How To STOP Being Third Partied In Apex Legends! – Advanced Positioning Guide


Hey everyone, I hope you’re well. Today I want to touch a little on how to position yourself better to avoid being third partied. It’s something that happens a lot in Apex Legends and whilst it can’t always be avoided, you can often use good positioning and general awareness to stop it from happening. First, I’ll explain why third partying happens in Apex Legends. I think that’s important to help you understand how to make the right decisions on your own. I’ll throw some gameplay in the background, but just pay attention to what I’m saying and also the images on-screen.

I want this guide to help you make the right decisions on your own two feet because every situation is different in Apex. Once we’ve taken a look at why third partying happens, we can then look at some examples of it in action and analyse some decisions I made to avoid being third partied. Okay, so let’s look at why third partying happens in Apex Legends. So the main thing that happens is a point of interest. This can draw attention from teams allll over the map. A point of interest could be as small as a firefight, or it could be an airdrop, a lifeline drop, a respawn ship, or a supply ship. All of these things can be seen from all across the map, and in the case of gunfights, it can be heard from most of the way across the map.

So if you engage in a fight for too long, you will get third partied, there’s no doubt about it. If you engage in a fight where a respawn ship, a supply ship, or an airdrop has just landed, your chances of getting third partied are quite high. Usually, airdrops aren’t that hectic, but respawn ships and supply ships absolutely are. The best thing you can do before engaging on a situation like this is to assess the situation. Try to sit by for a few extra seconds to see if other teams are about to engage. The thing is with Apex Legends is that it gets very quiet during the mid stage so any chance of action will draw in players like a pack of wolves to a flock of sheep. Okay let’s quickly summarize on screen what causes third partying in the early stages of the game and also in the mid to late stages. Let’s also talk about another type of third partying that happens due the way forced rotations happen due to the ring.

So, the map is designed, unfortunately, in my opinion, in a way that creates lots of bottlenecks. Let’s take a look. As you can see here, this ring forces players through a funnel, essentially. The map was designed this way specifically to have different open ‘rooms’ to look into. The idea is that when you enter an area, you can look into it, see if there is any action, and then choose to enter the ‘room’ so to speak.

The Respawn map designer explains it better I think. The trouble is that this creates quite a big design flaw. We now have huge bottlenecks and funnels that players are often forced to push through. What this means is that once the ring is just coming in, you’re very likely to come across multiple teams at once. Ever wonder why it’s really quiet and then all of a sudden three or four teams attack you at once? This is often why. So, what can you do to avoid this? Well, firstly, get into the center of the ring way before it comes in, that way you can avoid getting bottlenecked by other teams.

Alternatively, if it’s the first ring or maybe even the second ring, you can actually stay a little outside of the ring, or just on the edge, and be patient and wait for other teams to engage before you third party them. These two options suit two different playstyles – the first is for more agressive players, the second is for those that want to play a little safer. In summary, be cautious about engaging on points of interest. Be cautious about staying in a long drawn firefight, and be aware of how the incoming ring could cause bottlenecks on the map and how you can avoid being involved in an absolute server-wide brawl.

Okay, so even with all of these precautions, third partying can still happen. So what can you do to get out of a situation where you get third partied? Well, if a fight is going on for too long and nobody is dying, orrr another team comes into the action, use your abilities to get out of there and reposition. There are so many great repositioning tools. Caustic’s gas, gibraltar’s and bangalore’s ult, all of the various disengage tools like wraith’s, pathfinders, and octane’s tactical. Use any abilities you have to create as much distance as possible, then leave the fight. You can then find a spot to heal up, asess the situation from afar, and then re-enter the fight. Do you ever have moments where you hear the last two teams fighting? You rush to be the third party but then when you get there the fighting has stopped and somehow you end up right in between both teams? It’s because teams are getting better at repositioning to avoid third parties, so it’s something you have to consider too. Okay, so now let’s take some examples of repositioning in action.

It will showcase more clearly how you can escape situations when fights go on for too long or more teams show up. In this first clip, we get an excellent example of a point of interest drawing in multiple teams. Whilst we were the first to show up to the airdrop, we weren’t going to be the last. We engage on the first team, but we were unable to kill them. Despite lowering their health a lot, I had to make the decision to leave the area, because being in this spot would be a death trap once more teams came.

I was playing with a random, but I communicated my plan to them. We rotated around and attacked the same area from a different angle. As you can expect, multiple teams engaged on this spot, but because we left the area and essentially became the last team to the party, we cleaned up and won the fight. If we stayed here, we absolutely would have died, even if we won against the first, and even second team. Even though I spot a player here, I’m still being very careful about engaging. By the time we do engage, we manage to take down a couple of weak teams. By the time the engagement ended, 6 teams were eliminated. Now imagine if we held our ground, things wouldn’t have gone so well. Later that same game, we engage in a fight that’s just not going anywhere.

Not only are we in a very tight bottleneck area for the next ring, but the current ring is so small that the gunfire is definitely going to alert anybody in the area. We back out completely, heal up from afar, then re-engage after other teams get involved. We managed to escape getting sandwiched by two teams by actively repositioning, then waiting for our chance to be the third party and win the fight. After that, we had just one final team to fight against. This just shows that you can always reposition when there’s little room to play with and turn things around. There’s always an opportunity to back out. Often, the best time to do it is actually right as the third team engages in the fight. Hopefully these two clips have shown you how you can reposition in any situation to re-enter the fight at a better time. Generally, the goal is to back out of the area completely, wait a little while, then time your re-entry.

It can be hard to know when to re-enter, but keeping an eye on how many players are getting downed can be useful. Often, it’s best to re-enter just before a team finishes the other one. Do it sooner and you risk going up against too many full health players. Do it too late and you’ll miss your chance to third party. You can use the strategies explained in this video at any point, too. It doesn’t just have to be when you fight around a point of interest or a bottleneck. Sometimes, you’ll engage in a fight and suddenly another team will appear. Once again, use your abilities hear to back out, reposition, and by the time you re-enter from another angle, chances are the two teams will be engaged on each other. Now, this won’t always work, sometimes you get unlucky and there’s even more teams, sometimes players catch you when trying to reposition, but ultimately, you stand a much higher chance of winning multi-team fights when you reposition, instead of just holding your ground. Giving teams a chance to fight against each other is what’s going to help, but it also allows you and your team the chance to heal up before fully engaging.

I hope that this video has been informative. If you found it useful, let me know. If you have any other tips, be sure to share them too. You can also catch me live on Twitch if you want to see these kind of strategies being put to use. Let me know your thoughts on this video. I’ll see you in the comments. Cheerio!.

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