How to WALL RUN In Apex Legends (Yes, Seriously) | Season 4 Wall Running Guide


[, Music ]: this is wall running in apex legend. It’S a recently discovered movement mechanic that allows you to convert your wall, climb momentum left or right. After your wool run, you can finish with a wall jump which gives it some incredible potential in fight and for dodging enemies. This move was first discovered by Nikola, a member of fanatic, so credit goes to him, but today I want to explain how you can also perform the move yourself. It’S actually far easier than something like bunny hopping and even basic wall jumping, but it’s really worth spending some time in the firing range to master because you can chain a wall run into a wall, jump and plenty of other movement skills.

So here’s what this video will do I’ll explain the stats for wool running, for example, how long you can run and how fast it is compared to standard running then I’ll show you a very easy guide to follow, so you can learn it yourself and then we’ll Showcase it off a little and show video proof of its real potential. So, first, let’s take a look at the stats of wall running like all movement in apex. It has its limits in comparison to title. Firstly, wool running will give you roughly a 14 % movement, speed decrease so, for example, you’ll go slower than sprinting, but not by much all movement modifiers will be kept. This means things like octane, stacked, cool bangle as passive and bloodhounds ultimate will give you increased speed during your wall run. You can also equip your weapon and the normal movement. Speed, reduction for holding a weapon will apply. You cannot shoot during your wool run, but as soon as you jump off of the wall, you are free to shoot for distance.

You can expect to wall run from this pillar here to this one here or there abouts after you hit your distance limit. You’Re simply dropped to the ground unless you transition into a wall, jump I’ll, explain that later, because the physics of all running are shared with all jumping revelant cannot jump off the walls like other legends, so he’s not the best pick for this trick. Contrary to that, octane and bloodhound and even Bangalore are great choices due to their faster speed, whilst full running oh and if you’re curious.

This is what wool running looks like in third-person pretty creepy. So how do we do a wall run in apex legends? It’S actually. Quite simple, however, there are some things you must to follow, otherwise it won’t work before you begin, you need to think about which direction you want to run along the wall, because it will help with getting your key or button presses right for this guide. Let’S say we want to will run left for wall running right. Do you simply have to do the action with the opposite movement step, one sprint directly towards a wall step two slide and then jump step three as you are in the air turn. Your aim very slightly to the right look too far and it went white.

This step is very important and takes the most practice step. Four at the split second, your character, mentors the wall move left either with the a key or the joystick. If done correctly, you will start your wall run now. You don’t have to do anything else, however, for Step five, an optional step after each wall run, and one that’s well worth practicing – is to wall jump just before your wall climb comes to an end. To do this simply jump again watched on the wall and turn your aim towards the direction you are currently holding.

That’S the basics of wall running now. If you’re a master movement player, you’ll find that you can use air strafing to climb different objects after a good or run on top of that, you can all run from any angle. To do this, all you need to do is air stray so that when you hit the wall you are facing directly towards the wall, then do the standard will run movement keys explained this takes some practice, so go spend some time in the firing range. So you get the key buttons down perfectly, so that’s the guide out of the way, but don’t go just yet. I want to explain why will running has potential in apex legends? I personally believe wall running will be just like jumping once at the beginning of apex.

Legends most people thought that wall running was a niche movement technique that had very little use in gameplay, but his plays got better. It has become one of the most important advance and movement abilities. All running combined with wall jumping has so much potential and will only take some time before most players are using it to enhance their movement, so why should we will run first instead of just bull jumping well? Firstly, it allows us to jump around corners more effectively. Take this jump here, for example, trying to war jump here and build enough momentum to get on.

This ledge is very difficult in such a small space, but we’ll run first, we are able to climb up to the ledge easily or what about jump, peaking upper floor windows? Well, that’s so much easier. With a wool run. With a wool run, we can make sure we are lined up and have freedom to tie my wall jump at the exact right moment so that we can peek this window here at the right height well, runs essentially enhanced the movement potential wall jumping has and give You more accuracy with where you will land and what about other potential uses.

Well, that’s up to you go, give it a try, practice it and learn what you can do. If all the pros adopt this mechanic, then it won’t be long before we see some really smart ways to use it. So that’s it from me. I hope you enjoyed this video. I’M so excited to finally see this in apex legends, even if it has less potential than what we know from titanfall either way. I can’t wait to see this go to its full potential. Thank you so much for watching this took a long time to prepare and create for you. So if there’s one thing you could do to help me, it would be to share this with your apex friends. I’D love to get this mechanic out to as large of an audience as possible, so we can see its true potential. Alright, if you have any questions, leave them below I’ll see you in the comments: cheerio [, Music, ],