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– [Wes] Yo, what is goin’ on, YouTube, and welcome back to WBG. If you guys are brand new to the channel and have no idea who I am, my name is Wes. In today’s video, we’re gonna be showing you guys how you can play Apex Legend tournaments on the website Players’ Lounge, and how you can even create your own Apex Legends tournaments. If you guys haven’t heard of the website Players’ Lounge before, that’s okay, I’m gonna walk you through how you guys can join, create, and just give you my personal insight, so let’s get right into the video.

Right when you guys get to the website, you can see that they give you the option to already start playing. You can also do a deposit, and they’ll give you a deposit bonus, so if you guys put $100 onto the website, they’re also gonna give you $100 back. On top of that, if you just wanted to go and try out Players’ Lounge, then they’re gonna give you your first game for free, so if you wanted to go and play an Apex Legends tournament, or if you wanted to play your friend in a head-to-head match, you guys can go and play your first match for free.

Really cool. So, if you guys haven’t created your account yet, I would go and create your account, but when you create it, make sure that, if your name is a certain way on PlayStation, Xbox, or PC, that it matches exactly the same way on Players’ Lounge, because if you don’t, you could get disqualified from a tournament, that happened to me a while ago, I was in a Fortnite tournament, it was the final match, and the guy disqualified me because my name didn’t match, so make sure your name matches. So now that you’re signed in and everything matches on your gamer tag, you’re gonna press Start Playing, and we’re gonna go down to Apex Legends, and we’re gonna select PlayStation. So, on Apex Legends create, you guys can see we have a couple options, we have matchmaking, tournaments, and custom. On the matchmaking part, that is a head-to-head match, so that is where you’re betting money on yourself, so you would put $5 on yourself, and somebody else would put $5 on yourselves, and you guys would play a match to see who gets the most kills, and the winner would obviously get the money.

A tournament is obviously where a lot of people join, and you go throughout maybe nine rounds, or however many rounds that tournament is, and the winner gets the prize at the end. A custom match, I will show you guys how you can create your own custom tournaments and create your own custom matches to play against your friends, but we’re gonna join an Apex Legends tournament, so we’re gonna scroll down, find this $500 tournament, and we’re gonna join it. Now, we’re actually not gonna join, because I’m not gonna be playing this tournament, I’m just gonna describe how you guys can, how this tournament works. So, you’re gonna get put into a match, and right on your first match, you’re gonna get an opponent who you have to add on whatever console you’re on, so if you’re on Xbox, you’re gonna add them on Xbox.

But I would add the guy who I’m playin’ against on PlayStation, we would get into a lobby, and we would start a match, whichever one of us got the most kills at the end of the match would be awarded the winner, and we’d move on to the next round until the final round. That’s how a tournament works. Now, there are different rules for different tournaments, and different prizes for different tournaments. So, for example, some tournaments will award to the top 32, some will award to the top 64, some will just award a lot more money to the first place prize. So they have different tournaments on different days, you’re just gonna have to see which one you want to play.

So let’s go back to the other page for Apex Legends, and show you how to create your own head-to-head match. So when you’re creating your own head-to-head match, it’s actually better to create your match instead of joining other people’s matches, because you will be given host, so that’s a little tip, if you guys don’t wanna join other people’s matches, I would recommend just creating your own match, so people join you, and you’re the host of your lobby, so you don’t have to deal with any connection issues.

That is a problem sometimes. So if there is ever a connection issue in a match, you guys can obviously restart it at the very beginning, and then replay it, just message the person, saying, hey, I’m lagging, can we restart the match, and you can try to find a more stable connection. But, I would recommend creating your own head-to-head match, rather than joining them. So you can create it, it’ll bring you down here, you can click Create Match, and you can also see the most, your frequently created matches, so it’ll save your matches here, if you wanna save ’em, and just play a whole bunch of different matches for different amounts, they’ll be saved here.

But let’s create a brand new one. So, you can obviously select the console, you’ll be given the game to select, and different games will have different rules, so you guys can go and see which rules you can set up with different games. But on Apex Legends, you’re just gonna select the game, and you’re gonna select how many rounds you want this custom match to go for. So you guys can go for best of three, best of five, or just best of whatever you wanna go for, and you can also set your custom rules, so if you wanted to start yourself off with five kills, you’ll start off with five kills.

Be careful, if you read people’s custom rules, and you’re joining into somebody else’s match, they might have a rule you didn’t see, so just another reason to probably create your own match instead of joining somebody else’s. Now, we’re not gonna create this match, but we’re gonna go back and show you guys how you can create a tournament. So, if you wanted to do a tournament, you would click up here, and you would click custom tournament, and you can create your own tournament, host it, and invite your friends.

If you guys ever are looking for more players to join your matches or your custom tournaments, you can just invite them from the community chat on site. On top of that, if you need a duos partner, you could always find a duos partner on here, a lot of players on this website are really good, so if you are looking for somebody to play with, I would highly recommend checking out their community chat. But you’re gonna go back and click Custom, Custom Tournament, you’re gonna be given this screen, and you’re gonna go through a couple, you’re gonna go through the same steps and basically declare your tournament name, you’re gonna give the amount you wanna play for, how many members, all that kinda stuff, and make sure you read the rules if you’re joining a custom tournament.

So another cool feature of this site is the referral program, so if you guys are tryin’ to earn extra money, or you wanna start off with extra money, you guys can use the link in the description and start off with $10. On top of that, I would recommend getting your own referral code once you sign up, and referring your friends who you wanna play with, so if you have a squad you wanna play with on Apex Legends, you could just give them your referral code once you sign up. So, highly recommend you guys take advantage of their referral program. So, a common question that was asked on my last video was how do you know who won, and what happens if the player lies and says they won when they actually didn’t. If this ever happens, it’s very rare, but if a player lies and says they won when they didn’t, a moderator from the website will come in and help determine who won.

Now, to make sure that this never goes against you, just make sure you’re utilizing the PlayStation, Xbox, or PC screen capture feature, so at the end of a tournament round, you capture your result, so if there is a person who ever does lie and say they did win, that you can just show the moderator that you won, and you move on to the next round right away. Really cool stuff, that they offer that. And if you have any other problems, you can just contact their support on the website. Really cool. And another question that was asked a lot is can you withdraw the money once you win, is it real money. Yes, it’s all real money, you guys, once you win the tournament, you have the option to withdraw, and you can, yeah, that money’s yours.

You got different ways to withdraw, and if you have any questions, you can check out their YouTube channel, they have a frequently asked questions page and they have a video tutorial on how to withdraw. It’s very simple, I’m not gonna go over it, but if you do have questions, you can check out their YouTube channel. That’ll be in the description below. So if you guys are interested in playing Apex Legends tournaments, I would go over to the website Players’ Lounge to join some of their free, low-cost tournaments, see if you can win some money. On top of that, if you wanna create your own custom matches, custom tournaments, you can do that on the website. And if you wanna start off with some money, you can use the referral code down below and start off with $10.

So, guys, go take advantage of their referral program, go try out some of their tournaments, and if you like this video, drop a like, and press that big red button that’s gonna pop up in three, two..

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