How to Snipe in Apex Legends – Sniper Guide with Season 4 Gameplay Analysis


Everyone, I hope, you’re well. I recently had a really good game with snipers and FX legends and I didn’t record it live. So I flood do some analysis of the game and showcase what you need to know about how to be good with snipers and hitting our shots. I also offer some tips on general positioning and how to position yourself and just as the gameplay goes on I’ll, explain my foot processes what’s happening and why we’re hitting shots in staying alive. So hopefully I’ll learn a thing or two by watching this video.

So, let’s get into it, so the first thing I’d say is you need to practice more snipers are very strong, but just like say the peacekeeper they are one-hit wonders. You know you need to be able to hit your shots, so the best thing you can do is get as many snipers as possible and well. Sniper ridge is a great place to start these two loop bends here have guaranteed snipers bond, so yeah. If you want to get snipers guaranteed, then that’s a good place to spot. So here we are about to go into our first fight. Now, what you’ll notice here as we shoot this octane, is that one thing I always recommend doing is having cover to stick by, as you can see here about half of my aim. Has this cover right, so I always have cover now. The other thing is always look out for little gaps in buildings in cars in terrain, because many people would think they’re hiding. What’S the healing – and this is where you can usually get a good few cheeky kills and it’s something that you know always be on the lookout for little spots like this.

Another thing is: when you know somebody’s about to come around a corner, just aim, pre aim: it get ready and focus. You know it’s gon na be like a split second, where their pixels are gon na, be on your screen. In some cases like this mirage here – and you need to be ready to press that fire button, so the best thing you can do is priam a corner and then push once you’ve got the hit on it and in this moment we’re just gon na get some L star footage, so we can talk a bit more about these snipers. One thing that’s very important and you’ll see later is to be confident with your aim, but not overconfident, and by that I mean you should be using the snipers to get a good hit and this at any distance, even like point-blank. Basically, but regardless of, if you hit it or not, you need to switch to your of a weapon if you’ve taken that shot, because otherwise you’re just gon na be sitting there missing shots. Whilst you could be dealing a lot of damage with something much more useful, like the owl star in this instance, so yes be confident to take shots up close but don’t be afraid to switch your weapon now see here. In this moment where I was being overconfident with the sniper, I take this first hit, but then I’m constantly trying to get that last hit and luckily our team is there to back us up, but if they weren’t, we would have died now see later.

I adapt and realize that I need to stop being too overconfident. Another thing, and one of the reasons I love snipers, is that they provide essentially binoculars inside the scope. You know you have the scope to scout out an area, and I highly recommend, if you are a sniper in the squad, use your scope to scout out an area before you push it every single time, get into the habit of always always doing that, because you Can quickly scope in at every single area to see if anybody’s hiding, because and a lot of times, people are hiding and you’ll notice later we’re constantly doing this to spot out players. Once again, you can see here how we’ve got a piece of cover to our right. It’S always important to have that, because then you can step in and out of cover and you’re very hard to hit and, as you saw there, the cover doesn’t necessarily have to be right. Next to you, but as long as in your perspective, the cover is taking about 30 to 50 percent of your screen, then you’re always going to be able to go in and out of that cover, their line of sight will be blocked when you go into that Cover so keep that in mind now here’s one more tip you’ll see in a second.

If you want to hit those close-range shots with a long-range scope. Oh it’s just putting a sensitivity higher personally. I’Ve found that, once my sensitivity is higher, I’m doing a lot better with hitting those flicks up close even with the biggest scopes, and I’m getting really good at that now and I feel like with some practice. You can do it too and once again, if you miss that shot, just switch straight to your next weapon, don’t keep trying to fire with the sniper at that distance because just to keep missing and you get yourself killed, so yeah try one shot be confident with It and then switch to your next weapon, no matter what happens, because at the end of the day, tons of missed shots isn’t gon na go so well for you in a minute, we’ll get into a fight and once again, you’ll see how I’m using the sniper To kind of carefully assess the area, I’m watching through the scope, I’m looking at all the areas.

