How to get event skins without spending coins| Apex legends Season 6


Whatsup guys, if you are new Those who come welcome to the brackets Hi Bonjo, my name is in brackets and Im in the weekly pioneer legend. I am happy. I am glad to have you here. Therefore, in todays video I will introduce 5 How to get this event without spending a tip coin Can be used, and, finally, I will show you how to make it cheaper than usual Three ways to get heirlooms, So please stick to it. Otherwise, you can jump to Instructions for my time stamp.

I personally think its not good to spend too much money on video games. Maybe some of you do the same. So I made this video to help you get the gorgeousness. You want Event skin without destroying Capital. So the first thing you should do is buy Battlepass. I know that I said there will be no pilot currency cost, But when you buy a pilot pass, you can reinvest the money and buy unlimited Pass. So once you buy the pass Now, its definitely worth completing the next pass, namely Completing the pass is easy. As long as you play the game regularly. Personally, I havent played most of season 6, yet I play for an hour a day on average, So I can easily complete the battle pass, so I think It’s fairly easy to complete the battle pass At this point, I know something you might want to know The Title of IMs, instant message, basically shows you: How to save money also helps to create metal and spend them on the skin of the event, Because you can carefully design the skin of any legendary event.

Just 2400. When you finish drafting the metal, You get a campaign. Pass for 1200 refined metals, You can save to buy event skins. This is what I do sometimes To get the legendary skin this time. I definitely want to get this lifeline ninja skin, Because it looks very neat and avant-garde. At the same time, Its also helpful to complete the task, because you will get some Handmade metal, so I suggest you put them Add to the total of handmade metal. I also advise you not to be on Legend, Spend hand-made metal dry skin without time limit, because they will always exist One day. You can even get them through packaging But LTM skins, especially if it is a collection activity.

They will never return to the store. So basically, this is how you can make anything legendary skin And how to provide it with usable handicrafts, So continue to play the next part of the video how to get ancestral relics at a cheap price. If you want to save money, then the first thing to do Is to buy the bundle in the after-sales event. There are two bundles, namely the gift box bundle and the octane bundle Purchasing them will provide you with some advanced event packages. The The gift pack can be counted as the progress of the heirloom collection And its much cheaper than buying all the gift packs directly. Yes, this saves your cash. You can use the next method.

A lot is to develop epic items, Only spend 800 unique metal crafts and then buy a bag Which will lower to get heirloom Set. The number of packages needed nd. It will save you some cash. I will finally get the secret of family heirloom at a discount. Is to buy EA Professional Edition. If you have EA Professional Edition, You can purchase all EA items at a 10 % discount which includes apex coins, So this is a good way to save money on heirlooms Todays. Video is like that. I hope you like it. If you like, it, please Be sure to applaud it And share the video with possible favorites. Anyone who saves some money remember to subscribe. If you Not yet and is Watch, you have a lovely day in the next video Ciao

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