistent, slow, arcing turn through the air, and the most optimal way is to go one, two, three one, two three. As you move your mouse slowly across the screen, look at this very slow movement. I’M going like this basically right. This is what i’m doing it’s very slow, i’m not making any jlt movements, because that loses momentum, and this is just going to take some practice, and that is understanding two things: one there’s a height limit unless you’re playing horizon there’s a height limit from where you’re Able to sort of b-hop and continue to be hot, like this like that, was fine. It wasn’t a bad height.

We could keep going but let’s say we’re up there. You’Re not gon na have any problems. So if i go like this right, let’s say we start b-hopping we’re like bum and then i’m like this. It’S like you know we can keep going a little bit. We do lose momentum and when that happens, it slows you down and the timings change. You have to really get a feel for how the timings change when you hit uh different different heights. Basically so the best thing you can do is just sort of get into the firing range and just jump around on different heights, because anything from like this here right, you can still be hop off it if you time it right, but even something as small as This right, this can mess up your b-hop, because it’s just a tiny change in height and it can mess up your timing. One thing that i sometimes do, if i don’t know how to time it right instead of hopping for that hop i’ll, just slide over that bit of terrain right, so we’ll be like this. Oh, oh, i messed up we’ll, be like this right be hopping and then we’ll just slide over it and continue.

If we actually build up a decent amount of momentum, it’s usually not too bad. As you see there, there’s a pretty good transition onto the slide of that motion and yeah. That’S pretty good. So that’s pretty straightforward. I do hope this video has been useful, so overall, there’s sort of a few different things that you need to do. One have a consistent frame rate as much as possible. Obviously that’s always going to be easy, but as much as possible. The second thing you want to do is do slow turns and if you want to maintain that momentum forever just this is this: is it three to the left three to the right three to the left and so on and so forth right? The third thing is practice your timings from different heights. Obviously you’re going to be in the air for longer when you get off a different height and if you’re on a really big height, then you’re going to get stunned in that next jump in the air.

You’Re sort of going to jump up and be in the air for like a shorter or a longer amount of time, so just practice it in the firing range and you’ll be good to go, and the final thing is obviously, if you have a little uh thing Like this, you can just slide over instead of be hopping or you can practice you know, but sometimes it can mess you up and finally, now this seems crazy and counterproductive, but the firing range may give you different performance to in game when you’re in fights. So you may find at times that you are struggling to be hot when things are getting crazy and if you really really really want to be hot. The only thing you can do is sort of just lower your frame rate cap so that it’s always staying at that frame rate cap because variable frame rate, say you’re dipping from 140 to 110 all the time. That is enough to make it hard to time.

It perfectly um because it i don’t know how it works exactly, but i know from a lot of experience i i finally hop around all over the place and when there’s a variable frame rate, that’s what messes it up. So obviously the firing range is great because the frame rate’s just the same, nothing happens, there’s no crazy fights going on uh and all that i don’t know how server performance will impact it. I don’t know if ping plays a role or not um, honestly, like what your actions do on the client are pretty good on the server unless the server’s just dead. For some reason you know so what you shoot and move is pretty much you’ll still be able to do that without any major issues. So hopefully this has been useful if you found this video useful. Do let me know if you want to see more movement tips and tips in general, stay tuned to have a big tips, video coming where i’m going to take different core mechanics in this game and give you some tips to take you from noob to pro level And that’s gon na be interesting, so thank you all for watching i’ll see you all in the comments. Cheerio

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