I’D expect people to be camping of the areas I might see. People fighting this is something that’s just got to be drilled into. You have to do this as many times as you can when you enter an area and as we can see, everybody’s really here, I’d be a bit more cautious until I move into the area and then they can get somewhere higher and then once again take another Little scout around see if we can spot anybody, you know pecks legends I feel like I playing a sniper is more than just hitting high damage shots. It’S also about kind of surveying the area and knowing more about where enemies are. Of course, you can do that without a scope, but it’s so much easier with us. Go so yeah once again, it’s one of those great benefits of having a sniper. Now, in this engagement, you’ll see one more thing: that’s very important about sniping positioning. If you’re gon na hit shots, then you need to be able to kind of play on that example, you take some damage down on a player. We can’t actually get to them safely.

To finish them off, then it’s not going to work. So if you’re on a position like that we’re crossing the road is dangerous. It’S gon na take some time reposition with the sniper. First then get your shots down, and if it’s just a situation where you can’t really use your sniper, then just switch to your of a weapon. You don’t have to be sniping. You know it’s there for hitting a high damage shot on a player so that you can actually push on that and get the player knocked, and then we Squad wiped easier. So obviously it’s always gon na work in your favor. If you just sit at long-range, try and get headshot to knock a player, you know you’re, not gon na, be able to play off of that. So always think carefully about positioning, think about where you are and how you’re going to get to the enemies. Once you knock or damage the player, because the most important thing is, you need to be able to get to that player time before they hail up or revived.

Otherwise, the damage you doubt is pointless. You’Ll see in much of these engagements are not playing at really long distances for too long, though, I’m always trying to think about pushing ahead so that when I do get a good shot with the longbow, I can actually play on it. So pay attention to the rest of the fights in the game and point out to my distance from the enemy and see that you know we’re not sniping as you traditionally expect in a shooting game. You know this isn’t a game where we can get easy knocks of snipers players have a lot of health and they can heal up very quickly. One more thing I want to talk about watch this fight goes on. Is that essentially stipe being it doesn’t really matter? What style you’re using it’s more about how you use to sniper, and I’m gon na, say this for my time, if you get good shots on a player, you need to push on it and, if they’re too far away, then you’re not really using the sniper at An effective distance so think carefully about how you can use snipers effectively if you’re playing in a team, it’s a little bit more different.

You can focus enemies better, you can communicate and you can potentially actually kill players, not just knock them from a distance, but are still quite challenging. Considering how knock down shields are now a lot harder to shoot around so yeah. That’S another thing to keep in mind: any sniper is good as long as you know how to use it and close the triple take the longbow, the Sentinel, of course scout and yes, the craver. Now even the havoc and charge rifle are good choices. If you use them correctly, so let’s just summarize on what I’ve talked about in this video, so that you can go away with some knowledge, quick knowledge that you know you can try yourself number one is to be confident with your shots.

Both long range and close range and not overconfident – and by that I mean take your shot if you miss switch to another weapon, if your hit switch to another weapon, don’t try to keep holding down the aim and hitting your shots. It’S not going to work out for you. The next thing is think carefully about positioning, make sure you’re at a distance where you can actually effectively engage on a player. If you manage to do big damage against them. Otherwise, by the time you get there, they’re going to be healed up or revived, and the damage you’ve now is going to mean very little. Snipers are very powerful, but one of the things you need to consider is being patient with your shots and sometimes that just takes practice.

So once again, you can go somewhere like charger, Eiffel Ridge, sniper edge, get a sniper at the start of the game and just practice using the scopes at all. Distances that includes close range, medium range long range, don’t be afraid to zoom down scopes. Even if it’s a 10 x, you know you’ll make mistakes, you’ll make miss ears, but the more you practice, the better you’ll get and that’s obviously the most important thing you can take away and another thing is just be: patient – have fun enjoy it. The end of the day, apex Legends is a very fast paced game. Very fast plays Battle. Royale, so just have fun with it, then always try to play as sweaty as you can. You know basically that’s fun in itself, but if you want to try and get better with snipers, just accept that you’re gon na miss shots sometimes – and it’s gon na take some practice to get better.

So if you miss your shots, don’t beat yourself up. You know. It’S gon na take some time just know that each shot you miss is essentially a step towards being better and if you really want to be a sniper I’ll end with yes, I really do think that popping or sensitivity is a great choice both for mouse and Controller, so consider that alright, everybody thank you so much for watching. If you have any other tips for sniping for yourself, leave them in the comments below I’d love to see them see you there cheerio you [ Music, ],