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Oh my god armor art, will you plate TJ probably usually play race but I can play Bangalore as well How to master GIBRALTAR Guide 2019 Detailed – Apex Legends You’re backing back, baby Send us it can I say no Big Mike. I just want to see if it works. I think it’s still done Oh Yeah, you just saw though, I just saw those guys that whizzed right fast, holy Just sound like three groups do the same exact thing How to master GIBRALTAR Guide 2019 Detailed – Apex Legends Oh My god, oh my god What the fuck that’s broken shut down the game immediately No, yeah It is broken cuz if you want you could troll so hard that you’ll literally never die at the end of the game you could flip forever That sounds like so much fun. Just the same. Yeah Really? I watched Lyra have a 16 minute or so. I think I was 16 minutes. He was just flying in the air Can’t look that fixed yet. Fuck I’m doing I Had a dream about an R 301 was a good dream all right Give me attachments or just that was plain, but I was laying Which is I mean, it’s like it’s a good and bad thing good thing like the more people do it the higher chance It’s gonna get passed faster, but it’s a bad thing because people get around so quickly just like that wing man The more people that use ever another better.

Yeah. Yeah exactly Man, it’s like that in any game, even if they even if the gut isn’t good No game wants to have one gun to be used always That’s just not it though Yeah, it is cool. The gloves look really fucking sweet – I like them Bring little skins are just kind of their land. I provide sure I basically picked my skins based off those Got my gloves Oh I fucked up. Okay, all that one second to recover recover it. Wait. I can’t do it anymore. Hey what it doesn’t exist? All right. Well, we’re here that is weird. It didn’t let me do it Did you imagine a fucking picture like that? I’d be great Every time I do that too. I’m like, yeah, I’m gonna try the other flatline.

Fuck it You know, it’s just terrible such a bad gun Which sex is cuz it could be pretty good Just a simple little little tweak why they could do whatever was that? They can make it shoot a little bit faster, or they can make it not episodes recoil. I don’t know It has the most recoil out of all the fucking guns in the game Do you think they should give crafting materials on winning a game or something? No, but I do think they should give you a little bit more level upper words and that’s gonna happen Once the battle pass comes out this whole game is gonna shift very differently Once the battle pass comes out goes like and we need some light you level up faster the better you do, right? But once you get max level doesn’t really matter you just get legend tokens and legend tokens aren’t used that often so once the battle pass comes out assuming they do it in a system where the better you play the more rewards you get Then it’ll be totally fine.

I Don’t know. I don’t know the exact system. They’re gonna use But we’ll see the battle past is gonna be great. It’s gonna it’s gonna next week It’s gonna inspire a lot of people who might might be getting forward or whatever I’m not getting bored of this game. I’m just kind of uh I’m just waiting for the the meta shift. That’s all It’s not nice. The Met has done a very good place right now.

It’s fucking weird What day is the pass out? I mean, they said March first I might get delayed but that’s what they said They said March first was their plan. So they might I don’t know if they’re gonna go back on that or what but What they said That hurts so bad One that hurt on his old bucket bad like two shots God I hate how the loot doesn’t load at the same time. No, I hear sliding right to my left That was probably the teammate market How to master GIBRALTAR Guide 2019 Detailed – Apex Legends Rolling dude really work out for me. I was trying to noscope them. Oh Okay, here we go Shit brother Bob fuck could be a massive hitbox. I’m down. Here we go. I feel like my gun is even bigger. I got my character your your model Yeah, I don’t know.

It’s fucking weird. My r99 is massive. I swear it’s not this big normally I Was good, none of those guys had any loot I just kind of flanked them all and they were a little occupied Reloading I heard it like seven times or more How to master GIBRALTAR Guide 2019 Detailed – Apex Legends Okay Yeah, you kept like bobbing back and forth I know the way you played your brother is you just You just sit there like you sit there and you just take the shots Like that’s the only way you can’t like you can’t move does the second you move They have freebies, right? So you pretty much just sit there and you just tank all the bullets and just hope you do more damage than they do That’s it You’re too big to Outmaneuver and and outplay people that way so you just have to out aim them. Absolutely The only thing you could do with this fucking guy precision choke a unit you just send there bunch of little weenies on the Internet I Want to debate people with your brought through I want them to like see me alone Push me pop a shield down pop it all on my shield and that hope that it lands on them before Before You know, I don’t know, you know I’m saying whoa Jesus Christ, all right Needed one in the building I sucked this guy’s A bit of fracture brought to you right now It’s just that when I’m up there really bad like How to master GIBRALTAR Guide 2019 Detailed – Apex Legends That was like I didn’t expect those guys to be fortified.

I Played I played it in there good but they were A little bike bucket. I think I might be able to get read on the rock. Are they still up there? Okay, got it – got it They’re getting in bitches, what’s up, what’s up out like that shit? Their mouths are my knees. Oh No, dude, are you fucking me save Tyler pick him up? I don’t care anyone Oh That sucked I’d got down to in my shield when I had like half a second on my med kit That whole fight would have changed That’s okay cuz I got banana pudding The hell we were just there. Is this fucking real is there all About the fucking land on the ship.

Take it off. Oh, okay This guy doesn’t even know oh there’s How to master GIBRALTAR Guide 2019 Detailed – Apex Legends Five more bullets not gonna trace and fucking on that guy button under bullets. There we go. Horrible It’s more bullets more bullets were flying. We’re climb respond What don’t fuck with him maybe One slow rate might repeat. Oh you’re dead Eat my alts bitches Alright you guys win enough sit here and do nothing I Broke his Arbor. Ah Dude This is one of the worst games I’ve ever played when your frames drop it’s crazy like That’s why I don’t play uncapped cuz if I played on cap my frames would be 300 and then next second They would be 150 and that’s that That’s pretty drastic, you know, but this game makes it even more drastic for whatever reason it feels even worse when that happens.

So Right here How to master GIBRALTAR Guide 2019 Detailed – Apex Legends Yeah Fat Boy Gibraltar coming in hot. All right, my gun will pull dropping a shield on top of them Nevermind I miss Oh Holy fuck are you kidding me? I did it again No. Oh cool skin. This is the probe it’s called but uh Never dude, I couldn’t fight me bitch talk shit to me again How to master GIBRALTAR Guide 2019 Detailed – Apex Legends I told my stream to stop calling me Dad and Call me Father instead father shroud. Do you think I Think it’s more appropriate yep, I Think it’s more official. So good move. Thank you How to master GIBRALTAR Guide 2019 Detailed – Apex Legends.

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